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Back to the Grindstone: How to Beat the Post-Holiday Slump

When the champagne bottles have all been popped, the presents unwrapped, and the pull-out couch at your parents’ put away, it’s time to trade the shopping bags for your briefcase and get back to the grindstone.

03 Jan 2013,

Can Dressing Well Increase Your Income in 2013?

We’ve all heard the phrase “Clothes Make the Man”. This expression was first recorded more than 400 years ago by Erasmus, a Catholic priest, theologian, and social critic, but many have repeated it since. From the writings of Shakespeare to Will Smith, in Hitch, we’ve heard this proverb for years.

02 Jan 2013,

8 Ways to Be Innovative (Even if You're Not)

Can't be creative on demand? Not many people can. Fortunately, it's a skill you can improve.

31 Dec 2012,

Start-up Funding: Where to Start

What's the best source of capital for your company? Every option comes with pros and cons, so weigh them carefully.

28 Dec 2012,

You'll Make It When You Fake It

How to improve moods and develop a happier disposition with a put-on smile

20 Dec 2012,

How to Craft the Perfect Presentation

A few simple tips to help your presentations stand out amongst even your biggest competitors.

17 Dec 2012,

How to Criticize Employees: 6 Rules

Sometimes a kick in the butt can be more effective than a pat on the back. Even if you're an experienced executive, it's likely you often find it very difficult to tell other people where they need to improve.

21 Nov 2012,

How Online Reviews Make (or Break) Your Business

Reviews matter more--much more--than you might think. Here's how to use the feedback to your advantage.

12 Nov 2012,

How To Get More from Your Newsletter

A newsletter is the cheapest form of marketing available to any business. It successfully targets customers who have interacted with your company while building a connection to future developments and products.

09 Nov 2012,

The Business Idea Funnel

After you have brainstormed a large number of businesses that you are interested in starting, you need to put them through The Business Idea Funnel.

02 Nov 2012,

How to Create a Winning Business Idea: in Six Easy Steps

I often meet business founders whose minds are overflowing with brilliant ideas for new products. They seem to develop terrific new concepts every single day of their lives. They are watchful, always inquiring, perceptive and continually seeking (and often finding) the next big thing.

02 Nov 2012,

5 Ways to Communicate Better With Software Developers

Most entrepreneurs excel at communicating their business vision, but when it comes to websites and mobile apps, they sometimes lack the background to explain the finer details of what they are seeking.

01 Nov 2012,

How To Tip: The Delicate Art of Greasing Palms in Asia

It's that moment the international traveler knows only too well. After consuming a delicious meal you start to feel queasy, your palms perspire and your eyes desperately rove for the exit signs.

26 Oct 2012,

How to Crowdfund Your Creative Project

Once a quirky financing option for intrepid entrepreneurs, crowdfunding has evolved into a fast, effective way to raise cash for just about any endeavor. Even the producers of the upcoming Charlie Kaufman movie, Anomalisa, raised money this way in order to maintain creative freedom for their project.

25 Oct 2012,

Management: Develop Your Emotional Quotient

Management has changed over the last couple of decades. The old 80’s style of management and motivating people by fear has evolved and today’s management is a much more supportive, encouraging, inclusive and altogether more effective form of directing and developing people.

23 Oct 2012,

Management Tip Of The Day: Ways To Stop Procrastination

If you are stuck in a cycle of procrastination, don't despair - a few simple steps can help you break out of the malaise, says Harvard Business Review.

22 Oct 2012,

Steps To Effective Change Management

Change management is a complex process which varies according to each individual organization’s needs. There will be different approaches taken depending on a wide range of factors including the type of organisation, the change objectives and the external environment.

22 Oct 2012,

How To Train Your Team And Make It Connect

Staff training is an on going part of business. You can’t just toss people in and expect them to swim. That works for a hand full of all-stars, but if you want to increase the success rate and the consistency in how the team does what it does, then effective training is important.

17 Oct 2012,