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Mauritius Launches Its First Islamic Bank

Mauritius’ first fully-fledged Islamic bank launched operations on Thursday, as the Indian Ocean island seeks to become a regional Islamic banking hub. Mauritius wants to tap into the roughly $1 trillion Islamic finance industry, and the central bank also plans to offer sharia-compliant short-term liquidity tools. Hesham Shokry, chairman of Century Bank said its first [...]

01 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Pravind Jugnauth Steps Down As Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Mauritius

Pravind Kumar Jugnauth was the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Mauritius following the General election of 11 May 2010. He is the leader of the MSM ( Militant Socialist Movement ) and the only son of the President Of Mauritius Sir Aneerood Jugnauth . He has yet to give a reason why [...]

01 Apr 2011, MauritiusHot

Lower prices for fuel

Since Wednesday midnight, the price of petrol and diesel decreased.

31 Mar 2011,

Mauritius Horse Racing Tips 2011 – Week 2

Welcome back to the 2nd week of the Horse Racing Season 2011 in Mauritius. Last week many tipsters managed to take a real lead by having Constellation in their tips. So what will be on for this week? As usual share your tips below in the comment and if you have any problem to share [...]Mauritius Horse Racing Tips 2011 – Week 2 is a post from: Island Crisis

31 Mar 2011, Island Crisis

A bus wrecked after hitting a teenager

The spirits are are heated this Wednesday, March 30 to the Cornu, Sainte-Croix. College students ransacked a bus after it had overturned a teenager.

31 Mar 2011,

Reconditioned vehicles: meeting between importers and Xavier Duval Wednesday

A meeting is planned between importers and the Minister Xavier Luc Duval on Wednesday afternoon to clarify certain points concerning the decision of the State to control the access of second hand vehicles from Japan.

31 Mar 2011,

The country is a huge construction site

Work is progressing - roads are being built almost in the four corners of the island. Some projects were completed at 20% and others 75%. For years, the government will spend about Rs 30 billion for expanding the road network.

31 Mar 2011,

French Couple Arrested With 10000 Tablets Of Subutex, Market Value Estimated To Be Rs 15 Million

Two French tourists were arrested by the ADSU on Monday. Mathieu Blondeau, 19, and Katia Terminet, 21, had in their possession several parcels containing 10,000 tablets of Subutex, the total market value is estimated to be Rs 15 million. The tablets were seized and forwarded to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) for analysis. Both suspects [...]

31 Mar 2011, MauritiusHot

Hewitt Pty to host seminar on May 18

Actuary company Hewitt Pty Ltd will host a seminar on the changes delivered through the implementation of the new accounting standard, International Accounting Standard 19 (IAS 19) on May 18. Bernard Yen, an actuary at Hewitt Pty Ltd explained the operation, the origins and implications of this new accounting standard which concerns business spending to [...]

30 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

India Builder Plans $500 Million Coastal Resort in Mauritius

The 58-acre (23-hectare) coastal project, known as Neotown

30 Mar 2011,

CCTV to cover Mauritius

PM said the police intend to extend the CCTV surveillance systems to other regions of the island

30 Mar 2011,

Suspect in Michaela Harte Murder Freed On Bail For Rs 200000 , £4000

Sandip Moonee still denies the charges against him while Avinash Treebhowon revealed that Sandip strangled the victim. MCIT investigators are aware of the DNA results which came from England since Friday. Michaela Harte, aged 27, was killed last January 10, in room 1025 of the Legends Hotel where she had come on honeymoon with her [...]

30 Mar 2011, MauritiusHot

He died six days after motorcycle accident

The Issac, Peerun in Terre Rouge residents, are in shock. The family head Lalmohamad, aged 64, died from injuries received Tuesday in a traffic accident at the height of the roundabout Jumbo Riche Terre. He would drop his son at his job, a motorcycle when they were struck by a car.

30 Mar 2011,

La Barclays Bank enregistre un profit record

C’est une performance historique que Barclays Mauritius aligne pour l’année financière 2010. La banque annonce des profits de Rs 2,3 milliards pour l’année écoulée. C’est la première fois que ce... Read more »

30 Mar 2011, KotZot

Chagos : Lalit soumet trois propositions au GM

Dans le cadre de la constitution du tribunal d’arbitrage sur la Marine Protected Area des Chagos, annoncée officiellement vendredi par l’International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) des... Read more »

30 Mar 2011, KotZot

Commercial sales and fuel for boat boost the profits of Shell

Shell Oil Company (Mauritius) posted a profit after tax up 23% for fiscal year 2010.

29 Mar 2011,

The group reunion George Michael becomes the partner of Avis Europe in Mauritius

After the group White Sand Tours is a company that will take the helm Avis Reunion in the country. This is group Georges Michel, which holds the license Avis Reunion since 1998.

29 Mar 2011,

Price Of Petrol And Diesel Decreases In Mauritius

Motorists in Mauritius can heave a sigh of relief as from today. this is because the price of petrol and diesel has been revised downwards. The announcement was made ??by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Pravind Jugnauth in today in Parliament while responding to the Private Notice Question (PNQ) Leader of the Opposition, Paul [...]

29 Mar 2011, MauritiusHot

State lifts ban on import of reconditioned vehicles from Japan

The ministerial committee review the import conditions for products of Japan to change its tune. The refurbished vehicles will again be tolerated but strict controls are required.

29 Mar 2011,

Standardized license plates

Today several cars have new license plates, but all the plates do not follow established standards."The new plates must be white front and yellow at the back," told Ally Peerboccus, Transport Controller from the NTA.

29 Mar 2011,