Hotel business Mauritius

Sustainability Opportunities Exist In BRICs

Hoteliers bear much of the responsibility in creating eco-friendly buildings in BRIC countries, where sustainable standards are just coming into play.

12 Aug 2013,

Hotels of a New Kind

The tourism sector in Mauritius through a bad patch but it does not mean that the hotel projects are stalled. At least four sites displaying innovative concepts, such as boutique hotels, obtained building permits. Discover smaller than these new hotels have to offer ...

10 Aug 2013,

Solve Performance Problems Through Innovation

Innovating through discipline, creativity and careful implementation will help solve performance-improvement problems.

08 Aug 2013,

Technology Helps Hoteliers Manage Remotely

Offsite hotel owners log in daily to monitor performance reports and both owners and managers can check in on tasks like pricing, distribution and reputation management in real time.

08 Aug 2013,

Increase Conversion Rates to Boost Revenue

The single easiest way to increase your online revenue is by focusing on conversions.

02 Aug 2013,

Maximizing Reach Through Online Marketing

Online marketing presents hotels with unprecedented opportunities to grow and reach new customers.

31 Jul 2013,

Emerging Markets Earn Stripes With Stars

Governments and tourism bodies in the MEA region are rolling out star rating programs to bring clarity and legitimacy to their burgeoning hotel markets.

30 Jul 2013,

French Hotels Ignite Price-Fixing Fire

Distribution experts say hoteliers and third-party intermediaries should be preparing a plan B in the event rate parity is deemed price fixing in any jurisdiction across the globe.

26 Jul 2013,

Emerging India Suffering Amid Oversupply

Once seen as an unbridled land of opportunity, India is suffering under the weight of oversupply in many key markets.

24 Jul 2013,

Will Video Hotel Reviews Ever Take Off?

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. What about a video?

24 Jul 2013,

Facebook Alive and Well for Hoteliers

Despite recent reports that suggest Facebook is showing signs of fatigue, hoteliers said the social networking site is still their No. 1 platform for engaging with guests, locally and globally. (report from US)

22 Jul 2013,

The Fuss Over Millennials

Millennials aren’t brand loyal and rely heavily on technology, but will their habits as consumers change as they mature?

18 Jul 2013,

Mobile Adoption, Same-Day Bookings Up in Asia

Mobile bookings in Asia might lag behind much of the developed world, but their rate of adoption is increasing exponentially, according to speakers during last month’s No Vacancy Southeast Asia conference in Bangkok.

10 Jul 2013,

10 Trends in Hotel Technology

Keeping up to date on the latest trends in hospitality technology—everything from in-room entertainment options to meeting room technology to effective use of social media in marketing—can be a daunting task for hotel owners and operators.

04 Jul 2013,

Hotel Owners Should be More Involved in Pricing

Many savvy hotel owners and investors are realizing considerable returns by cooperating more closely with their revenue management departments.

03 Jul 2013,

Hotel Business Education: Open Day At School Vatel

Vatel International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management organizes an Open Day, Friday, June 28, for the benefit of those who are thinking to pursue studies and careers in the hospitality industry.

25 Jun 2013,

4 Future Technology Trends to Watch

This is the second part in a four-part series from the International Society of Hospitality Consultants discussing technology trends in the hospitality industry. Read part one here, and look for parts three and four this week.

19 Jun 2013,

Hotel Business: Operating Independents Requires Tenacity

Having been told I was being promoted and could look forward to my first posting as GM on a small sunny island in the Caribbean, I said “Thank you very much” and quietly cringed. As hotel manager at the prestigious The Drake Chicago, transitioning from Armani-Hermes to Tommy Bahama, from Michigan Avenue to the Leeward Side, from the Palm Court to the pool bar, was not my idea of a promotion.

15 Jun 2013,

Cloud Systems: Time to Go There?

Now that hotel owners are beginning to feel more comfortable financially, many are looking to increase their marketing competitiveness and operational efficiency by making better use of their guest and operational data.

13 Jun 2013,

What Role Do Hotel Brands Play Today?

GLOBAL REPORT—Hotel branding and franchising is quite different today than in the 1950s, when Kemmons Wilson began franchising the Holiday Inn brand across the United States to ensure quality and consistency throughout a family’s summer road trip.

13 Jun 2013,