India Mauritius

Rama Sithanen believes that India and Mauritius will negotiate soon on offshore

The former finance minister, interviewed by a television channel in India, argues that there is already agreement on the venue and the agenda of discussions.

20 Oct 2011,

Strategic Agreement TMS / IDHASOFT

The alliance comes at a time when the two companies are studying opportunities to expand their operations in the region.

19 Oct 2011,

Bangladesh: low labor costs attracts textile manufactures

Many Indian garment makers have shifted base or opened new units in neighbouring Bangladesh to take advantage of low labour cost and duty concessions on exports to US and European markets.

17 Oct 2011,

New patrol boat for the Mauritius

The National Coast Guard (NCG) will have available a new patrol by 2013.

10 Oct 2011,

Mauritius is top destination for Indians investing abroad

The US and Singapore is loosing their attraction

07 Sep 2011,

Mauritus ambassador calls on Bihar Chief Minister

31 Aug 2011,

India targeted for high end tourism

On Thursday, the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) launched a workshop for representatives of 36 Indian tour operators at the Intercontinental Resort, Balaclava. The launch was attended by Donald Payen, executive vice-president of Air Mauritius Ltd, Karl Mootoosamy and Robert Desvaux, president and chairman of the MTPA respectively. Desvaux read out the speech of the [...]

19 Aug 2011, The Independent Daily

Netxcell to grab a slice of mobile market in Africa

Netxcell operates in Africa through its Mauritius-based subsidiary Netxcell Mauritius (NML)

15 Aug 2011,

Mauritius interests Indian and Chinese tourists

Statistics have showed a growth in the number of tourist arrivals from India and China

15 Aug 2011,

Further blow to Indo-Mauritius tax treaty

The recent judgment of Mumbai High Court upsets the settled legal position, and very clearly implies that if the shares of the Indian company are effectively not owned by a Mauritian company, capital gains may be charged to tax in India despite a Certificate of Residency issued by Mauritius Government

08 Aug 2011,

Mauritius-based FIIs lose clout on D-Street in India

Given past concerns of hot money flow from tax havens such as Mauritius into the Indian stock market, a FC­RB analysis of the latest tr­end in investments in equity shares of listed compani­es by Mauritius-based fore­ign institutional investors (FIIs) revealed a loosening in their grip

04 Aug 2011,

DTAA regulations between India and Mauritius follow strictest rules

Iqbal Rajahbalee: if a person uses Mauritius to invest in India, it is normal to make use of an efficient tax system

13 Jul 2011,

The India Income Tax department is planning to “make distinctions”

The India Income Tax department is planning to “make distinctions” between companies which are genuinely based in low-tax jurisdiction Mauritius and those which appear to be

28 Jun 2011,

Indian Finance Minister: nothing new in DTAA with Mauritius

"As far as the DTAA (double tax avoidance agreement) with Mauritius is concerned, there is nothing new in it. It is an old one"

23 Jun 2011,

Is Mauritius loosing its attraction for India business ?

Mauritius, once the single largest source of foreign investment into India, seems to be losing its attraction.

21 Jun 2011,

India and Mauritius in talks on Tax Pact again

21 Jun 2011,

AfrAsia Private Bank & AXYS Capital Management encourage investment in India

20 Jun 2011,

Mauritius provides first information about tax evader

Mauritius have given information related to a person being probed by ITD who had remitted funds from that country to India

26 May 2011,

APCA has entered the entertainment business

Its first movie ‘404’ will be releasing worldwide on May 20

19 May 2011,

Rajasthani group to perform folk dances

A folk dance group from Rajasthan, India, consisting of 10 members, is currently in the country to give Mauritians a glimpse of their culture and folklore. The group will be in the country till May 19 and have come to celebrate the 471st birth anniversary of the great Rajput king of Mewar, Maharana Pratap. At [...]

13 May 2011, The Independent Daily