Fishing Mauritius

Ministry of Fisheries to Launch Coral Farming In 2012

The Ministry of Fisheries will go ahead start coral farming next year as degradation of the coral reefs has been observed around the island.

26 Dec 2011,

Exploitation of the fishing zone: Challenging the agreement between the State of Mauritius and the EU

The Fish asked the government to stop the allocation of contracts to operate the fishing area to the European Union.

28 Oct 2011,

Mangroves will be restored by Mauritius government

"Around 70 per cent of commercial fish species depend on mangroves"

07 Sep 2011,

The fish auction market in Mauritius to open in January 2012

The fish auction market was announced in 2007

01 Sep 2011,

A shortage of fish is in the offing

This was declared by Belall Taher cold storage director Belall Khan Taher

30 May 2011,

Mauritius is planning to export sea cucumbers

The sea slug commonly known as barbaras fetches up to Rs 5,000 a kilo

10 May 2011,

Mauritian fishermen seek new horizons

Local fishermen are hoping to cash in on the potential of the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone

26 Apr 2011,

Maurice à la présidence de la Commission thonière

04 Apr 2011,

Fish production fell by 7.4%

Fisheries Minister Nicolas Von Mally is pushing ahead with a master plan for the industry

16 Mar 2011,