Weather Mauritius

Weather: "Large Rains Expected"

For if we are to believe the weather station of Vacoas, the showers will be waiting for you today and tomorrow, Tuesday, October 29.The central plateau and the east should be the wettest. This is a cloud band that influences the time in Mauritius, say forecasters.

29 Oct 2013,

Weather: Up to 35 ° C in Port Louis

Temperatures reaching 35 ° C in Port Louis and the North, a dozen cyclones in the Indian Ocean and flood risk in our region.

16 Oct 2013,

Weather: Strong Swells in Mauritius and Rodrigues

The meteorological station issued a special bulletin 16 hours Tuesday, August 20 to warn the public of the risks of heavy swells in Mauritius and Rodrigues, Wednesday. The waves may break on the southern coast and the west.

21 Aug 2013,

Weather: Cooling Time from Wednesday

The return of summer is not coming soon. The weather forecast predicts a degradation time by Wednesday. This followed a strong anticyclone approaching the island.

19 Aug 2013,

Heavy Swells Alert on Our Shores

The meteorological station of Vacoas issued Thursday 1 st August 1st high swells alert.

02 Aug 2013,

Weather: heavy Swells Continue at Monday

The weather service issued a warning of waves of three meters beyond the reefs in some areas in Sunday reports. On Monday, the sea is not about to rest and strong waves are expected in the South and East.

15 Jul 2013,

Weather: Heavy Waves Continue Monday

Since Friday, Mauritius is on alert for heavy swells. According to the meteorological station of Vacoas, swells 3.5 to 4 meters were recorded Friday afternoon. Thus, the weather calls for vigilance and the public is advised not to risk into sea warning heavy swells will continue on Monday.

08 Jul 2013,

Swells More than 4 Meters Expected in Mauritius and Rodrigues

Vigilance is required in the lagoons. Swells more than four meters are expected on the coast of Mauritius and Rodrigues.

20 Jun 2013,

Weather: Minimum 12 ° C Confirmed this Week

It's confirmed: the country, under the effect of a anticylone should expect a drop in temperatures this week up to 12 ° C in the hills at night. The wind will grow more and could reach 80 km / h in exposed places, warns the meteorological station of Vacoas.

19 Jun 2013,

Weather: Temperature Will Drop Sharply from 11°C to 12°C Next Week

The meteorological station of Vacoas warns. The temperature will drop sharply from 11° to 12° Celsius next week.

14 Jun 2013,

New Tropical Depression Named Jamala in the Indian Ocean

The tropical depression that evolved in the east-southeast of Diego Garcia has intensified into a moderate tropical storm. She was baptized Jamala this Friday, May 10

10 May 2013,

Imelda: Alert 4 for Rodrigues

Rodrigues undergoes extreme cyclonic conditions with Imelda presence in the region. For 15 hours, Monday, April 15, the island went on alert 4.

15 Apr 2013,

Rodrigues: 7000 Houses Without Electricity, Hundred People in Refuge Centers

The weather has deteriorated significantly in Rodrigues where a cyclone warning class 3 is in force since Monday morning. At noon, 7,000 customers were without electricity, according to the correspondent of Radio Plus Port Mathurin, Jean-François Collet.

15 Apr 2013,

Imelda: Rodrigues III Alert, No Warning in Mauritius

Imelda tropical cyclone moved away from Mauritius, but came close to Rodrigues where a warning class III is in force since 4:30 Monday morning.

15 Apr 2013,

Weather: Imelda Continues to Weaken

Strong tropical depression, Imelda, would still lose its intensity during the day, according to Mauritius Weather. A potential cyclone warning depend on its evolution. The path of the storm is also bent towards the east.

12 Apr 2013,

Weather: 4 Meter Waves Expected

With the presence of Imelda cyclone, heavy swells of about 4 meters will surge on the coast of Mauritius. The outputs on the high seas as well as into the lagoons are strongly discouraged, recommends Vacoas meteorological station.

11 Apr 2013,

Weather: Hurricane Warning Weekend

Mauritius may enter hurricane warning from Friday. These are the forecasts weather station Vacoas.

10 Apr 2013,

Mamade Beebeejaun, Deputy Director of Meteo Station, "Speaking Truth to Mauritius”

After the departure of Balraj Dunputh of Vacoas meteorological station is Mamade Beebeejaun assuming the substitution. On Monday, the new director had a working meeting with his close associates. Already, he announced some measures.

10 Apr 2013,

Weather: Imelda Increased But Does Not Present a Danger for Mauritius

Imelda moderate tropical storm intensified into a severe tropical storm. If it is a threat to Agalega, it is not a danger to Mauritius for the next 48 hours.

10 Apr 2013,

Weather: Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues Under the Threat of the Next Storm Imelda

According to the CMRS, Imelda become intense cyclone by Thursday, and a shift in its trajectory closer to the South Mascarene

07 Apr 2013,