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Deputy Adil Ameer Meea interested in free transport system

MMM deputy, Adil Ameer Meea, will challenge the Minister of Public Infrastructure on the free transport service available to students, the elderly and disabled. He wants to know the exact amounts that were paid to each owner of buses from 2005 to date.

05 May 2011,

Degreasing considered a thousand employees in the NTC

Given its critical financial situation, the National Transport Corporation (NTC) has decided to lay off a thousand employees to streamline its spending and reduce its deficit. With degreasing projected involving a thousand employees, could reduce its wage bill weighs Rs 40 M. The deficit amounted to Rs 66 M.

27 Apr 2011,

The NTC in the heart of debates

The financial chaos of the Nation Trasnpot Company (NTC) has been debated in "Le Grand Journal" hosted by Karishma Beeharee. Employee unions were represented by Wakill Lalloo and Deepak Benydin. The direction of the NTC has declined the invitation but finally its chairman of the Board of Directors, Ashwin Dookun, spoke by phone.

26 Apr 2011,

877 complaints against bus drivers

The National Transport Authority received 877 complaints from 2008 to 2010 against the bus drivers who deliberately leave students and pensioners at bus stops.

25 Apr 2011,

Deficit of Rs 51 million in the NTC: Unions call for a Fact Finding Committee

The board transportation sector union wants an investigation to be initiated at the National Transport Company to shed light on the deficit of Rs 51 million recorded by the corporation.

22 Apr 2011,

The NTC loses Rs 15 million per month and wants to Rs 112 million new

The National Transport Company (NTC), which continues to accumulate deficits month after month, asked the government to grant him a new envelope of Rs 112 million, as last year, under the program Additional Income Support. Deficit of 1 July 2009 to 31 December 2010 amounted to Rs 66 million.

21 Apr 2011,

Bus crews hit with wrath of students, elderly

From 2008 to 2010, a total of 877 complaints were received by the National Transport Authority (NTA) about the free travel scheme.

20 Apr 2011,

Twenty NTC bus down every day

The situation at the National Transport Company (NTC) is going from bad to worse.

20 Apr 2011,

Parc automobile – Le Nombre de véhicules en hausse

D’après les derniers chiffres officiels, il y a environ 384,115 véhicules sur nos routes au 31 décembre 2010 : 45 % sont des voitures, 41 % sont des deux-roues et le reste comprend les vans, camions et autobus.

07 Apr 2011,

NTC incurs Rs 51 million loss

The National Transport Corporation (NTC) reported losses of Rs 51 million from July 2009 to June 2010. This was stated by minister of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping Anil Bachoo.

06 Apr 2011,

Bus owners want to get fuel grants

The Bus Owners Cooperative Society (BOCS) initiated negotiations with the National Transport Authority (NTA) to get grants of 9%-12%t on the fuel price.

18 Mar 2011,

Accident with bus gimbal, March, 12 was an isolated case

Concerning the accident Saturday, March 12 in which a man head blown to pieces by the gimbal dropped from a bus of the NTC, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Transport reported that was an isolated case.

17 Mar 2011,

NTC employees call a report on each Tata bus

After the accident Saturday, March 12, where a man had his head squashed by the cardan joint fallen out from a bus, employees of the National Transport Company (NTC) will require the publication of a report on all buses Tata brand, bought in 2007. According to them, these vehicles are not suitable for Mauritius roads.

15 Mar 2011,

Sevetal bus companies plan to implement the smart card

Bus tickets can be paid by a magnetic card soon. The National Transport Company (NTC) and several other bus operators are planning to launch this system.

06 Mar 2011,

36 new buses replaced old in NTC

The National Transport Company (NTC) is renewing its fleet of buses to reduce expenses related to the repair of buses that have outlived their utility. NTC has just acquired 36 new buses of the Nissan brand. Eleven are already in use and 25 more are expected in the coming weeks. By May, the NTC will purchase 10 minibuses.

04 Mar 2011,

The residents of Camp Marcelin protest at the station in Flacq

There was a tension at the station yesterday Flacq Monday, February 14. The residents of Camp Marcelin are irritated because a bus cooperative has decided to no longer serve their village because of repeated vandalism on their vehicles.

15 Feb 2011,

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