India Mauritius

CIEL Investment (Mauritius) announced a strategic partnership with Indian Investment Professionals Ltd (IPRO)

The new partnership is expected to result in a stronger focus onto India and Africa

12 May 2011,

Indian state visit to Mauritius review

Mr Jugnauth called for stronger ties of friendship between India and Mauritius, adding that the business-friendly environment encourages Indian investments in all sectors

29 Apr 2011,

Mauritius tourism targets India

“We have set a target of increasing the number of tourists from India to reach 125,000 by 2015"

28 Apr 2011,

Relations Maurice-Inde – La coopération économique et commerciale renforcée

L’Inde veut renforcer ses liens économiques et commerciaux, avec Maurice, a indiqué Prathiba Patil, la Présidente de la république indienne, actuellement en visite à Maurice

27 Apr 2011,

Mauritius tops investor's list in India

According to operators, as India continues to grow, investment will be necessary

26 Apr 2011,

Boolell to reinforce India ties

The visit of Indian President Pratibha Patil is not a random event. This was announced by minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade Arvin Boolell, who was addressing a workshop on negotiation principles at The Link Hotel, Ebène, on Monday. Boolell believes this visit will help reinforce the bilateral exchanges convention between Mauritius [...]

26 Apr 2011, The Independent Daily

Four-day State visit of Indian president started in Mauritius

25 Apr 2011,

India for review of tax treaty with Mauritius

India is set to step up pressure on Mauritius to review its tax treaty with the country

19 Apr 2011,

India wins 2011 ICC World Cup

Cricket World Cup: India win back the Cup after 27 years; Dhoni hits a huge 6 Fever pitch atmosphere in India and Sri Lanka; black markets tickets sold for up... Read more »

02 Apr 2011, KotZot

Agalega – India hidden agenda

Did India have any “ulterior motive” in seeking to help Mauritius? The answer, according to a cable sent from the U.S. Embassy in Port Louis on December 15, 2006, citing... Read more »

02 Apr 2011, KotZot

Coastal radar system to operate 24 hours

Mauritius has established a Coastal Surveillance Radar System (CRSS) to strengthen its monitoring capacity to 24 hours. The system will be established in the territorial waters at Rodrigues, Agalega and St Brandon to fight piracy in the Indian Ocean. On Tuesday Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam announced at the National Assembly that this equipment will [...]

30 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

India Builder Plans $500 Million Coastal Resort in Mauritius

The 58-acre (23-hectare) coastal project, known as Neotown

30 Mar 2011,

Ghir Investments' investments in India approved

24 Mar 2011,

Standard Chartered Bank buys 3% in India's United Stock Exchange

Standard Chartered became the first foreign bank to invest in the USE

22 Mar 2011,

Indian financiers plan to tap Singapore and Mauritius

TP Raman, managing director of Sundaram Asset Management Company tells The Financial Express that Sundaram Mutual is confident of a strong growth and will launch offices in Singapore and Mauritius to tap investors

17 Mar 2011,

Indians are afraid to visit Mauritius after the quake in Japan

"We had about six bookings for Mauritius till the earthquake hit Japan. Now four groups have opted out..."

17 Mar 2011,

Hu is more powerful than Barack Obama

Chinese President Hu Jintao, who rules over one-fifth of world’s population, has topped the list of world’s most powerful person by the US Forbes magazine. The Chinese president has been described by the magazine as a person who “unlike Western counterparts, can divert rivers, build cities, jail dissidents and censor internet without meddling from pesky [...]

11 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

Delhi selects 10 for senior artist camp

Ten Mauritians have been selected to participate in the annual Senior Artists Camp at All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (IFACS) in New Delhi from March 15-17. Conferences, debates, sight seeing amongst others feature on the list of events that will take place. The minister of Arts and Culture, Mookhesswur Choonee said that the [...]

11 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

For the first time, Mauritius participated at the world exhibition of philately in India

For the first time, Mauritius participated at the world exhibition of philately in India. This exhibition attracted over 75 countries from across the world and was inaugurated by the President... Read more »

07 Mar 2011, KotZot

Rare Mauritius stamps displayed in Delhi

For the first time, Mauritius participated at the world exhibition of philately in India. This exhibition attracted over 75 countries from across the world and was inaugurated by the President of India, Pratibha Patil. Thousands of visitors had the opportunity to admire and purchase philatelic items from various countries. The Mauritius ‘Post Office’ and ‘Blue [...]

07 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily