Transport Mauritius

Métro Léger: Cette Fois c’Est Bon, le Chantier Sera Lancé en Octobre 2014

Longtemps brinquebalant, le projet métro léger se précise. Le gouvernement annonce sa mise en chantier en 2014 de même que la création d’un département qui pilotera le projet.

25 Jan 2013,

Transport Unions: Penalty Points, Demonstration Endorsed a for February 21

After more than 100 minutes of a special meeting called by the Common Front transport unions in the context of the challenge of penalty points, a decision was taken at mid-day to hold an event on February 21 from Champ-de-Mars gardens to the Company.

25 Jan 2013,

Sorèze: Bus Passengers Fire Laissés-pour-Compte

Last Wednesday, a bus operator individual was engulfed in flames. Passengers complained they had not received any instructions of the receiver and the driver even less. In the absence of a complaint, the National Transport Authority just to start an investigation ...

24 Jan 2013,

Light Rail Project Takes Shape as Bidding Set for End of January

Works for the Mauritius Light Rail Transit System (MLRT) are scheduled to start by October 2014, as announced recently by Cabinet of Ministers.

24 Jan 2013,

Transport en Commun CNT Planche sur l’Introduction de Cartes Prépayées

C’est un projet ambitieux. La Compagnie Nationale de Transport (CNT) compte introduire des ‘smart cards’ (cartes prépayées) à l’intention des passagers et ce, dans le cadre de son plan de restructuration.

23 Jan 2013,

LRT: Over 50 Investors Interested

The light rail project advance. A Market Sounding Exercise took place on Friday between those involved in the case to Port Louis and those interested in investing. Fifty foreign investors participated in this exercise.

22 Jan 2013,

Public Transport Sector: Conflict Between Unions and Employers Increasing

Neither the union nor the employers do not want to change posture to improve the working conditions of employees of public transport. The first attempt to reconcile the Ministry of Labour has achieved nothing.

20 Jan 2013,

Transport Public: Tentative du Ministère du Travail de Concilier Syndicat et Patronat

Les représentants des cinq principales compagnies d’autobus et les syndicalistes du secteur des transports publics sont attendus au ministère du Travail, la semaine prochaine. Le but étant de trouver un terrain d’entente afin d’éviter un éventuel conflit.

10 Jan 2013,

Transport: Common Front Wants More Security at Stations

The common front transport unions call on the Commissioner of Police, Dhun Iswur Rampersad, for it strengthens security at bus stations during this season.

17 Dec 2012,

For Injury in a Bus: Supreme Court Upholds Damages of Rs 302,000

The National Transport Corporation (NTC) and the State Insurance Company (SIC) must pay damages of Rs 302,000 to Kistnensamy Perianen.

17 Dec 2012,

Employees of Public Transport Together to Put Pressure

After the workers in the sugar industry, it is the turn of those public transport want national collective bargaining. A letter was sent to five operators and joint action is contemplated.

07 Dec 2012,

Two New Buses For Shopping

Since December 1st, RHT Holding makes available to the public two RHT Shopping Express. These 27 seat bus will link the malls of ebony, Trianon and Phoenix. Finished the long waits! Farewell also to the seats, too tight for storing bags filled after hours of shopping!

03 Dec 2012,

Rose-Hill Transport Dessert les Centres Commerciaux d’Ebène/ Trianon/Phoenix

Les accros du shopping pourront voyager sur le « RHT Shopping Express » qui reliera les centres commerciaux d’Ebène, de Trianon et de Phoenix à partir du 1er décembre.

01 Dec 2012,

TBS Driver Ever to Spit Out the Window

An English tourist on holiday in Mauritius currently has entrusted to the Daily Challenge. It expresses its indignation at the behavior of a driver of the company Triolet Bus Service (TBS).

22 Nov 2012,

Highlands: Bus Timetables Arouse Controversy

Highlands residents say they are tired. They say they are often forced to walk to Phoenix, bus fault.

21 Nov 2012,

Transport: 37 Resolutions Passed Unanimously

At the Annual Employee of the transport sector, which was held Friday night at Beau Bassin, some 2000 employees of six bus companies have expressed their dissatisfaction with their working conditions.

20 Nov 2012,

United Bus Service: Four Unions Mobilize Against NRB

This is a discord that exists in the United Bus Service. The company is powerless in terms of salary increase and four unions are mobilizing against the National Remuneration Board. They denounce the fact that there was no salary increase since 2008. They announce a rally, Monday, Nov. 19, in Port-Louis.

16 Nov 2012,

Transport Sector: Employee Engagement to Claim their Rights

Next Friday, employees of different bus companies vote thirty claims to improve their working conditions and their salaries at a meeting to be held November 16 at 19 hours in Unity House, Beau Bassin.

14 Nov 2012,

Transport: Bus Operators Reports Passengers Decrease

Revenues bus operators fell by 25% to 50% on certain routes. Reasons given: lack of passengers during peak hours and unfair competition vans 15 seats. They do not exclude the possibility of a go-slow if nothing is done to solve the problem of "brown van and taxi."

29 Oct 2012,

The Police Cancelled Rally of Transport Sector Employees Union

After initially authorized the police reversed its decision. The gathering of members of the Union of Workers Bus Industry to be held on the evening of Tuesday, October 23 was canceled just hours before the meeting. (Photo: the station where Vallijee had to hold the rally).

24 Oct 2012,