Weather Mauritius

Weather: Moderate Tropical Storm Amara Intensifies

It is almost stationary. And Amara, the first moderate tropical storm of the season, slightly intensified this Tuesday, Dec. 17, shows the weather station Vacoas. The cloud bands associated with this storm should begin to influence the weather this weekend.

17 Dec 2013,

Weather: Tropical Storm Amara Haunts the Region

It was announced this Monday, December 16th by the weather station of Vacoas. The first tropical storm of the season is called Amara. It is located in the vicinity of Rodrigues. However, Amara poses no danger at the moment.

17 Dec 2013,

Weather: 35 ° C Expected in the Capital

The temperature rises. If a record temperature of 34 ° C was recorded at the Champ de Mars these days, it should be even hotter. This is indicated by the meteorological station of Vacoas. Up to 35 ° C are expected in Port-Louis and in coastal regions.

16 Dec 2013,

Weather: Another Day in the Rain

This Wednesday, December 4, the forecast once more heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms. While yesterday, sudden downpours caused flooding including Triolet.

04 Dec 2013,

Weather Forecast: Rainy and Stormy

"There will definitely accumulations of water and fog." This heralds a forecaster of the weather station Vacoas today. It should rain from morning till night on the island and not in localized areas as last week.

03 Dec 2013,

Mauvais Temps : des Maisons Inondées à Quatre-Bornes et Port-Louis

Le temps pluvieux et orageux persiste. Vendredi, le Sud, l’Ouest, le Plateau Central et la capitale ont été copieusement arrosés.

30 Nov 2013,

Weather: More Rain and Thunderstorms Expected this Afternoon

Gloomy forecasts. Yesterday, Thursday, Nov. 28, the National Disaster Committee issued a statement urging the public to take all necessary precautions against weather. Especially since the weather will not be kind today.

29 Nov 2013,

Weather: This Will Last Until Friday

Showers are once again at the rendezvous on Thursday, November 28. Already yesterday, a few hours and several parts of the island had been paralyzed by intense rains. In anticipation, the Department recommends that parents do not send their children to school this morning in the framework of Summer School .

28 Nov 2013,

Weather: Rain and Flash Floods Across Island

103 mm de pluie à Pailles ; temps ensoleillé attendu jeudi matin; Petite-Rivière : des habitants descendent dans la rue après les grosses averses; Grosses pluies : prudence sur les routes

27 Nov 2013,

Fortes Averses à Travers l’Ile: les Autorités Submerges

Que ce soit du côté de la station météo nationale, des forces policières ou encore des pompiers, c’est le branle-bas de combat. Depuis le début de l’après-midi, ce mercredi 27 novembre, de violentes averses se sont abattues sur l’île. La pluie s’est calmée dans certaines régions, mais les inondations sont nombreuses…

27 Nov 2013,

Weather: Torrential Rains

Storms, torrential rains, high temperatures ... According to the meteorological station of Vacoas, the time will not be very mild on Wednesday, November 27. It is mainly the central plateau region, the West and Port Louis which should be wettest.

27 Nov 2013,

Several Homes Flooded in the South

Firefighters had to intervene several times Sunday afternoon to Tyack and Rivière-des-Eels to save families whose houses were flooded

26 Nov 2013,

Weather: Risk of "Flashfloods" in Various Locations Announced

The weather has been inclement yesterday. And Sunday, November 24, the national weather station provides, once again, heavy showers. Possible thunderstorms but flash floods are also provided at various locations.

24 Nov 2013,

Weather Forecast: Rainy Weekend

Rain will fall on the North, West and Central Plateau this weekend, according to the weather station Vacoas. A sea breeze favours isolated rains, it said. On other parts of the island, the sky is half covered.

23 Nov 2013,

Temperature Reaches 35 ° in December

It will be even hotter. The worst is yet to come, according to the meteorological station of Vacoas. If the current temperature - 32 ° - is already uncomfortable, mercury will continue to rise for up to 35 ° C in December and January 2014.

19 Nov 2013,

Torrential Rain Last Week: More Intense and Frequent Rains Expected this Summer

The heavy rains have washed the island on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, has surprised many because of the amount and intensity with which they covered the country.

18 Nov 2013,

Weather: Warning Heavy Rains Raised

Notice heavy rain, issued by the meteorological station of Vacoas early Thursday morning November 14, was raised in the yesterday afternoon.

14 Nov 2013,

Heavy Rains Whole Day

The forecast heavy rains in stormy character for this Thursday, November 14. Already, during the night, heavy rain fell on the island. This bad weather lasted all day, warns National Weather Station in Vacoas.

14 Nov 2013,

Une Mini-Tornade Observée Vers les Gorges de la Rivière-Noire

Une mini-tornade a évolué hier à 13 h 40 dans les parages des Gorges de la Rivière-Noire. Le phénomène météorologique a été observé par les officiers de la station météorologique basée à Plaisance. Le tourbillon a duré environ 10 minutes.

09 Nov 2013,

Weather: Heavy Rain with Risk of Thunderstorms

Mauritius is under the influence of a large cloud mass. Since yesterday, Tuesday 29 October, the weather began to point the tip of his nose. And today, in a special statement, the national weather station reported a net deterioration of the time, including possible thunderstorms.

30 Oct 2013,