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Seriously? 4 Ways to Handle "Other Duties as Assigned"

In most jobs, there will be situations where you’re asked to take on extra tasks or assist in areas outside of your traditional role. Sometimes, this can be good exposure and a great way to build relationships with new people and teams. And other times—you may wonder why on earth you went to college, if this is what’s become of your career.

19 Apr 2014,

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Boss Knows Just How Awesome You Are

Signed a huge client? Check. Trained six new employees? Check. Hit your monthly sales quota in a week? Done and done.

18 Apr 2014,

8 Tricky Work Dilemmas (and How to Deal With Them)

Does this sound familiar? Your office has a hiring freeze and your workload triples. You show up to work one day and your boss has been let go, or your co-worker Melissa has taken credit for all of your hard work again.

17 Apr 2014,

How to React to a Work Crisis Without Freaking Out

Your venue falls through 72 hours before your biggest event of the year. You offended someone important. Your department’s funding has just been cut—significantly.

16 Apr 2014,

13 Ways the Busiest People Ever Avoid Burnout

Sure, you love your job. After all, you wouldn't be doing it if you didn't. But after years of email upon email and never-ending phone conferences, even the best of us can face burnout.

11 Apr 2014,

How to Pitch a New Idea to Your Boss

You have a great idea for a new project—a marketing initiative that’s going to reach new audiences, a revamped tagline for a flagging product, or an efficient new way to organize the team's records. You’re probably feeling excited (way to innovate!) and slightly apprehensive (um, how exactly am I going to convince my boss it’s worthwhile?).

01 Apr 2014,

How to (Nicely) Disagree at Work

Plenty of people avoid conflict at work because they don’t want to rock the boat or they want to be seen as nice and easygoing.

13 Feb 2014,

3 Mistakes That Keep You From Landing a Job

When it comes to job searching, there are some basic mistakes to avoid: Cover letters should never be addressed to “Sir or Madame,” your resume should be typo-free, and you should never go into an interview with no knowledge of the company or the position.

07 Jan 2014,

How to Survive at Work (When You Really Want to Go Back to Bed)

You pulled an all-nighter on your latest project. You just got over a stomach bug. You’ve got the post-holiday back-to-work blues. For whatever reason, you’re not at your best, and of all places you could be, you’re at the office.

06 Jan 2014,

Got an Alpha Boss? The Secrets to a Healthy Relationship

My first glimpse of an alpha boss was at a summer internship.

17 Dec 2013,

How to Tell Your Boss “No”—Without Saying “No”

Your boss asks you to take on a new project, and your first thought is: “There is just no way.” Maybe it’s because you’re already juggling three projects near deadline, or maybe you fundamentally disagree with his strategy.

09 Dec 2013,

The Awkward Human Survival Guide: How to Handle Life's Most Uncomfortable People

Life is full of awkward moments. We meet people who share intimate details about their personal lives after shaking our hands, those who barely have the capacity to talk, and find ourselves in delicate situations with our friends and family.

23 Nov 2013,

How to Explore Multiple Passions in One Job

You like to paint and do public relations and plan awesome parties, too. But if you think it’s impossible to combine all your passions into one career, think again.

18 Nov 2013,

Cold-Calling Trick: 16 Ways to Start a Conversation

The most effective way to open a conversation is to connect your call to one of these "trigger events." Here's how.

18 Nov 2013,

7 Difficult People You’ll Work With Abroad (and How to Deal)

Whether you’re working for a global NGO or your company is looking to expand in an emerging market, leading a group on a project abroad can be difficult. You have to help your team members navigate a new culture, understand new business practices, and deal with a different sense of time.

17 Nov 2013,

How to Learn Any Language

Learning a new language can be tough, but it really doesn't have to take a lot of time, only effort. Learning a language can be dramatically simplified by following a few basic steps.

16 Nov 2013,

6 Secrets for Avoiding Interruptions at Work

You’re working on a major project, and you’ve blocked out a few hours to really knock it out. But just as you’re getting into the zone, your boss stops by to drop off some paperwork.

12 Nov 2013,

Coworkers Killing You? How To Stop Being Annoyed--And Start Taking Action

When you spend 40 hours a week with the same group of people, fulfilling the same set of duties, something’s bound to start getting on your nerves.

09 Nov 2013,

How to Manipulate Your Kids into Doing What You Want

In an ideal world, parents would always be patient and nurturing, and kids would always be cooperative and make smart choices. This is not an ideal world, so we parents need a few sneaky strategies to preserve our sanity when the days are much too long and our patience much too thin.

08 Nov 2013,

Look Beyond The Money If You’re Job Hunting

Worldwide, 53% of women and 50% of men say they are satisfied with their jobs and not looking for new opportunities. That suggests a significant number of people who are potentially interested in changing jobs. Employers beware.

08 Nov 2013,