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6 Ways to Reach Top Decision Makers

You'll have a much easier time selling to high-level decision makers if you establish a connection with them first. Here are six ways to do just that.

11 Jun 2013,

5 Negotiation Tips From Steve Jobs

An old e-mail exchange between Steve Jobs and James Murdoch illustrates how savvy negotiation works.

11 Jun 2013,

How to Ward Off Jet Lag in Five Easy Steps

Jet lag is a serious problem not only for business travelers, but also those who want to squeeze the most out of well-deserved vacations.

31 May 2013,

3 Ways to Get Better Results From Your Communications

Communicating from the proper perspective is essential to good business results. Here are 3 ways to make you're able to do that, every time.

22 May 2013,

How to Have Better Conversations

A great deal of our lives is spent talking to people. The proportion may go up for salespeople and down for introverts, but everyone could stand to have more productive conversations.

20 May 2013,

25 Food Hacks that Might Change Your Life

Life can be complicated. That’s why, sometimes, it’s the simple little things—popping bubble wrap, opening a piping hot pizza box, making every green light on the way to work—that bring us so much joy.

18 May 2013,

How to Handle Guest Complaints

In part one we discussed why complaints are a good thing, and how to encourage guests to give feedback—both good and bad. In part two, we discuss how to handle complaints in a positive way to achieve a win-win scenario.

08 May 2013,

How to Work the Phone: 6 Tricks

When you can't meet in person, use these 6 rules to build rapport and communicate more clearly.

03 May 2013,

How To Predict The Future

Life is just plain easier when you can see what’s ahead of you. Some leaders clearly have poor vision – their most polished skill seems to be running into brick walls. Other leaders simply possess adequate vision – they avoid the obvious speed bumps, but fail to stand out from the crowd.

02 May 2013,

How to Write a Sales E-mail

First time e-mails to potential customers must be short and make it easy to move to the next step.

02 May 2013,

Recruiters Reveal: How Can You Land An Interview Even When There Isn't A Posted Job?

As a former recruiter and now career coach, I’ve seen job seekers successfully get exploratory interviews even when there isn’t a posted opening. Then, if the meeting goes well, these job seekers are front of mind when something does open up.

01 May 2013,

How to Get 1 million Facebook ‘Likes’

That’s why, as our coverage has shown, it’s better to wade in strategically than jump in headfirst. Hilton Hotels & Resorts has found success adopting the former approach. The hotel chain was the first in the industry to hit the 1-million-‘like’ mark on Facebook last month—a massive accomplishment that speaks to the savvy of the team pulling the levers behind the scenes.

22 Apr 2013,

Find Out How Skilled a Job Candidate Really Is

The point of a job interview is to make sure the candidate has the necessary skills to do the work. But aside from references, how can you determine if a potential employee actually knows what he claims to know? Here are two tips for finding out how deep a person’s knowledge and experience goes:

19 Apr 2013,

5 Ways You Can Make Your Own Luck

The most successful people in the world say luck is a huge part of achievement. Here's how you can increase your odds.

12 Apr 2013,

How to Be a Media Star

Press coverage can make a huge difference to your company. Here's how to conduct yourself like a pro.

09 Apr 2013,

Three Ways to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Colleague

It can be incredibly frustrating when a co-worker agrees with a plan of action, only to go off and do his own thing. This type of sabotage is all too common and can make it difficult to achieve your goals. When you have a co-worker who says one thing and does another, try this:

03 Apr 2013,

Video of The Day: How to Survive in Quicksand

29 Mar 2013,

The 21 Principles of Persuasion

How is it that certain people are so incredibly persuasive? Can we all harness those skills? After studying the most influential political, social, business and religious leaders, and trying countless techniques out myself, these are the 21 critical lessons I’ve identified to persuading people.

28 Mar 2013,

How to Ask a Fried or Relative to Pay You Back

As far as unpleasant tasks go, asking a relative or friend to repay a loan ranks up there with getting your wisdom teeth pulled or spending a weekend alone with your in-laws.

26 Mar 2013,

4 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Micromanager

Trying to curb your tendency to micromanage? Here are four tips to help you and your employees stop micromanaging before it starts.

20 Mar 2013,