Roads Mauritius

Ring Road: 14 People Dissatisfied with the Compensation

The Ministry of Housing and Lands is facing a real Chinese puzzle. While phase one of the straws Ring Road was completed in 95% and work for Phase 2 will begin soon, say 14 people dissatisfied with the compensation offered to them.

06 Nov 2012,

Third Lane to Ease Caudan Bottleneck

Projects to decongest roads at the entrance of Port Louis have been initiated by the Road Development Authority (RDA).

25 Oct 2012,

Bridges In South And West, Anil Bachoo: "I Do Not Conduct Any Political Campaign"

The Minister of Public Infrastructure Anil Bachoo, has not gone through four paths to say that neither he nor his colleague Hervé Aimée were on the scene Thursday - where now the rehabilitation of bridges are course - to campaign.

19 Oct 2012,

In Defiance Of The Law And Regulations: Squat Sidewalk Public Danger

This is the world upside down. Pedestrians walk on the street. While vehicles are not shy to squat sidewalks and crosswalks ... What about regulations and sanctions provided for by the rules of the road?

19 Oct 2012,

Rs 1.3-bn Road Infrastructure Upgrades Underway

The minister of Public infrastructure, Road Development Authority and Transport, Anil Bachoo announced that around Rs 1.3 billion has been invested to ease traffic in the east and centre of the island.

17 Oct 2012,

Route Bassin, Quatre-Bornes: Les Travaux Du Tout-À-L’égout Causent Un Accident

Il l’a échappé belle. Un quinquagénaire a chuté accidentellement, jeudi dernier, dans un trou béant de 20 pieds de profondeur, route Bassin, Quatre-Bornes. Il a été blessé à la main et à la tête. La compagnie Sotravic redouble de vigilance sur le chantier et annonce la fin des travaux cette semaine…

17 Oct 2012,

Roads: Direct Route To North Starts In Two Weeks

Rs 150 million. This is the cost of two road projects planned at the entrance to the capital. The Road Development Authority (RDA) has given the green light to the first, which is expected to start this month.

15 Oct 2012,

The Pedestrian Bridge Roche-Bois Closed For Repairs

In the aftermath of a road accident that left three injured in Roche Bois, the authorities are working hard to rebuild the bridge that crosses the highway. Part of the bridge will be destroyed and modified to allow more pedestrian use.

12 Oct 2012,

Roche-Bois, M1: Accident At Crosswalk

Unusual situation that arouses the attention of motorists to the M1. A pedestrian crossing has been installed recently, a few meters from the bridge Roche-Bois. Strange at first sight, but it behooves us that improvements are underway.

11 Oct 2012,

Intense Fire In Cane Field In North: Route 22 Closed For Traffic

The black series continues. A new fire broke out in a cane field in the north of the country, specifically in the rear of the building belonging to Espace Maison & Jardin in Forbach.

10 Oct 2012,

Congestion: Persistence Despite Large Investments In Infrastructure

An amount of Rs 21.2 billion was spent in the 2012 budget for projects related to road infrastructure. Obviously, this is too little, too late ...

08 Oct 2012,

Motorists Driving In The Dark On The Southern Motorway

Despite the numerous complaints, motorists continue to drive in the dark on the southern motorway. The lamp posts which were stolen since June are still not repaired because of inadequate funds.

05 Oct 2012,

50 Speed Cameras To Be Installed: 33 Dangerous Roads Identified

New speed cameras will be installed at strategic locations by December. The Government has acquired 50 cameras and 3 radars to track motorists who do not respect the speed limit.

04 Oct 2012,

Candos Lane, Quatre-Bornes: Private Road Asphalt Problems

For years he has fought against the Municipality of Quatre Bornes, who asks him to pave an alley Candos Lane, for it to be converted into public road. The owner wants to challenge this decision in court.

03 Oct 2012,

Traffic Vacoas: Residents Of Avenue John Kennedy Worry

These Vacoas residents say fear for their lives. They would like obstacles are placed at various points Avenue John Kennedy.

02 Oct 2012,

For Rs 78 Million Contract: Litigation Between General Construction And Rehm-Grinaker

General Construction Ltd was disqualified in the tender exercise for the expansion of the National Stream between Creole and Place d'Armes. The reason: Rehm-Grinaker Construction has registered as its subcontractor for the same project.

01 Oct 2012,

Asphalt For Suffren Road

The users of Suffren road can now a sigh of relief. The road was in bad condition slightly redone. "On July 9, the street was partially paved. Since many people use this route to get to the Jummah Mosque Street. Joggers can enjoy their activities via this street, "said Abdool Kader Azize a road user.

28 Sep 2012,

Trou-d’Eau-Douce Va Etre Relié A Flic-En-Flac

Le gouvernement est déterminé à décongestionner les routes dans tout le pays. Ainsi une nouvelle route verra le jour dans les années à venir. C’est la East West Connection qui, comme l’indique son nom, va décongestionner l’Est et l’Ouest.

27 Sep 2012,

Road Infrastructure Projects: Changes That Cost Rs 1.6 Billion More

Six recent projects, changes have caused additional claims of Rs 1.6 billion from contractors. However, changes made to five projects have saved Rs 94.5 M.

21 Sep 2012,

Chemin Vingt-Pieds : Un Nouveau Visage Pour Grand-Baie

Les travaux de réaménagement du Chemin Vingt Pieds ont démarré depuis quelques semaines. Cette route devrait faciliter l’entrée à Grand-Baie La Croisette.

21 Sep 2012,