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Blanchiment d’Argent Allégué: les Autorités Britanniques Ciblent Ramgoolam

Après des démêlés avec la justice mauricienne, cette fois l’ex-Premier ministre Navin Ramgoolam pourrait bien être inquiété par les autorités britanniques. Il est soupçonné d’avoir blanchi près de Rs 500 millions durant plusieurs années à travers ses différentes cartes de crédit.

17 Sep 2015,

1 in 50 Syrian Refugees in Europe Could be an ISIS Jihadist, Minister Warns David Cameron

One in 50 Syrian refugees entering Europe could be “radicals”, a Lebanese government minister has warned.

15 Sep 2015,

Queen Elizabeth II Becomes Longest-Reigning UK Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain's longest-reigning monarch later when she passes the record set by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria.

09 Sep 2015,

Britain and France to Announce Measures to Contain Migrant Crisis in Calais

After a summer in Britain and France dominated by news of migrants trying to break into the Channel Tunnel, the two countries will announce new security measures on Thursday intended to contain a crisis that has disrupted travel and stirred a fierce debate about migration.

20 Aug 2015,

Chagos: le Gouvernement Britannique Ravive l’Espoir d’un Retour

Elles ont jusqu’au 27 octobre pour répondre au haut-commissariat britannique.

19 Aug 2015,

Rapport KPMG : Les Options Liées à un Retour aux Chagos

Les options d’emplois, d’allocations de soutien et de logements, sont autant de sujets abordés dans un rapport de réinstallation des Chagossiens sur le Territoire Britannique de l’Océan Indien (British Indian Ocean Territory).

12 Aug 2015,

A Find in Britain: Quran Fragments Perhaps as Old as Islam

The ancient manuscript, written on sheep or goat skin, sat for nearly a century at a university library, with scholars unaware of its significance.

23 Jul 2015,

Heathrow Airport Climate Change Protest Delays Flights

Protesters disrupted flights at Heathrow Airport by cutting through a fence and chaining themselves together on a runway.

13 Jul 2015,

Tube Sstrike: London Underground Walk-Out Due to Start

Tube passengers have been warned to expect "considerable" disruption ahead of a 24-hour strike over pay.

08 Jul 2015,

Diego Garcia: Washington Dément et Embarrasse Londres

L'ex-Chief of Staff au Département d'État US : « So you might have a case where you simply go in and use a facility at Diego Garcia for a month or two weeks or whatever and you do your nefarious activities there »

02 Feb 2015,

Air Traffic Control System for London Restored, but Delays Expected

The air traffic control system for London airspace has been restored after a technical failure, the UK air traffic management company NATS said Friday, but travelers can expect disruptions and flight cancellations.

13 Dec 2014,

Daily Mail: ‘Migrant Women in Mauritius Are Making the £45 Tops for 62p an Hour’

Feminist T-shirts proudly worn by Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Harriet Harman are made in ‘sweatshop’ conditions by migrant women paid just 62p an hour, a Mail on Sunday investigation has revealed.

04 Nov 2014,

Des T-shirts Made in Mauritius Sèment le Trouble en Angleterre

Ce sont des t-shirts affichant le slogan «This is what a feminist looks like» qui sont censés promouvoir la femme.

04 Nov 2014,

Police Under Fire After David Cameron Security Scare Involving Jogger

Security experts claim the incident was a breach of security and is of concern given the heightened alert over terrorism threats

28 Oct 2014,

Scotland Votes 'No' to Independence In Historic Referendum

Scotland will remain part of the United Kingdom -- along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland -- following a historic referendum vote.

19 Sep 2014,

Scottish Vote on Independence Starts

Voters in Scotland on Thursday began casting their ballots in a historic referendum on whether to go it alone as an independent country or remain part of the U.K.

18 Sep 2014,

A Fight to the Finish for Scotland

Pro-unionists must not lose their nerve as the polls turn

09 Sep 2014,

British National in Sierra Leone Tests Positive for Ebola Virus

A British citizen who lives in the West African nation of Sierra Leone has tested positive for the Ebola virus, according to Britain’s Department of Health.

26 Aug 2014,

Julian Assange Speaks Of 'Leaving' Ecuador Embassy

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has suggested he will be leaving London's Ecuadorean embassy "soon".

18 Aug 2014,

France Evacuates French and British Expats From Libya

The French government says it has evacuated French and British nationals from Libya, as battles rage between government forces and militias.

31 Jul 2014,