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Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2014

Gartner just concluded its Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013 in Orlando, gathering tens of thousands of IT executives. Among the most anticipated aspects of the gathering are the ruminations from the Gartner pontificators regarding IT trends. Among several trends shared were the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014. Here is a summary of those trends:

23 Oct 2013,

Fundamentals of Pricing: Price Management Before and Beyond Revenue Management

Given the automation, sophistication and globalization of the hotel and tourism industry, competitiveness levels have risen and, at it, Revenue Management (RM) has taken a key role in optimizing revenues, in reinforcing business performance and in defining who wins or loses.

22 Oct 2013,

4 Secrets for Winning the Toughest Negotiations

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson has quite the reputation for brokering deals with thugs. Here's how he does it.

21 Oct 2013,

Creativity Tips From 5 World-Famous Artists

Think Salvador Dali or Vincent Van Gogh have nothing to do with the world of business? Think again.

11 Oct 2013,

7 Job Search Rules You Should be Breaking

The world of job hunting moves fast. Once, you’d scour the newspaper for openings; now, you have your choice of online job boards. Resumes used to be printed on thick, quality cardstock, and now, they’re usually not printed at all. The standard uniform of a suit and tie isn’t even required anymore.

04 Oct 2013,

How to Fix 8 Sales Strategy Errors

Addressing these "big picture" errors ensures your company's long term success.

02 Oct 2013,

How To Find Your Leadership Voice

It's almost impossible to figure out your company's style and positioning without first examining your own.

20 Sep 2013,

5 Start-Up Strategies You Need to Know

This serial entrepreneur has some practical advice for any aspiring business owner.

11 Sep 2013,

6 Signs You're Failing to Put Your Customers First

While you paid attention to running your business day-to-day, your focus on customers may have slipped. Here's how to get it back.

09 Sep 2013,

Investment, Promotion: The BOI Is Activated To Hold The Private Equity Conference

The BOI actively preparing the third edition of Private Equity Conference held on 12 and 13 September at the Hilton Hotel and the theme "Connecting Global Investors with African Opportunities."

06 Sep 2013,

How to Turn Your Business Idea into a Business Model

One of the advantages of being a business coach is the opportunity to work with a lot of different businesses and business concepts, seeing what works and what doesn't.

27 Aug 2013,

How To Bridge The Generation Gap With Owners

Do we look to youth or rely on experience? Ultimately, the truth—and the added value—is somewhere in the middle.

27 Aug 2013,

Could Your Company Manage Without Managers?

Read on to find out what it takes to make a boss-less office work.

25 Aug 2013,

Strategy Paper, Construction: To Fewer Foreign Workers

A Strategy Paper for the construction sector has been developed by the government. One goal of this paper is to ultimately reduce the number of foreign workers. And allow more hiring Mauritians in this sector.

22 Aug 2013,

10 Questions to Jumpstart Your Strategic Planning Process

It's time to start planning for next year. Don't let your team come up with a brittle--and ultimately unimplementable--hodge-podge of spreadsheets. Here's how to do better.

21 Aug 2013,

Should You Really Send That to the Cloud?

What's harder than migrating to the cloud?

20 Aug 2013,

Heads Does One to the End of the Crisis? Europe Emerges From Recession, Mauritius Begins to Hope

The euro zone is boosted by the release of the health of the German economy and the surprise growth rebound in France recession. New warmly welcomed by economists and Mauritian operators. Are we so far out of the woods? Our tourism and our manufacturing sector will they finally breathe? Word experts.

20 Aug 2013,

How to Bust the Most Common Age-Related Stereotypes at Work

Millennials don't take well to even the slightest bit of criticism at work. And we all know that Gen X'ers don't play well with team members.

16 Aug 2013,

SA's Double Tax Agreement With Mauritius Amended

The double tax agreement between Mauritius and South Africa, which came into force in 1997 has been renegotiated.

15 Aug 2013,

4 Dirty Negotiating Tricks (and How to Counter Them)

Don't let your customer manipulate you into making unnecessary concessions to close the deal.

08 Aug 2013,

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