Weather Mauritius

Weather: Rain Plays Spoilsport

Tempted by a day at the beach? Enjoy this Friday, January 31. Because, prevents weather station Vacoas, the weather should not last: weekend looks rainy. According to forecasters, the weather is expected to deteriorate during the night, especially in high.

31 Jan 2014,

Weather: More Rain and Thunderstorms Expected Today

Showers have washed several parts of the island the past two days should last Friday, January 24. According to weather forecasts, moderate to heavy rains arrive on the island. Particularly in the east, south and the central plateau. They will be accompanied by thunderstorms. There is a risk of water accumulation.

24 Jan 2014,

Rains and Thunderstorms Still Run Today

Sudden rains and thunderstorms during the day today are not ruled out. During the afternoon, besides the central plateau is the West Island to be watered. As regards the temperature, it will always uncomfortable ...

23 Jan 2014,

Mini-Tornado Causes Fear in St-Pierre

He raised his eyes and saw ... a mini-tornado. "The sky was gray. The mini tornado lasted five minutes.

22 Jan 2014,

Road Traffic and Power Supply Disrupted

Traffic was diverted to Bagatelle. While there are accumulations of water on the road Ebony, among others. Heavy rains batter several parts of the island this Wednesday, January 22, disrupting traffic. Power cuts are also noted in some places.

22 Jan 2014,

Weather: Heavy Showers and Thunderstorms Across the Island

Large rains accompanied by thunderstorms batter several parts of the island on Wednesday January 22. Including Terre Rouge, Pamplemousses, Mon-Gout, Vacoas and Grand Bassin. Caudan tunnel was closed. The bad weather is expected to last all afternoon and night, announces the weather station Vacoas.

22 Jan 2014,

The Stormy Weather Will Continue All Day

It will still rain on Wednesday, due to the mass of air in our region remains hot, humid and unstable, making favorable development of clouds stormy character on the island. In addition, the cyclone Bejisa has left in its wake a cloud mass that continues to influence the weather.

08 Jan 2014,

Pluie et Orage au Rendez-Vous en ce Début de Semaine

Il n’y a certes plus de cyclone qui menace Maurice, mais le beau temps n’est pas pour autant de retour. Pluie et même des orages seront au rendez-vous à partir de ce matin, indiquent les prévisionnistes de la station météorologique de Vacoas.

06 Jan 2014,

Cyclone Bejisa: Tidal Waves and Strong Winds Expected

Alert 2 was held in Mauritius on Thursday January 2nd. Weather station Vacoas announcement downpours throughout the island and gusts up to 90 km / h. The rains fall in several regions since last night. Firefighters are themselves already occurred in several parts of the island.

02 Jan 2014,

Tropical Cyclone Bejisa: Rain on the Island

Many waited for Eve. But if the tropical cyclone Berjisa has not yet shown its strength in the island, it is already affecting the weather with rain and cloudy weather this morning Wednesday 1 st January 2014. Cyclone maintains its trajectory towards the south and remains a threat to the island.

01 Jan 2014,

Tropical Cyclone Bejisa: Mauritius Alert 1

The threat is accurate. Bejisa, which intensified into a severe tropical cyclone overnight, is more closer to Mauritius. The weather station has issued a cyclone warning Class 1 this Tuesday, Dec. 31.

31 Dec 2013,

Weather: at Mauritius Will Alert 1 Tomorrow

It has increased during the day. Bejisa went from moderate tropical storm status to that of tropical cyclone today, Monday, December 30. Mauritius will alert one tomorrow.

30 Dec 2013,

Weather: New Cyclone

Eve of December 31 could be disturbed by a cyclone. This is the opinion of Météo-France, which indicates that a tropical disturbance formed about 1,300 kilometers north-northwest of Mauritius. The phenomenon is expected to strengthen to reach the tropical cyclone by Tuesday.

29 Dec 2013,

Christmas Storm Batters More Countries in Europe

Five people have died since Monday in the UK, as stormy weather wreaks havoc in Europe during the festive season.

26 Dec 2013,

Cyclone Amara Rodrigues on High Alert

Gusts of 152 km / h recorded at Pointe Canon in particular. Intense tropical cyclone Amara hit hard Rodrigues. The alert has been triggered 4 this Saturday, Dec. 21. Of tidal waves and flooding in coastal areas are expected, indicates the weather station.

21 Dec 2013,

Cyclone Amara Blackout and Flood Rodrigues

Iron sheets swept away by strong gusts, power poles down, riffles overwhelmed ... The damage is considerable Rodrigues, who suffered the wrath of intense tropical cyclone Amara.

21 Dec 2013,

Amara: Rodrigues Alert 3

Rodrigues is on alert since 3 this morning, Friday, December 20. All flights were canceled.

20 Dec 2013,

Amara: Rodrigues Alert 2, Possible Hurricane Warning at Mauritius

Intense tropical cyclone Amara is closer to our area.

19 Dec 2013,

Weather: Rodrigues Alert 1

Amara, which intensified into a severe tropical cyclone overnight, approached Rodrigues. The weather station has issued a cyclone warning Class 1 in the island on Thursday December 19.

19 Dec 2013,

Weather: Amara Intensified; Rodrigues Could Get Hurricane Warning Thursday

Amara has intensified into a tropical cyclone.

18 Dec 2013,