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L’Inde accorde une subvention de Rs 12,7 milliards à Maurice

Rs 12,7 milliards. C’est le montant de la subvention accordée par l’Inde au gouvernement mauricien pour le développement de cinq projets. Un protocole d’ accord a été signé entre Pravind Juganuth et Abhay Thakur, ambassadeur de l’Inde à Maurice, en ce sens, lundi 14 novembre.

14 Nov 2016,

At Least 13 Workers Die in Garment Factory Fire in India

A fire that broke out in the basement of a garment factory trapped and killed at least 13 workers as they slept early Friday in the building just outside New Delhi, a government official said.

11 Nov 2016,

Basant Roi: «La BoM ne peut rien pour ceux qui possèdent des billets indiens démonétisés»

Les Mauriciens qui possèdent des coupures de billet de 500 et 1000 en roupies indiennes ne pourront obtenir aucune aide des banques pour échanger ces billets.

11 Nov 2016,

Narendra Modi just banned Rs500 and Rs1000 notes to fight corruption and terrorism

India has decided to end the use of Rs500 and Rs1,000 currency notes from Nov. 09. During a televised address late yesterday (Nov. 08), prime minister Narendra Modi said that the drastic measure was taken to curb the flow of black money and prevent the counterfeiting of notes in Asia’s third-largest economy.

09 Nov 2016,

New Delhi is the most polluted city on Earth right now

Fresh air doesn't exist in New Delhi at the moment. India's capital is choking under off-the-charts smog, with some parts of the city reporting levels almost five times those considered "unhealthy" by the US environmental protection agency.

07 Nov 2016,

Bhopal: Indian police kill 'unarmed' escaped prisoners

Eight men, suspected of being members of a banned group, shot dead after resisting efforts to return to jail.

01 Nov 2016,

Investissements: l’Afrique devance l’Inde sur le marché du Global Business

La diversification paie. Constat d'opérateurs du Global Business suivant le nouvel accord Inde-Maurice sur le Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.

01 Nov 2016,

Diwali fireworks choke Delhi, angering Indians

Angry residents of the Indian capital, Delhi, are sharing images of smog, one day after Diwali celebrations saw huge quantities of fireworks set off.

31 Oct 2016,

The rise and fall of Cyrus Mistry, once Ratan Tata’s blue-eyed boy

Cyrus Mistry has just been replaced by the man he was chosen to replace.

25 Oct 2016,

Sundar Pichai explains why Google is focusing hard on India

India is obviously a major opportunity for Google. There are over a billion people in the country, and more than 800 million of them live in rural areas with limited access to the internet — less than a third of the population is online at all.

20 Oct 2016,

Why prime minister Narendra Modi should step in to save filmmaker Karan Johar

The virtual banishment of Pakistani artistes from Bollywood is a matter urgent and serious enough to demand the personal intervention of prime minister Narendra Modi. It is a matter of national interest.

20 Oct 2016,

Aide financière Indienne : Pravind Jugnauth explique l’utilisation des Rs 12,7 Md

Le Metro Express, la distribution de tablettes tactiles aux écoliers, la construction d’un tribunal, des logements sociaux et un hôpital ENT… Autant de projets qui seront financés grâce au soutien de l’Inde.

13 Oct 2016,

Google Allo’s limitations explained in one word: “India”

Google's new instant messaging client Allo doesn't seem like a compelling product. Allo is missing many of the basic features you might expect in an instant messaging app: it only works with one device at a time, it doesn't work on a desktop or laptop computer, it doesn't support tablets very well, it doesn't use a Google account, and it doesn't support SMS.

30 Sep 2016,

Pakistan captures Indian soldier along disputed Kashmir border

Pakistan captured an Indian soldier on its side of the disputed Kashmir border Thursday, Indian officials told CNN, as tensions continue to rise between the two nuclear neighbors.

30 Sep 2016,

Google Play Music is now available in India

The company announced a slew of new products related to India, but the local launch of its music service was not among them. Nevertheless, a number of eagle-eyed Google fans in India noticed that the service came online for them today — Google later confirmed the launch in a statement.

29 Sep 2016,

Voyage en Inde : Le vaccin passe de Rs 135 à Rs 1 042

Le prix du vaccin, obligatoire avant de se rendre en Inde, a augmenté considérablement, car il n’est plus subventionné ; du moins plus pour le moment.

28 Sep 2016,

India calls Pakistan a terrorist state in furious response at UN

Bluntly calling Pakistan a terrorist state and a global epicenter of terrorism, India on Wednesday told the United Nations that Islamabad's use of terrorism as instrument of state policy is a war crime.

22 Sep 2016,

Blanchiment d’argent: des enquêteurs indiens à Maurice

Mission top secret ou presque. Depuis qu’ils sont arrivés au pays, la semaine dernière, peu de détails ont filtré sur l’agenda des enquêteurs du Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), tous des membres de la Special Investigation Team.

22 Sep 2016,

Visite de Pravind Jugnauth: Modi apporte son soutien au dossier Chagos

45 minutes. C’est le temps qu’ont duré les discussions entre le Premier ministre indien, Narendra Modi, et le ministre des Finances mauricien, Pravind Jugnauth, sur le dossier Chagos, à New Delhi, en Inde, hier, jeudi 15 septembre.

16 Sep 2016,

l’Inde Soutiendra Le Projet Metro Express

La journée aura été fructueuse, assure-t-on au sein de la délégation mauricienne qui accompagne le ministre des Finances, Pravind Jugnauth, en Inde.

16 Sep 2016,