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Illegal Logging: Rs 100,000 Fine And Three Years In Prison

The Ministry of Industry hardens tone by introducing new regulations. Now, all imported, including goats and sheep livestock, will be controlled. When selling, it is imperative to know the age of the animal, if not, it will be an offense. All those who are found guilty of this act shall be liable to a fine of Rs 100,000 and a term of imprisonment not exceeding three years.

16 Oct 2013,

Mauritius Overtakes SA As Most Competitive Country In Sub-Saharan Africa

The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius has overtaken South Africa as the most competitive country in sub-Saharan Africa, a key survey showed on Wednesday.

10 Sep 2013,

Expats Living In Mauritius: Belonging to the Iisland

They chose to settle in Mauritius or work.

29 Aug 2013,

South Africa’s Tourism Market Holds Steady

After transitioning to a democracy in the 1990s, South Africa has become a tourism powerhouse, with one of the best infrastructures in the region.

24 Aug 2013,

Shark Week Special: Best Places to Swim With Sharks

Megalodon may be extinct, but other sharks have been making headlines lately.

17 Aug 2013,

SA's Double Tax Agreement With Mauritius Amended

The double tax agreement between Mauritius and South Africa, which came into force in 1997 has been renegotiated.

15 Aug 2013,

Africa's Magnificent Mountains: Seven Amazing Climbs

(CNN) -- Yes, safaris are great and the beaches are diverse and dramatic. But an Africa getaway doesn't just have to be about 4X4 game drives or lazy strolls on cotton-soft sands by crystal blue waters.

04 Aug 2013,

10 of the Best Golf Courses in Africa (Mauritius Has 2 Places)

(CNN) -- For a reputedly impoverished continent, Africa has a remarkable number of golf courses -- 828 courses in 50 countries with a little more than half of those, 450, located in South Africa.

27 Jul 2013,

Video of the Day: Antelope Saved from Chases In Tourist's Car on Safari

12 Jul 2013,

Investissement Maurice-Afrique Du Sud : Protocole de Coopération BoI-TISA

Les agences mauricienne et sud-africaine, responsables de la promotion de l’investissement, en l’occurrence le Board of Investment (BoI) et le Trade and Investment South Africa (TISA), ont signé la semaine dernière un protocole de coopération (Memorandum of Understanding) en vue de renforcer leurs échanges.

09 Jul 2013,

Picture of the Day: Cape Town Fog

Taken one evening in April 2013 this long-exposure image shows a bank of fog rolling off the Atlantic Ocean, over Kloof Nek & Signal Hill and into the city of Cape Town.

04 Jul 2013,

South African Expatriates in Mauritius Pray for Mandela

Nelson Mandela is worse. Admitted to the hospital since June 8 with a lung infection, the former South African President struggle between life and death.

28 Jun 2013,

South African Buyers Snapping Homes in Mauritius

Mention Mauritius and words like crystal clear beaches and long days lounging around drinking cocktails come to mind. I call it the island dream these days and my fellow colleagues seem to like the idea of packing up and soaking in the sun, after all, it’s still home, Africa I mean. Lately, we have been reading all sorts of positive growth stories on Africa and where to invest and buy property.

19 Jun 2013,

Picture od the Day: Snow in Cape Town

Snow in Cape Town - 03.06.2013

04 Jun 2013,

New Treaty of Double Taxation: Mauritius Becomes Less Attractive to South Africans

South Africa and Mauritius have signed a new agreement on avoidance of double taxation on May 17. This new treaty can enter into force on 1 January 2014. The South African Press beforehand that the new provisions of the new agreement may discourage South African investors to use Mauritius as a financial platform.

04 Jun 2013,

Investing in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities in Zimbabwe and South Africa

The Africa Business Club met on Friday to talk to Moka risk in terms of investment in Africa. Invited for the occasion, Anushka Ramlall, Risk Insight manager, specializing in the management of investment risk is particularly heavily upon the case of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

22 Apr 2013,

Air Mauritius Reintroduced its Two Weekly Direct Flights to Durban

It's a story that will delight both professionals and the general public! From July 5th Air Mauritius will reintroduce its two weekly flights direct to Durban, South Africa.

10 Apr 2013,

Picture of the Day: Just a Big Cat

In this adorable (yet still slightly nerve-wracking!) close-up we see a male lion licking one of its front paws. The photograph was taken by Solara Santoni, a 16-year-old from South Africa who has some wonderful animal photographs on her deviantART profile.

10 Apr 2013,

Whitedot Case: Connection with South Africa

After a week of investigation, including questioning the alleged mastermind Arun Mossuddee, 24 years in the financial fraud of Rs 700 million with at least 800 victims, the Central CID sleuths have made a breakthrough.

04 Apr 2013,

Student Experience Program: Five Mauritians Internship at Daimler in Germany

Many new graduates Mauritian recently had the opportunity to apply for a six-month internship in Germany through the Student Experience Programme Southern Africa Initiative of German Business. Nominate five of them, from the University of Mauritius and University of Technology, has been selected for this trip Daimler group, which produces vehicles under the Mercedes-Benz brand.

04 Apr 2013,