STC Mauritius

STC Has Lead to Decrease in Cement Price

The State Trading Corporation (STC) plans to bring down the price of cement by flooding the market with 100,000 metric tons of this material.

15 Mar 2013,

Petroleum Products: Sayed-Hossen in India for Talks with MRPL

Minister of Industry and Trade has gone to India this week for talks with the Indian authorities to renew the supply contract for petroleum products between the Mauritian government and Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL ).

16 Feb 2013,

Petrol / diesel: Increase of 9 to 10% of Expected Price

For two years, the prices of gasoline and diesel remained stable. If no increase occurred in 2012, will be no respite, however, awarded in 2013. An increase of about 9 to 10% is expected early this year.

13 Feb 2013,

Cement: STC its Claws

The State Trading Corporation (STC) wants to bring order in the cement market. Thus, a parastatal body has decided to launch tenders for the purchase of 100,000 tons of cement.

02 Feb 2013,

Tanks to Store 25,000 Tons of Fuel

The demand for petroleum products is increasing year by year. Thus, an increase of 5 to 6% is observed each year. Faced with this situation, the State Trading Corporation (STC) plans to build tanks to be able to store some 25,000 tons of petroleum products and meet the demands of the population.

30 Dec 2012,

Fuel: no Increase Before 2013

No bitter pill for motorists during this season. The State Trading Corporation (STC) has decided to maintain the status quo on fuel prices until the end of December.

26 Dec 2012,

Allégations Concernant Des Promotions: La STC S’en Remet À La Police

Une lettre jugée diffamatoire et relative à un exercice de promotion à la State Trading Corporation a été référée à la police aux fins d’enquête.

29 Nov 2012,

Flour has Prices 19% Higher as Current for 2013

The State Trading Corporation (STC) has launched an international tender for the import of flour white. However, this resulted in an offer that represents an increase of 19% from the current price per tonne.

19 Nov 2012,

Fuel Prices: The Billions that in MID, RDA and STC pocket

Maurice Ile Durable Fund (MID), the Road Development Authority (RDA) and State Trading Corporation (STC) earn billions of rupees thanks to drivers across the fuel prices.

13 Nov 2012,

Storage: Rs 750 Million For 30 Days Of Fuel

The project of the State Trading Corporation (STC) to create a fuel of 30 days from 2014 seems to be revived after several months of uncertainty.

04 Oct 2012,

Losses From Hedging: STC Could Absorb Remaining Rs 575 Million

The State Trading Corporation (STC) could absorb in its accounts the balance of Rs 575 million losses arising on hedging.

12 Sep 2012,

Consumers Pays the Cost of Hedging

Consumers will still pay for the mismanagement of the State Trading Corporation (STC). Even if the organization has made a profit of around Rs 760 million, it will not pay the debt he had contracted in late July 2009 for hedging, said a close this file.

16 Aug 2012,

Hedging: Rs 600 M STC Should Pay Till December 2013

The State Trading Corporation (STC), which had incurred a loss of Rs 4.7 billion after having used a hedging exercise in 2008, could wipe its slate by December 2013. He still, indeed, a relic of Rs 600 million to pay off.

31 May 2012,

Fuel: No Decline Despite STC Profits of Rs 1.8 Billion, Said Sayed-Hossen

The opposition MP Chong Li Kwong Wing Kee asked if the Ministry of Commerce had ordered a reduction in fuel prices, because of the profits made by the State Trading Corporation. These profits totaled more than Rs 1.8 billion. Trade Minister replied in the negative.

30 May 2012,

Eco-Friendly Diesel in Market by Mid-March

The State Trading Corporation (STC) will deliver diesel with lower sulfur content as from mid-March. The product is known as Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel and contains 50 ppm (parts per million).

06 Mar 2012,

Price of Petrol (Feb 2012)

Wow! Been long time since I last posted on the price of petrol! That was back in March 2011!

03 Feb 2012, Yashvin, pages of my life

The State Trading Corporation Will Sell a Cleaner Diesel in March

The State Trading Corporation (STC) will accept the first shipment of diesel with lower sulfur content available on the world market in mid-March. Known as Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, this product drastically reduce pollution on our roads.

02 Feb 2012,

Produits Pétroliers : Manoeuvres pour Croître la Capacité de Stockage

La capacité de stockage des produits pétroliers dans le port préoccupe les autorités concernées.

19 Jan 2012,

The Audit Focuses on the Finances of the STCM

The management of the State Trading Corporation (STC) has faced a series of questions this week on the now defunct State Trading Company Mauritius Ltd (STCM) as part of the audit of financial statements (balance sheet 2010) of the body parastatal responsible for import of petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), rice and flour ration, it was learned from authoritative sources.

15 Jan 2012,

Gas cylinder to cost Rs 43 more to STC

The 12-kg cylinder of household gas will now cost the State Trading Corporation (STC) Rs 43 more. From Rs 497 the price has gone up to Rs 540. If the government continues to keep the price at Rs 300 for the consumer, the STC will have to look for Rs 820 million in the form [...]

12 Jan 2012, The Independent Daily