Scandal Mauritius

Construction Of A Restaurant In Trou-aux-Biches The Injunction Dismissed

The judge rejected Hajee Abdullah Friday, September 13 the injunction made ??by two Yankees calling an immediate halt to construction of a restaurant on the beach of Trou aux Biches.

17 Sep 2013,

L’UGC Ordonne à EILLM Sikkim de Fermer Toutes ses Antennes à l’Etranger dont Maurice

C’est une notice qui vient prendre à contrepied les déclarations du ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, Rajesh Jeetah. Elle émane de l’instance régulatrice des universités en Inde qui somme EILLM Sikkim, qui dispose d’une branche à Ebène, de fermer toutes ses antennes à l’étranger.

10 Sep 2013,

Tertiary Education: The Saga Continues

In addition to the recognition of diplomas Indian tertiary institutions that locate in Mauritius, there has been much talk of foreign students, especially India and Nepal this week.

04 Sep 2013,

Higher Education: Five Universities Not Allowed To Operate In Mauritius According To UGC

The University Grants Commission (UGC) offers a replica of size five Indian universities affiliate operating in Mauritius. These are EIILM, JSS Academy, the Arya Sabha, Global Business and Mauras. "These universities can not run races in Mauritius," says the UGC.

04 Sep 2013,

Ved Prakash : « Je N'ai Pas Autorisé EIILM à S’implanter A Maurice »

Le président de la University Grants Commission (UGC), instance régulatrice des institutions tertiaires indiennes, a déclaré jeudi au Défi-Plus n'avoir donné aucune autorisation pour la création de l'EIILM University Mauritius Branch Campus.

29 Aug 2013,

Fraud on a Luxury Car: Thierry Lagesse Arrested Monday

Former Chairman of the Board of Directors Group Mon Loisir (GML), Thierry Lagesse, has been arrested when he arrived at the airport Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, at Placentia on Monday. The latter was expected to CCID. It should be explained on customs fraud on a Mercedes convertible worth Rs 16 million.

26 Aug 2013,

Higher Education:The TEC Survey on Banning Indian Universities to Operate in Mauritius

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) wants to know if the Mauritian Indian institutions issuing diplomas are illegal or not. This follows a notice published by his Indian counterpart indicating that no Indian university has been authorized to grant degrees abroad.

24 Aug 2013,

Validity of Degrees: Students Want to Stop the EIILM University Courses

The decision is made to two students: they cease to attend classes by "EIILM University." Others are considering, for their part, to follow suit. At issue: the controversy over the validity of the diplomas of the institution.

21 Aug 2013,

Beau Bassin-Rose Hill and Quatre Bornes: The Contract For CCTV Allocated to a Chinese Firm Sentenced for Corruption

This IS the Zhongxing Telecommunications Equipment Corporation (ZTE Corporation) that the contract for the provision of CCTV in Beau Bassin - Rose Hill has been allocated. Contract awarded by the Central Tender Board (CTB) and which amounts to Rs 159,057 823.29.

19 Aug 2013,

Gambling : Escroquerie, Un Senior Investigator de l’ICAC Arrêté par le CCID

Sudesh Calleechurn, accusé d’escroquerie d’une somme de Rs 2 millions au préjudice de Tote Lepep, tentait de quitter le pays ce matin.

17 Aug 2013,

EILM University: Quand Jeetah Dément Jeetah

Existe-t-il un lien entre le Ramnath Jeetah Trust et l’EIILM? Selon le site de la TEC, ces liens sont avérés puisque c’est le Trust des Jeetah qui est le gestionnaire de cette université indienne. Alors que le ministre nie mais avoue en même temps que son père l’a fait membre du Trust familial.

16 Aug 2013,

Thierry Lagesse Withdraws From Six Other Companies

Après GML et UBP, Thierry Lagesse a « stepped down » en tant que président de Phoenix Beverages, Ireland Blyth Limited, Alteo, BlueLife Limited, Union Flacq et Forward Investment and Development Enterprises.

15 Aug 2013,

Gamblinggate : L’Empire du Bookmaker Lee Shim Piégé à

Malgré le Firewall en termes de communications et de conseils légaux érigé autour de lui, le promoteur de SMS Pariaz Ltd et de Sport Data Feed Ltd, Jean-Michel Lee Shim, a été impuissant de voir son empire du jeu piégé par les autorités britanniques.

13 Aug 2013,

To "Save the Image": OIBS Repay $ 7 000 to 19 Students

Oceana International Business School (OIBS) has agreed to reimburse the 19 Indian and Nepalese students, who claimed to have been "ripped off". The institution, however, maintains that the students were not fooled.

09 Aug 2013,

Customs Fraud on a Mercedes: Second Arrest by the CCID

Dhaneswar Toolsee, SS Motorpoint, suspected of having acted as an intermediary in the matter of customs fraud on a Mercedes convertible worth Rs 18 million, was arrested Tuesday.

07 Aug 2013,

Alleged Scam Foreign Students: Controversy Swells

Shweta Sharma, 33, director Dimensions International Education Group (DIEG), complained to the police station Pamplemousses Sunday.

06 Aug 2013,

Scandal in the Judiciary: Emails are Genuine

The defense of suspects arrested in the case of alleged corruption: emails only handed former Paul Foo Kune the police are not authentic. According to the overlap of information, investigators will, themselves, submit a report to support the contrary, Wednesday.

23 Jul 2013,

Scandale dans le Judiciaire et l'Affaire Tuyau-Lee Shim : les Principaux Protagonistes

Jean-Michel Lee Shim; Paul Foo Kune; Rajendranath Isuri; Krishnadatt Jory; Krishnadatt Jory; Roshan Rajroop; Shayfiudhin Noor-E-Shad Hussenee; Bhimadevi Bhikajee,; Sahedeo Ramjit; Hector Tuyau

22 Jul 2013,

Scandal in Judiciary: Lee Shim to Stay in London

The businessman announced Thursday that he would return in Mauritius on Monday, but the bloodhounds of the CCID will have to wait before questioning. Jean-Michel Shim Lee changed his mind at the last minute. He made it clear, through its representative in communication Mediatalks Ltd, he could not go to Mauritius on Monday because he has not yet completed its activities in Britain.

22 Jul 2013,

Michel Lee Shim vs. Paul Foo Kune

The main protagonists behind the pipe case or in the judicial scandal that erupted during the week: Lee Shim and Paul Foo Kune. Both countries are expected early this week. They should discuss this case of alleged corruption with the CCID.

22 Jul 2013,