Fishing Mauritius

Fisheries Dept Seize Over 1 km of Net

The Ministry of Fisheries has conducted six crackdown operations since the beginning of the year, and, according to the minister of Fisheries Nicolas Von Mally, about 1,227 metres of illegal net were seized.

21 Mar 2013,

Pêche Illegal: L'Opération ‘Crack Down’ Réussie

Renforcer la lutte contre la pêche illégale dans l'Ouest. Le but du ministère de la Pêche a été atteint avec la mise en place de l'Opération 'Crack Down'. Des officiers ont ainsi saisi, la semaine dernière, plusieurs équipements.

08 Feb 2013,

Fish: Local Consumer Pays More Expensive Than European Union

The spokesman for the coalition Rezistans ek Alternativ and the Union of Fishermen, among others, wondered how the country can sign an agreement to allow the EU (European Union) in 5500 tonnes fish in our seas.

17 Oct 2012,

Fishing: SAP In Mauritius "Threat To Marine Life"

Since Monday is a foreign delegation to Mauritius as part of a Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for LMEs to the South-West Indian Ocean.

05 Oct 2012,

Du Poisson Moins Cher

A partir de ce lundi les Mauriciens pourront mieux s’approvisionner en poissons et en crustacés dans le nord de l’île. C’est ce qu’a déclaré Jim Seetaram, ministre des Affaires, de l’entreprise et des coopératives. Cela, grâce à l’unité de transformation qui a été inaugurée à la Maison des pêcheurs de Cap-Malheureux, jeudi.

01 Oct 2012,

Budget 2013: State Support Requested

A few weeks before the presentation of the 2013 budget by the Finance Minister on November 9, the expectations of various economic operators to specify.

17 Sep 2012,

Increasing Marine Farms

Increasing marine farms on the coast in order to increase the production of fish, crabs, shrimp and other seafood to bring down the prices of these products on the market. This is the project that caress now the Ministry of Fisheries.

11 Sep 2012,

Illegal Fishing: Dozen Foreign Vessels Intercepted

"The situation has become untenable in our territorial waters. At this time, there are several ships on our benches. They do not have fishing licenses but they still fish, especially at night. Illegal fishing has become common now. ...

05 Sep 2012,

Fishermen Fight Against Artisanal Fishing Boats Spread In AFP Video

The series of explosive Mauritius rotated by the Agence France Presse (AFP) continues. After the video called mass tourism , a danger to Mauritius, released on July 31, this time up to battle against Mauritian fisherman fishing new legislation .

29 Aug 2012,

Mauritian Fishers Want EU Vessels Out of Their Seas

“Look out there, the blue one…. that is a European Union fishing vessel that is threatening our livelihood,” says Lallmamode Mohamedally, a Mauritian fisherman, as he points to a boat offloading its catch at the Les Salines port, close to the country’s capital Port Louis.

10 Aug 2012,

Fishing Industry: When Self-Sufficiency in Fish?

The fisheries sector contributes about 1% to GDP and employs 11 000 Mauritian people. The local production of fish in 2011 was 5,411 tonnes, down 2.5% compared to 2010. The average consumption of local seafood per capita per year is about 20 kg. Focus on the industry.

02 Aug 2012,

Mobile connectivity improved in Rodrigues and Agalega

Emtel has recently been granted connectivity solution by Gateway Communications , a supplier of pan-African telecommunications services for Rodrigues and Agalega islands. Connecting the islands The islands frequently experienced weak links and outages often brought on by bad weather. Emtel Ltd, a division of the Millicom International Cellular (MIC) group – approached Gateway Communications for [...]The post Mobile connectivity improved in Rodrigues and Agalega appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

01 Aug 2012, KotZot

Tuna: Sapmer Invest around Rs 8-10 ?illion in Mauritius EEZ

The company is investing Reunion Sapmer between Rs 8 and Rs 10 billion in tuna fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Mauritius.

30 Jul 2012,

Fishing: Difficulties to Value Marine Products

While the Ministry of Fisheries multiplies the workshops, to encourage professionals to add value to their products, fishermen, meanwhile, face different challenges.

24 Jul 2012,

Pêche : des Bateaux Illégaux Envahissent Nos Eaux

La pêche clandestine est en recrudescence. Avec la situation qui prévaut en ce moment dans nos eaux, les bateaux reviennent avec 75 % de prises en moins.

11 May 2012,

Fish Consumption: What Can Be Danger?

Known for its tender flesh and exquisite flavour, the fish is popular with Mauritians. But are they so far aware of what they consume?

02 Apr 2012,

Indian Ocean: The European Union Finances the Expertise of the FAO Program Smartfish

The EU will pay Rs 180 million to finance the supply of expertise of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) United Nations program management of marine resources in the Indian Ocean known as the Smartfish and falling under the responsibility the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC).

25 Jan 2012,

Fishermen not Satisfied with a Donation of Materials to Make Traps

Their lockers were destroyed after the heavy swell which occurred on August 13. But the equipment we have provided to fishermen to make other racks were not what they expected.

21 Jan 2012,

Standoff Between a Project Proponent to Calodyne Hotel and Fishermen in the Region

No more among the fishermen of the region Calodyne, St. Francois and surrounding areas and the direction of the Creolia (Hotel Management) Limited.

19 Jan 2012,

Rodrigues: Don Rs 300,000 Fuel to Owners of the Fishing Fleet

Faced with the drastic reduction in fish catches in the lagoon, the central government as well as the regional authority had no choice but to move towards the deep sea fishing The project was the day with the help of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

05 Jan 2012,