Scandal Mauritius

Tuyau : «Mo Lamin Prop, Mo Pann Fer Naryen. Mo Fami Ek Mwa, Finn Fer Tou Dan Legalite»

Le cas Hector Tuyau sera bientôt confié à l’ICAC. Ses liens présumés avec le bookmaker Michel Lee Shim seront passés au crible par les enquêteurs. Hector Tuyau qui s’est confié à l’express, affirme avoir tout fait dans les normes.

19 Jul 2013,

Scandal in Judiciary: Relationship Between Tuyau and Lee Shim Increasingly Convincing

Favors obtained for surgery the daughter of Hector Tuyau, the latter's son employed as editor of "Mauritius News" ... links between the bookmaker Michael Lee Shim and Tuyau family are becoming increasingly evident. Hector Tuyau is expected this Thursday, July 18th in the country.

18 Jul 2013,

Chief Inspector Tuyau Will be Questioned "Under Warning"

The chief inspector Hector pipe will be questioned "under warning" on his return to the country as part of an investigation into allegations that he had received favors bookmaker Jean-Michel Lee Shim.

18 Jul 2013,

Après le Scandale dans le Judiciaire: Un Haut Gradé de la Police Aurait Obtenu des Faveurs d’un Bookmaker

Le nom de l’ancien cadre de la Police des jeux et ceux de ses proches sont mentionnés dans des e-mails provenant de la boîte électronique d’un des principaux protagonistes accusés dans l’affaire qui entache le judiciaire.

18 Jul 2013,

Scandal in Judiciary: Investigation Towards a High Ranking Police

Rebounding: in the letters decoded in the inbox emails to one of the protagonists in this case of alleged corruption that shook the court, we find the name of a high ranking police officer. The email lets understand that he has received financial favors a bookmaker ...

17 Jul 2013,

Scandal in Judiciary: Sixth Arrest

Vikash Ramjit, accounting Sports Data Feed, was arrested by police later in the afternoon on Monday, July 15. It was presented to the barracks earlier part of the police investigation into the case of alleged corruption within the judiciary.

16 Jul 2013,

Leaked NSA Doc Says It Can Collect And Keep Your Encrypted Data As Long As It Takes To Crack It

If you use privacy tools, according to the apparent logic of the National Security Agency, it doesn’t much matter if you’re a foreigner or an American: Your communications are subject to an extra dose of surveillance.

22 Jun 2013,

Mauritius Football: Vinod Persunnoo Lost His Presidential Credentials

The President of the Mauritius Football Association (MFA), Vinod Persunnoo was sidelined yesterday at a meeting of the Steering Committee Trianon, following allegations of match fixing against him.

06 Jun 2013,

Allegations of Match-Fixing: Vinod Pursonnoo Could Take Leave

"There is a possibility that I take leave pending the publication of [the Fact-Finding Committee]." This was declared president of the Mauritius Football Association [MFA], Vinod Pursonnoo, Radio Plus, Wednesday, June 5.

05 Jun 2013,

Is There Any Scandal?

There are scandals are like the fable of the elephant in the room. They are so huge that nobody sees. Even the parliamentary opposition that runs perpetually with political rats.

02 Jun 2013,

Proguard Ltd Hosted "office" in Municipal

MP MMM Raffick Sorefan says the company Proguard, which won the contract 'speed cameras would have housed an office of PTr, Quatre-Bornes, in the last municipal. Counsel for the company has neither confirmed nor denied. It was Monday when issuing Question Time on Radio Plus.

29 May 2013,

Trafic D’armes Allégué: Kathi Austin Entendue par l’ICAC à Londres

Une étape majeure a été franchie en ce début de semaine dans l’enquête initiée par l’Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) suite à des allégations de trafic illégal d’armes avec Maurice en tant que plaque tournante.

23 May 2013,

Management of New Speed Cameras: Police Evicted in Favor of Proguard Ltd

Reduced role of the Traffic Branch police in the operation of new surveillance cameras on our roads. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport has entrusted its management to a private company Proguard Ltd..

19 May 2013,

D2 Football Championship: Vinod Persunnoo Accused of Match-Fixing

Allegations of Anzal Hossenbaccus, president of Stanley United, taint the final day of the second division championship football and challenge the president of the Mauritius Football Association (MFA).

16 May 2013,

Mauritius PM defends anti-graft body's independence

Analysts said the political uncertainty was affecting business sentiment and, if not resolved quickly, could jeopardise growth

02 Aug 2011,

MedPoint: speculations and silence are the order of the day

In line with the Medpoint chronicle which the leader of the Opposition, Paul Bérenger, has described as ‘the scandal of the century’, all attention is focused on

01 Aug 2011,

Three officers of the Ministry of Health of Mauritius were suspended

The three officials were interdicted from their post until the enquiry of the Independent Commission Against Corruption on the MedPoint case is completed

28 Jul 2011,

PM justified the investments in the Neotown and Tianli

"We received billions from Tianli and Neotown is by no means a scandal"

07 Apr 2011,

Neotown: un «méga scandale» pour un mega projet

Lors d’une visioconférence entre les actionnaires de Patel Engineering Ltd, promoteur du projet Neotown à Port-Louis, il a été révélé qu’un terrain évalué à Rs 15 milliards a été loué à bail pour un loyer annuel de Rs 15 millions

06 Apr 2011,

Malaysia has been hit by a new sex scandal with a video showing a man purported to be a top opposition leader

Malaysia has been hit by a new sex scandal with a video showing a man purported to be a top opposition leader in compromising positions with a foreign sex worker.... Read more »

21 Mar 2011, KotZot