Fishing Mauritius

Grand Baie: Angry Fishermen Against Soodhun

The presence of Showkutally Soodhun in Grand Baie stirs the wrath of local fishermen.And because the member disputes the presence in the lagoon of Grand Bay boat semi-industrial fishing which, according to him, the source of pollution.

10 Dec 2013,

SAPMER Inaugurates New Processing Plant Tuna

SAPMER a Reunion company opened its new processing plant tuna, 'Indian Ocean Tuna Processing Services Limited' located in Port Louis on Friday

25 Nov 2013,

Fishing: Fewer Fish in Our Lagoons

Fishing in our lagoons reached a level of saturation, it is increasingly difficult for the fishermen to make good catches.

20 Nov 2013,

Expansion Port: Fishermen Are Resisting!

The work initiated by the Mauritius Ports Authority (MPA) off last week.

04 Oct 2013,

Seining: Season Extended to October 10

They have suffered from bad weather, which led to a big shortfall. But anglers can catch up. The season for seining has been extended until October 10. This decision was endorsed by the Council of Ministers on Friday 27 September.

28 Sep 2013,

Mare Chicose: Several Million Fishing Equipment Destroyed

Fishing equipment, valued between Rs 8 and Rs 10 million, will be destroyed at the landfill Mare Chicose next Thursday. The equipment will be first crushed by heavy vehicles before being buried in the ground. These devices have been seized in recent months by the guardians of the Ministry of Fisheries affected in five stations across the country. They have benefited from using the Flying Squad and members of the regular force.

06 Sep 2013,

Illegal Fishing: Mauritius Increasingly Vulnerable

Mauritius is determined to halt the plundering of our schools of fish by illegal fishing vessels flying the flag of the foreign country.

17 Aug 2013,

Port Louis: The Work Comblage Worry Fishermen

The comblage lagoon, extending over an area of ??35 acres, parts of Bain des Dames, Les Salines, and Fort William to the reefs, concerned at the highest point fishermen of Port Louis. This work will begin in September.

15 Aug 2013,

Second Temporary Closure of Ourites Fishing

Since Monday, August 5, the fishing is prohibited ourites Rodrigues. And, until 6 September 2013. Local authorities are of the opinion that this temporary closure will reduce overexploitation of ourites while allowing the species to reproduce.

07 Aug 2013,

Aquaculture : Un Expert de la FAO pour Former les Pêcheurs

Le Fishermen Investment Trust va de l’avant dans son projet de convertir les pêcheurs en pisciculteurs. Avec l’aide de la Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) une formation en aquaculture sera dispensée aux associations coopératives et à ceux qui sont déjà engagés dans cette activité.

05 Jul 2013,

Rodrogues, Marine Resources: Octopus Fishing Closed for Two Months

Fishing ourites will be closed from August 5 to 7 October 2013. This was announced, the Commissioner of Fisheries, Richard Payendee, during a press briefing in Port Mathurin yesterday Tuesday, July 2.

04 Jul 2013,

Seafood Hub: Rs 12 Billion in Revenue this Year

Seafood Hub sector has the wind in its sails. Forecasts indicate that growth in exports of about 30% is expected this year in this sector. This situation can be explained largely by the modern port facilities that exist in the port, new investment in this sector and the interest of importers for Mauritian products because they meet international standards.

03 Jul 2013,

Pêche Hauturière : La Maison des Pêcheurs Pleinement Opérationnelle

La Maison des pêcheurs tourne à plein régime. Les bateaux des cinq sociétés coopératives de pêche ont quitté Pointe Monier, le lundi 10 juin et seront de retour d’ici ce samedi 15 juin. Ils possèdent aujourd’hui les équipements nécessaires pour pratiquer la pêche professionnelle et sont à leur huitième sortie depuis le début de l’année.

18 Jun 2013,

Le Morne : Les Pêcheurs se Disent Lésés

Avec l’arrivée du mois de juin qui correspond généralement à l’affluence des touristes venant d’Europe, notamment, les pêcheurs de la région du Morne sont inquiets.

04 Jun 2013,

Operations 'Crackdown' against Illegal Fishing

Those who plunder our lagoons have to behave themselves. The Ministry of Fisheries has started operations 'crackdown' in the four corners of the island to ensure that our fisheries are sustainably managed.

30 May 2013,

Seafood: Legal Framework Required for Our Vessels

To support the emerging field of Seafood Exporters want a legal framework for fishing vessels and appropriate port infrastructure. This sector is expected to grow best, this year, more than 10%.

07 May 2013,

Seafood Hub: 86 EU Vessels Operate in Our Water

86 European vessels will to conquer our waters very soon. The Committee on Fisheries of the European Parliament has given the green light this week to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding.

19 Apr 2013,

IOC: A Million for Fisheries Monitoring

An amount of 1,063,700 euros was granted by the Commission of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) through the SmartFish Programme to strengthen the operations of joint fisheries surveillance in the Indian Ocean and Lake Victoria, Africa.

19 Apr 2013,

Sapmer Invest Rs 8 Billion in 'Seafood Hub'

Sapmer, Reunion company wishes to invest between Rs 6 and 8 billion in the sector, “Seafood Hub”of Mauritius.

08 Apr 2013,

New Fisheries Agreement EU-Mauritius: Decisive Step

The Committee on Fisheries of the European Parliament gave the green light for a new fisheries agreement between Mauritius and the European Union (EU). There is only one last step loop.

25 Mar 2013,