STC Mauritius

The Best Basmati at Rs 56 per Kg

This will be a first on the market. The best of what is happening in terms of basmati rice should be available on the local market from Monday, December 30. It will be sold at Rs 56 per kg.

31 Dec 2013,

Bunkering in Port-Louis : Partial Liberalization from 1 January

The State Trading Corporation (STC) and the Government give a boost to boost the bunkering industry. The partial liberalization of trade in petroleum products for fueling ships passing in the region, will enable local oil companies no longer depend solely on the STC for their supply.

28 Dec 2013,

Bunkering: Goal 15 000 Vessels in 2014

The Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) (Amendment No.4) Regulations will soon be enacted to liberalize trade in fuels for ships as announced in Budget 2014.

13 Dec 2013,

Petroleum Products Liberalization: Rs 125 Million Per Year to Fund STC Losses

A brand new item has appeared in government spending. This is the Bunkering Project Scheme, which is to pay Rs 125 million each year from 2014 (until at least 2016) to the State Trading Corporation (STC). The objective is to subsidize the shortfall it will save because of the liberalization of petroleum products.

06 Dec 2013,

Strategic Sourcing: The Contract of 100,000 Tons of Flour Allocated to MLC

With the price obtained, the budget subsidies on the price of flour reduced Rs 160 million for next year

26 Nov 2013,

Contract Of Rs 800 Million Diesel: Vivo Energy Mauritius Ltd Application For Judicial Review

The company Vivo Energy Mauritius Ltd may challenge by way of judicial review the allocation of contract fuel Rs 806 million in Indian Oil (Mauritius) Ltd. This decision was made by judges Rehana Mungly-Gulbul and Shaheed Bhaukaurally.

18 Oct 2013,

Supply Of Flour: The STC Launches Tender

The tender for the supply of flour for the year 2014 has been launched. The State Trading Corporation (STC) has launched now, because the price of wheat on the world market is fairly stable.

18 Oct 2013,

Future "Petroleum Hub": STC Fears of Loss of the Monopoly on Petroleum Products

The monopoly of STC on the supply of petroleum products would soon be broken. At least as regards the supply of heavy oil to ships passing in Mauritius. In the interest of creating a "petroleum hub."

24 Sep 2013,

Petroleum Products: Renewal of the Agreement STC-MRPL

The State Trading Corporation (STC) has renewed its agreement to supply petroleum products to the Indian company Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL) for the next three years.

11 Aug 2013,

Liquified Petroleum Gas, Cader Sayed-Hossen : « Il n’y aura pas de pénurie »

C’est l'assurance donnée par le ministre du Commerce, Cader Sayed-Hossen, qui souligne que la State Trading Corporation (STC) a déjà fait les arrangements nécessaires avec le fournisseur actuel, en attendant l’allocation du contrat d’approvisionnement en Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) pour juillet 2013 à juin 2014.

28 Jun 2013,

Oil Terminal Project: First Step Taken

For some time, the authorities speak to Maurice an oil terminal. This could supply passing ships and possibly the country region of petroleum products.

06 Jun 2013,

Gasoline-Ethanol: Economy Rs 175 Million

The State Trading Corporation (STC) has made calculations. If Omnicane group realizes its project mix ethanol with gasoline, the country will save about Rs 175 million in terms of fuel consumption annually. The group, which is already in talks with the STC, said he is willing to mix 5% ethanol with gasoline to be used as fuel for vehicles.

30 May 2013,

Subsidies of Rs 1.1 Billion on Gas Appliances, Flour and Rice

Budget subsidies on the sale price of cooking gas, flour and rice ration were more than Rs 1.1 billion in 2012. This is what reveals the latest balance sheet of the State Trading Corporation (STC).

29 May 2013,

Renewal STC-MRPL Agreement

The State Trading Corporation (STC) has decided to extend its agreement to supply petroleum products to the Indian company, Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL) for the next three years.

14 May 2013,

Chinese Rice Contaminated: STC Reassures

In the midst of a series of food scandals in the world, the BBC reveals the results of a study of the United States (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that are chilling.

12 Apr 2013,

Improved in Petroleum Products Storage: Indian Oil Featured Inject Rs 100 Million

Indian Oil is ready to inject Rs 100 million in the project to improve the storage of petroleum products in the harbor.

01 Apr 2013,

PNQ : L’État Escompte Rs 6,8 Md de Taxes sur les Produits Pétroliers

L’État envisage d’engranger Rs 6,8 milliards de revenus à travers les diverses taxes perçues sur les produits pétroliers cette année.

28 Mar 2013,

Transportation of Petroleum Products: the STC will Pay Rs 2.1 Billion to Betamax in Case of Termination

Radio Plus revealed in the newspaper noon on Wednesday 27 March, some details of the contract between the STC and the company on Betamax transportation of petroleum products.

27 Mar 2013,

PNQ / ESSENCE: Rs 1 billion for VAT and the RDA

For his first performance as leader of the opposition in the Chamber at the edge of the Private Notice Question (PNQ), Alan Ganoo preferred cross swords with the Minister of Trade and Industry Cader Sayed -Hossen, about the recent increase in prices of petroleum products.

27 Mar 2013,

Tender STC on Cement: Lafarge Says the are Competitive

"We're competitive," says a source from the Lafarge Cement authorized. It reacts to the results of the international tender launched by the State Trading Corporation (STC) and which have been made public.

17 Mar 2013,