Roads Mauritius

PM announces a squad of 50 bikers to control speeders

Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam, has once again reaffirmed its intention to impose strict laws on our roads. He announced the establishment of a new squad composed of 50 riders who will have the role to monitor speeders.

08 Sep 2011,

Schoenfeld “By-Pass” inaugurée mercredi

La ‘Schoenfeld By-Pass’ sera inaugurée mercredi par le Premier ministre Navin Ramgoolam en présence du ministre des Infrastructures publiques Anil Bachoo.

06 Sep 2011,

Transport Union to file complaint to ILO

Front Commun Syndicats Transport is facing various problems. According to union members, the authorities are not listening to their request for negotiations to solve their problems. The union intends to file a complaint at the International Labour Office (ILO).

12 Aug 2011,

Road safety: the tickets up

Wednesday, August 10. 163,480 tickets related to speeding have been recorded since the installation of "speed cameras"in December 2008. 58 400 drivers were " flashed "in 2010 against 40,100 in 2009.

10 Aug 2011,

A new highway between New France and Souillac

The authorities consider the possibility of building a dual carriageway highway between New France and Souillac in the south.

04 Aug 2011,

Road Development Authority "Pont Fer Bypass ready by September"

You may have noticed that major work is done in Phoenix. According to a senior official of the Road Development Authority (RDA), this is a stretch (bypass) will be constructed in front of the beer factory Phoenix Beverages Limited. It is known as the Pont Fer Bypass.

03 Aug 2011,

Phoenix, Beaux Songes road 95 % complete, ready by end of August

Construction work of the Phoenix / Beaux Songes link road is 95 per cent completed and the road will be inaugurated by end of August.

01 Aug 2011,

La première route payante prête en octobre 2012

La ‘Link Road’ Terre-Rouge/Verdun/Ébène est perçue comme un accès pratique aux véhicules en provenance du Nord.

01 Aug 2011,

Roads claim 87 lives since January

One of the recent accidents that made headlines was the death of son of the minister of Information and Communication Technology Tassarajen Chedumbrum Pillay, Shiva on July 18 at Bagatelle. According to the information gathered from the Traffic Branch, from January to July, there were 71 fatal accidents, last year 78 accidents were registered during [...]

01 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

The interchange at roundabout Caudan ready in October

The interchange to replace the roundabout Caudan begins to take shape. The workers take turns day and night to make it passable by late September or early October.

26 Jul 2011,

Les squatters de Vallée-Pitot doivent vider les lieux

La route périphérique (Ring Road) commence à sortir de terre à Sorèze. Les premiers travaux ont déjà commencé. Il y a même le tracé. Le seul hic est ce qu’il adviendra des squatters de Vallée-Pitot.

26 Jul 2011,

Le trafic routier vers la capitale amélioré

Le gouvernement poursuit sa politique visant à décongestionner nos routes.

07 Jul 2011,

Problems of road infrastructure Ste-Cécile - Residents threaten to immolate

Fifteen residents of Ste-Cécile expressed their dissatisfaction on Wednesday in front of Government House.

06 Jul 2011,

Le trafic routier vers la capitale amélioré

Le gouvernement poursuit sa politique visant à décongestionner nos routes.

06 Jul 2011,

New road to improve traffic flow in capital

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping aims to improve the flow of vehicles to the capital through a traffic decongestion programme.

06 Jul 2011,

1.3 km Ring Road project at Pailles, 30% complete

The construction work for the first phase of the Ring Road at Pailles is progressing at a fast pace. According to sources at the Road Development Authority (RDA), around 30 per cent of work is complete.

05 Jul 2011,

Ouverture d’une route d’accès au triangle de Réduit - Le PM : « Des projets routiers de Rs 21,5 Md entre 2011 et 2013 »

Le Premier ministre a procédé, mercredi, à l’ouverture d’une route d’accès au triangle de Réduit. Selon Navin Ramgoolam, cette région connaît un développement sans précédent.

01 Jul 2011,

Dossier: Women at the wheel

"It's not a car you must drive, but a truck! "This is a replica of a driving instructor school at a young woman in the streets of the capital. Dominique wanted to be independent. Mother of two, she must rely on the goodwill of her husband to leave.

01 Jul 2011,

Soon the completion of the bridge Bagatelle

Work is progressing rapidly at the bridge of Bagatelle. Indeed, the arches of the bridge were placed on Monday and the work will be completed in July, two months before the opening of the mall.

29 Jun 2011,

Deadline extended for number plates change

The deadline of July 1 for vehicle owners to change their number plates to the British standard has been extended.

28 Jun 2011,