Road safety Mauritius

PM announces a squad of 50 bikers to control speeders

Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, has once again reaffirmed its intention to impose strict laws on our roads. He announced the establishment of a new squad composed of 50 riders who will have the role to monitor speeders.

08 Sep 2011,

Road safety: the system of the probationary license may be introduced

The Government could come forward with the introduction of a probationary license.

28 Aug 2011,

The police force is organizing the week for the safety of 23 to 28 August

The Safety Week, organized by the Mauritius Police Force (MPF) will be held from August 23 to 28, Pointe Canon, Mahebourg. A series of activities will be on the agenda at this time when the various police units will show the public their respective functions.

21 Aug 2011,

2% des passagers assis à l’arrière portent la ceinture de sécurité

Une etude réalisée par le ministère de l'Infrastructure publique démontre que 2 % des passagers assis à l'arrière portent la ceinture de sécurité. Et ce sont principalement les touristes qui le font.

11 Aug 2011,

Views : Road realities

The automobile sector is an important revenue generator for the state. The average vehicle owner probably does not realise that the road tax he pays is the least significant tax, as he contributes a lot more than that in various other forms.

25 Jul 2011,

Anil Bachoo: "Turn on your headlights"

"Turn your headlights on Wednesday 11 May," asked the minister Anil Bachoo motorists, drivers and motorcyclists at the launch of the Global Plan of Action for the Decade for road safety 2011-2020.

11 May 2011,

Stop –> Go

As you can guess by the blog title and the image, today I will be talking about those people who are responsible to control traffic while there are road works in progress.

22 Mar 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

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