Roads Mauritius

Soon the completion of the bridge Bagatelle

Work is progressing rapidly at the bridge of Bagatelle. Indeed, the arches of the bridge were placed on Monday and the work will be completed in July, two months before the opening of the mall.

29 Jun 2011,

Deadline extended for number plates change

The deadline of July 1 for vehicle owners to change their number plates to the British standard has been extended.

28 Jun 2011,

Réduit Triangle will be inaugurated at Wednesday

Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam will inaugurate Triangle de Réduit at Wednesday with Minister of Public Infrastructure Anil Bachoo.

28 Jun 2011,

Harbour Bridge: Va-t-il réellement éliminer la congestion routière ?

Le Road Decongestion Programme du gouvernement est en pleine implémentation. Après la Ring Road, les différents bypass à travers l’île et la nouvelle route Terre-Rouge/Verdun, c’est au tour du Harbour Bridge de faire parler de lui.

24 Jun 2011,

Le permis à points inquiète les chauffeurs d’autobus et de taxi

Jeudi, 23 juin. L’introduction du permis à points inquiète les chauffeurs de taxi et d’autobus. Ils disent craindre pour leur sécurité d’emploi. D’où leur demande pour qu’ils ne soient pas traités au même titre que les autres chauffeurs.

24 Jun 2011,

Speed Cameras: Rs 36 million of fines in six months

Around Rs 36 million. This was pocketed the state from January 1 to June 14 this year for offenses of speeding on the M1.Particularly between straw and Camp Chapelon, where the radars installed to detect speeding were more efficient.

16 Jun 2011,

Beaux Songes link road ready by August

The construction of the new Beaux Songes / Phoenix link road which started in January 2009 will be completed in two months.

14 Jun 2011,

Saint Pierre bypass project takes shape

A bypass will soon be constructed at Saint Pierre following the setting up of the Triolet and Goodlands bypass.

11 Jun 2011,

Driver’s Guide 2011 on impending law changes

The third edition of the Complete Driver’s Guide, written by sergeant Barlen Munusami, will be released on June 20.

11 Jun 2011,

Caudan: 400 m to Port-Louis closed for five weeks

Given the work done at roundabout Caudan, the road to Port-Louis is closed for the next five weeks.

07 Jun 2011,

IMF recommends Mauritius to opt for a toll system controlled by GPS

"But even here, a first step in the right direction would, in principle..."

06 Jun 2011,

Bagatelle : infrastructure clé pour fluidifier le trafic

Si vous passez par l’autoroute M1, vous avez sans doute remarqué que les travaux du pont de Bagatelle et de ses bretelles avancent à grands pas.

06 Jun 2011,

Bagatelle bridge to be ready in 2 monthes

The construction of Bagatelle bridge on the M1 Motorway is progressing rapidly

02 Jun 2011,

Bagatelle Bridge to be ready in June

The construction of Bagatelle bridge on the M1 Motorway is progressing rapidly. According to a source from the ENL group, construction work is scheduled to be complete by the end of July, two months before the grand opening of the Bagatelle Commercial Centre.

02 Jun 2011,

Plaine-Lauzun the new bridge operational soon

You've probably noticed, the establishment of a bridge near the complex of Food Canners at Plaine-Lauzun, is being completed. From information obtained from the Road Development Authority (RDA) that this project on autroute between straw and Port-Louis was not in the plans.

24 May 2011,

Holcim highlights road safety issue

Promoting road safety and increasing truck drivers’ awareness is the objective of cement company Holcim (Mauritius) Ltd. The company organised an road safety awareness day, in collaboration with the police.

24 May 2011,

The bill for jams in 2011: Rs3bn

"Traffic congestion is our biggest challenge, and this has increased as a result of national economic growth. Our standard of living also has increased significantly and, in parallel, car ownership has also risen in proportion". Anil Bachoo

19 Apr 2011,

Ring Road: People must pass through Reduces Sorèze to go to Port-Louis

Since the morning of Monday, April 4, residents of Sorèze beside Straws are forced to go back to Le Reduit if they want to go to Port Louis. Usually, they use the interchange leading to the area of straw.

04 Apr 2011,

The country is a huge construction site

Work is progressing - roads are being built almost in the four corners of the island. Some projects were completed at 20% and others 75%. For years, the government will spend about Rs 30 billion for expanding the road network.

31 Mar 2011,

An area of 10 acres reserved for driving schools

"Traffic flow has increased in the North. But traffic congestion means that the country prospers. The country also recorded many accidents and I have appointed a consultant to ensure the safety and he does a great job. We must ensure that a licensee can drive and control his vehicle. With this in mind we will soon have a Driving Centre in 10 acres. This is a project of the government and the private sector." Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam said on Thursday at the opening of second stage of Pamplemousses in Forbach.

25 Mar 2011,