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Look from the South Africa “Mauritius: SA’s Tenth Province?”

Economic growth and safety lures local entrepreneurs, investors.

25 Sep 2014,

Oscar Pistorius Guilty of Culpable Homicide in Killing of Girlfriend

Oscar Pistorius, the disabled track star who once commanded stellar heights of international competition at the Paralympic and Olympic Games, was found guilty on Friday of culpable homicide, equivalent to manslaughter, after being acquitted of murder charges for killing his girlfriend.

12 Sep 2014,

Oscar Pistorius Not Guilty of Murder; Still Faces Lesser Homicide Charge

The Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius was declared not guilty of murder on Thursday when the judge in his case said she accepted the main argument in his defense: that he believed he was firing at an intruder rather than at his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, when he killed her in a burst of gunfire through his bathroom door last year

12 Sep 2014,

BRICS Nations Launch New Development Bank

A new international development bank and multi-billion emergency lending pool are set to be launched by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The move comes at a summit meeting of BRICS leaders in Brazil.

16 Jul 2014,

Foire Textile Sud-Africaine: une Cinquantaine d’Opérateurs Représentent Maurice

Un important contingent de compagnies mauriciennes du secteur du textile et de la manufacture est actuellement à Cape Town pour représenter l’île à l’occasion d’une des plus grandes foires du continent africain: Source Africa.

19 Jun 2014,

African National Congress Party Wins in South Africa Election

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) swept toward victory in South Africa's fifth post-apartheid election on Thursday, handing President Jacob Zuma the clout to push through pro-business reforms in the face of union and leftist opposition.

09 May 2014,

Oscar Pistorius to Reeva Steenkamp’s Family: I’m Sorry I Killed Her, ‘I Was Simply Trying to Protect Reeva’

Fighting back tears, the former Olympian began testifying at his murder trial on Monday by apologizing to the family of the girlfriend he shot dead. Pistorius also revealed how he is sometimes ‘scared to sleep,’ and often wakes up smelling blood.

08 Apr 2014,

Travel: Devaluation of Rand the Pleasure for Mauritians

The trend continues. If in 2013 we saw the highest rate of Mauritians who visited South Africa again this year the trend is alive and well, greatly helped by the continued decline of the rand.

07 Apr 2014,

Jacob Zuma Accused over Rs 695M Revamp to Private Home

South African president should repay part of cost of unnecessary renovations, says anti-corruption watchdog

21 Mar 2014,

Oscar Pistorius Trial: Witness Recounts Accidental Shooting in Restaurant

Pretoria, South Africa (CNN) -- "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius asked a friend to take the blame when he accidentally discharged a pistol under the table at a Johannesburg restaurant one month before he killed his girlfriend, another athlete testified Wednesday in the runner's murder trial.

05 Mar 2014,

Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial in South Africa

Oscar Pistorius pleads not guilty to murder, firearms charges as his trial gets under way in Pretoria, South Africa.

03 Mar 2014,

Mauritian Property Bets Pay Off for South Africans Investors

South Africans who have in recent years bought holiday pads in Mauritius, typically with price tags exceeding R10m (Rs 27,3m), have been handsomely rewarded on the capital growth front.

13 Feb 2014,

Nelson Mandela Left $4m Estate

South Africa's former President Nelson Mandela left an estate provisionally valued at 46m rand ($4.13m; £2.53m), the executors of his will have said.

04 Feb 2014,

Mauritian Opportunities Excite South African Investors

South African investor interest in Mauritius has grown strongly over recent years, from individuals taking up incentivised properties as well as from big business, says Nitin Pandea, a senior director at the Mauritian Board of Investments.

23 Jan 2014,

Nelson Mandela Mourned: Leader’s Thembu Tribe Preps Friday Service

Hundreds from the tribe journeyed to the Mandela family complex Thursday. ‘My grandfather was a freedom icon for the whole world, but we are trying to keep his legacy alive in our little place here,’ said Jongisiswe Dali, a grandson of the leader.

13 Dec 2013,

'Fake' Deaf Interpreter at Nelson Mandela Memorial Blames Illness for Performance

South Africa’s deaf federation said this interpreter (seen here with President Obama after his speech at the memorial service for former South African president Nelson Mandela) was a fake. He has been identified in local media as Thamsanqa Jantjie.

12 Dec 2013,

Mourners Hail Nelson Mandela's Courage, Conviction, 'Remarkable Lack of Bitterness'

South Africa's current leader announced late Thursday that, after years suffering from health ailments, the man known widely by his clan name of Madiba died at 8:50 p.m. (1:50 p.m. ET) surrounded by family.

06 Dec 2013,

Picture of the Day: Ire of the Tiger

Dramatic battle caught on camera in the Londolozi private game reserve in Pretoria, South Africa. The clash erupted after one of the tigers delivered a vicious blow to the neck of its rival. After 45 minutes of bloody battle the larger tiger was deemed the winner

04 Dec 2013,

Faf du Plessis, South African Cricket Star, Honeymoon at LUX * Belle Mare

Faf Du Plessis, captain of South African cricket team, and his wife, chose Mauritius for their honeymoon. Their cocoon: the LUX * Belle Mare for a great week with family.

04 Dec 2013,

10 Things To Know Before Visiting South Africa

(CNN) -- South Africa -- it's the part of the continent most of us know at least a little about.

24 Oct 2013,