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Compensation Salariale : Rs 2 Milliards Pour Le Secteur Privé

La compensation salariale coûtera Rs 2 milliards au secteur privé et peut aller jusqu'à Rs 2,6 milliards, si l'on inclut les heures supplémentaires et autres dépenses. Ce sont les chiffres de la Mauritius Employers' Federation (MEF).

14 Oct 2013,

Salary Compensation: Between Rs 300 and Rs 740

" If we decided to make those at the bottom is because we recognize the gap between rich and poor must be reduced , "says Xavier Luc Duval during a press conference this afternoon, Tuesday, October 8. He said that employees receive a salary compensation ranging between Rs 300 and Rs 740.

08 Oct 2013,

MEF Offers a Compensation of Rs 200 to Rs 250

After the unions Thursday, it was the turn of the Mauritius Employers' Federation to make a proposal to pay compensation on Friday, October 4. The figure is between Rs 200 and Rs 250. It handed over a document to the Ministry of Finance. And a meeting is scheduled next week to discuss the various proposals.

06 Oct 2013,

Salary Compensation: Unions Call Between Rs 500 and Rs 1000

They agreed on an amount after a meeting this Thursday, October 3, Port Louis. The unions are demanding a wage compensation ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 1000. They submit their memorandum to the Minister of Finance, Xavier-Luc Duval, in the course of the day.

06 Oct 2013,

With an Average of Rs 40,766 per Month : Higher Wages for Technicians and Scientists

Which sectors are practicing the highest salaries? Statistics Mauritius lifts the veil on the issue in a report on employment and wages published Wednesday

26 Sep 2013,

Salary Compensation: 241,750 Mauritians Earn Less than Rs 13,300 per Month

The document satistics Mauritius gave a union central challenges.

24 Sep 2013,

Wage Increase: MEF Undertakes a Survey

The Mauritius Employers' Federation (MEF) is undertaking a study on employment and the prospects for wage increases in the private sector. The findings of this exercise will be mainly used to formulate the position of employers in tripartite negotiations on wage compensation in 2014.

15 Jul 2013,

Wages: Public Takeovers the Private

The PRB report released Monday, May 20, is the public who took the lead in terms of wages. Here is a comparative grid.

24 May 2013,

Salaires : le « Mercato » de Janvier Fait Monter les Enchères

Ça bouillonne dans les entreprises en ce début d’année. Il y a beaucoup de mobilités et de recrutements. D’autres entreprises revoient leur politique salariale pour retenir les compétences.

28 Jan 2013,

Salary: 100,000 Mauritians Still Get Less than Rs 6000 per Month Says CPSW

Statistics Mauritius shows a steady increase in wages from 2010 to 2012. Employers welcomes. Unions call attention to disparities and the mass of wages under the poverty line.

11 Jan 2013,

Salary: 20% Up Recommended for Mechanics and Electricians in Private Sector

The National Remuneration Board (NRB), to revise the working conditions and wages in the private sector, just make its recommendations public. An average increase of 20% is proposed.

07 Jan 2013,

Women Earn Less than Men in Mauritius

Working women in Mauritius earn lower income than men, with a monthly average income of 11,000 Mauritius Rupees (US$341) for women compared to 16,400 Mauritian Rupees (US$509) for men, a census result focusing on gender statistics has revealed.

23 Nov 2012,

Wages By PRB 2012: Public Sector Outstrips Private

Who makes the most money? Employee of private or official? From January, the majority of employees in the Public Service will receive a higher salary than their counterparts in the private sector.

12 Oct 2012,

12 Highest Salaries: Rs 30 Million Per Month To 250 Officials

The State will pay each month starting in January, a whopping Rs 30 million for the salaries of 200 senior executives and fifty heads of parastatal bodies, excluding allowances and other remuneration they will receive.

10 Oct 2012,

PRB 2013: Discontent About Poor Salaries And Concerns In Private Sector

Pay Research Bureau (PRB) was heavily loaded with big hitters of Public and disappointed other categories of staff. The private sector feared him, a wage spiral.

10 Oct 2012,

PRB 2013: New Salaries Of Senior Officials

From January 2013, officials will receive `a wage increase of 22% calculated on the base salary in 2008. The report of thePay Research Bureau (PRB) was released in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 9.

09 Oct 2012,

Les salaires en hôtellerie seront revus

23 May 2011,

La moyenne des hausses de salaire dans tous les secteurs d’activités, certains augmentant plus que d’autres

La hausse salariale a été plus prononcée dans le foncier et l’immobilier en 2010

20 Apr 2011,

Trade unions want to reduce the gap between high and low salaries

Trade unions for civil servants are urging the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) to reduce the gap between high and low salaries in the public service. for civil servants are urging the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) to reduce the gap between high and low salaries in the public service.

11 Mar 2011,