Road safety Mauritius

Road Safety: Vivo Energy Launches its "City Zen"

Vivo Energy Mauritius company on Wednesday launched its campaign "City Zen." Its aim is to educate young people about road safety. This action has the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and supported by the Special Road Safety Unit of the Prime Minister's Office.

23 Mar 2013,

Now Road Safety Book for Std 3, 4

Road safety awareness should be instilled in people from a very young age and the government is striving to achieve this.

21 Mar 2013,

Road Safety: Flashing Red with Eight Deaths this Week

Maha Shivaratree: eight pilgrims victims of road accidents in the evening of Friday, two of them hospitalized

10 Mar 2013,

Defective Lights: Danger

The lights are meant to ensure safety on the road, both for pedestrians and for motorists. It seems that at the Place d'Armes, Port Louis, is just the opposite happens.

07 Mar 2013,

Road Safety: 95.8% of Accidents Involving Male Drivers

One of the benefits of the conference on "Women and the road," organized by the association yesterday Road Safety Before All Orian Secretarial Institute, is the conspicuous under-representation of women as responsible for accidents. According to the figures available for 2011, 95.8% of motor vehicle drivers involved in casualty accidents are male.

05 Mar 2013,

Road Safety: The Brahma Kumaris Has Support the State

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) presented a pilot project ... The aim: to reduce the number of accidents on our roads by reducing stress for drivers.

22 Feb 2013,

Providence/St-Pierre - Road Safety: Ramgoolam Announced a Series of Measures

From the installation of 56 new cameras, the creation of a training center and the entry into operation of three Fitness Centers

08 Feb 2013,

Sécurité Routière : Crackdown Policier Contre des Rallyes de Motocyclettes

37 délits du code de la route retenus contre 16 motocyclistes verbalisés pour rallye illégal sur la route de Blue Bay, vendredi

04 Feb 2013,

Accidents: This Repressive Arsenal is Not Enough

Since the beginning of the year, road accidents are increasing. Despite awareness campaigns organized by the authorities and NGOs as well as increased repression of the police force. Authorities rely on the "psychological shock" that represent the entry into force of penalty points to deter speeders.

31 Jan 2013,

Coastal Road from Pointe-aux-Sables: Road Safety Angry Residents

Saturday December 15, a girl was hit by a bus that serves the area. She go the coastal road to get home. Faced with this umpteenth accident, some residents of Pointe-aux-Sables want the authorities to strengthen the road safety measures in their place.

14 Jan 2013,

Road Safety

The year 2012 is ending, but our roads have left us, alas, bitter memories. As bloody and fatal accidents! We have not forgotten the violent accident in Montebello, straws, in March 2012.

07 Jan 2013,

Billboards Not Only an Eyesore But Also a Danger!

In the early hours of Thursday, News on Sunday received a call from a member of the public regarding a giant billboard which crashed on his van at St Pierre.

05 Jan 2013,

L'alcool au volant : Campagnes de Prévention et Contrôles s'Intensifient

L'alcool au volant continue à faire rage malgré les nombreuses campagnes de sensibilisation et de prévention. Cette année, des accidents de la route dont certains mortels sont dus aux conduites en état d'ivresse. Les fêtes approchent à grands pas et c’est l’époque où sont enregistrés le plus d’accidents liés à l'alcool…

13 Dec 2012,

Road Safety Education Kicks Off in Primary in 2013

A new subject will be introduced in the school curriculum in 2013 at primary level. The aim is to initiate pupils to road safety issues and road signs and to make them more responsible on the roads as pedestrians and future drivers.

16 Nov 2012,

Éducation : Des Enseignants Formés Sur La Sécurité Routière

Le ministère de l’Éducation et des Ressources humaines, en collaboration avec la Special Road Safety Unit, du bureau du Premier ministre, et du Human Resource Development Council, organise un atelier de travail pour les éducateurs.

16 Nov 2012,

Road Safety: Two-Wheeled Most Vulnerable

The number of motorized two-wheelers reached 169,920 on our roads. Which represents 41% of the fleet in all categories.

25 Oct 2012,

Jean Todt About Road Safety: "Teaching Safety At School"

Jean Todt, president of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), was at the initiative of Maurice Autosport Club of Mauritius, affiliated to the FIA.

17 Sep 2012,

Jean Todt Visited Maurice And Will Host A Conference On Road Safety

Jean Todt, motor racing legend and current president of the International Federation of Automotive, paid a courtesy visit to Devanand Ritoo, Minister of Youth and Sports.

13 Sep 2012,

School Vans: The Law Will Be Applied in Full Force

The National Transport Authority (NTA) will enforce the law in all its rigor to ensure the safety of children in school vans.

28 May 2012,

In Baie-du-Tombeau: Is Sign Unusable?

Generally, the signs and traffic lights are placed to facilitate the movement of road users. But this is not the case in this part of the capital, a few meters from the church of St. Malo, at Baie-du-Tombeau.

20 Apr 2012,