Road rules & regulations Mauritius

Road Safety: New License In 2013

With the introduction of penalty points in January 2013, the government decided to move to a new stage. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure endorse the proposed new license to all 700 000 drivers in Mauritius.

15 Oct 2012,

Contravention Disputed: Ambiguity Of The Road Traffic Act

A motorist was taken in violation for not having presented his statement form amicably. Police authorities justify this violation by section 68 (B) of the Road Traffic Act ... It challenges the sanction.

04 Oct 2012,

Motos Modifiées : Sanctions A Venir

Sur leur passage, des flammes et un bruit assourdissant qui irrite plus d’un. Les motocyclettes et les mobylettes modifiées sont légion. Pourtant, cette pratique est contraire à la loi.

28 Sep 2012,

Penalty Points: Kailash Purryag Evokes His Limits

The common front of public transport will not give up. The front staff which includes transportation, taxi drivers, truck drivers, among others, met on Monday, the President of the Republic, Kailash Purryag.

26 Sep 2012,

School Vans : NTA Inspects Next Week

Only five days before the start of the third quarter for elementary school students and, next Monday, August 20, all drivers of school vans will have to be accompanied by a 'helper'.

15 Aug 2012,

Road Safety : No Penalty Points Before December

While the law was passed July 18, it was not until December that the penalty point system comes into force. The computerization of the police system takes time. Office of the Prime Minister, we advance the month of December when the Department of Transportation rather bet for January.

15 Aug 2012,

Trucks: Automatic Retarder Mandatory

From 1 July, the truck must be equipped with an automatic retarder. Indeed, all fatal accidents that have occurred since the beginning of the year and involving these vehicles are due to problems of the braking system. This measure also applies to individual bus and transportation companies.

30 May 2012,

Breaches of Traffic Regulations: 50 new Speed Cameras and Penalty Points on the Horizon

Those who stubbornly to violate traffic laws will not be able to blame but themselves. Authorities will be intransigent.

27 Mar 2012,

The Penalty Points Come Into Force Next Year

A project which is best: the penalty point will be a reality next year. All consultations are completed between the various protagonists and now is the public prosecutor to refine the new regulations for entry into force.

27 Dec 2011,

Road Safety: The Prosecution is Finalizing the Introduction of Penalty Points

The penalty points is expected soon to appear. Without specifying the exact date of its entry into force, the adviser on road safety of the Prime Minister, Ben Buntipilly, says the ball is now in the camp of the prosecution.

26 Dec 2011,

Poids lourds: délai pour le limiteur de vitesse fixé à juillet

1er juillet 2012. C’est la date-butoir fixée par la National Transport Authority (NTA) pour que tous les poids lourds soient obligatoirement pourvus d’un limiteur de vitesse.

28 Oct 2011,

The cameras generate Rs 77.58 million for the State

38,789 is the total number of violations recorded since the beginning of the year by the cameras and radar speed fixed and mobile under the control of the police.

28 Sep 2011,

Le permis à points bientôt une réalité

Les automobilistes n’ont qu’à bien se tenir sur nos routes ! D’ici peu, le permis à points sera une réalité.

27 Sep 2011,

License Plates - Police more flexible

Right now, the plates are a real headache for some 180,000 motocyclistes. From July 1, following an amendment to the Road (Construction and Use) Regulations Act, two-wheelers must be equipped a plate placed horizontally in front.

31 Aug 2011,

Speedometers for vehicles that less than ten years

Cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, mopeds and other vehicles with less than ten years must have a speedometer.

02 Aug 2011,

New legislation - Trouble around the carbon tax

The MNS system of customs not reconfigured, garages not ready to certify the emission rate ... These are the first consequences of a bill introduced and passed in a hurry.Putting the cart before the horse.

25 Jul 2011,

The statements of vehicles payable at post office

Drivers will from Wednesday, July 20, pay their tax taxis, Contract Buses, cars, vans, trucks and other pick up at a post office.

19 Jul 2011,