STC Mauritius

Oil prices soar on the world market

The price of oil hit $ 125.12 a barrel on the world market Tuesday, its highest level in two years

04 May 2011,

STC will pay Rs 475 for storing a ton of gas

The State Trading Corporation (STC) has come to an agreement with the company Escola, which belongs to Total and Shell, after several months of negotiations. If before, STC paid Rs 1284 for storing a ton of gas before, now that it will pay Rs 475, said a senior official of the agency at Morning.

04 May 2011,

STC: activities "troubling" of 2008 to 2010

Chassez le naturel, il revient au gallop. The State Trading Corporation (STC) is again haunted by his past.

02 May 2011,

STC likely to be dismantled

The government has initiated the first step leading to the dismantling of the State Trading Corporation (STC) by 2014

29 Apr 2011,

STC: dismantling programme in phases

The first steps towards the dismantling of the State Trading Corporation (STC) have been initiated – that has become known from sources. The government gave its approval to the STC to go ahead with the construction of three fuel tanks in the harbour area in Port Louis. Two pipelines will also be set up in the project.

29 Apr 2011,

Recovery of loss of "hedging" by the STC - Pillay wrote to Berenger

Extremely rare. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a parastatal body wrote to the Leader of the Opposition to light his lantern.

27 Apr 2011,

Petroleum products: A commission investigation on the STC from unionists

The Common Front calls for a commission of investigation against the State Trading Corporation (STC). According to members of this front, the major importer of petroleum products would not act transparently.

23 Apr 2011,

Mauritius State Trading Corporation (STC) was losing $115 per oil barrel in 2008-2009

The decision to opt for hedging was taken on July 22, 2008

22 Apr 2011,

Hedging on fuel: Bank overdrafts will cost Rs 250 million to STC

The State Trading Corporation (STC) has used loans and bank overdrafts to finance the Rs 4.7 billion losses from hedging on the performance of petroleum products. Interest payable on these transactions amounted to Rs 250 million.

21 Apr 2011,

Rs 750 million to build three fuel storage tanks

The State Trading Corporation has started negotiations with the financial sector in conjunction with the construction of three fuel tanks in the port area following the approval of Cabinet on 18 March. This project, costing Rs 750 million, will be materialized by the end of 2013, told the Le Matinal a source familiar with the matter.

14 Apr 2011,

Price of Petrol (March 2011 – II)

The government has unexpectedly announced a decrease in the price of petroleum products today.

29 Mar 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

New measures to beat oil, gas shortages

The State Trading Corporation has taken a series of measures to increase its storage capacity for petroleum products

23 Mar 2011,

Mahébourg port to reopen

A study is currently underway by the government to reopen the port of Mahébourg. To avoid any shortage of petrol on the island, two reservoirs will be constructed by the State Trading Corporation (STC) in order to set up a strategic stock in Mahébourg. This has been discussed in the government, said a senior officer [...]

19 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

Price of Petrol (March 2011)

The PPC has reviewed the prices of petroleum products which were previously updated on the 22th January 2011.

15 Mar 2011, Yashvin, pages of my life

Oil price not to rise in near future

Consumers can be relieved as there will be no pricerise in fuel in the near future although the price of crude oil on the world market has recently gone up. On Thursday, oil prices rose to $ 110 against $ 90 within two months.

25 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

Petrol, diesel prices unchanged

At its meeting on Tuesday, the Petroleum Pricing Committee (PPC) decided to maintain the price of petrol and diesel at Rs 48.50 and Rs 39.90 respectively.

16 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

Engen SA acquires Caltex

Engen, a South Africa based petro-chemical company officially announced the acquisition of Chevron and its company Caltex in Mauritius.

03 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

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