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Marine Park Around Chagos: London High Court Rejected Chagos Refugees Group’s Petition

The High Court in London rejected this Tuesday, June 11 the petition of the Chagos Refugees Group (CRG) challenging the creation of a marine park around the Chagos Archipelago by the British government.

12 Jun 2013,

For Spending Rs 70 500 During a Stay in Mauritius: British Minister Blamed and Dismissed

It is not good to waste public money in this time of crisis in Britain. Tim Loughton, elected by the British Parliament and former Minister for Children, will have learned the ... costs.

16 May 2013,

Information Session about the UK Student Visa

The British High Commission and the British Council will organize an information session scheduled Thursday, May 16, 10.00 at the British Council in Rose Hill.

10 May 2013,

Picture of the Day: The Sleeping Goddess

Located on Woodland Walk, in the Lost Gardens of Heligan, is an amazing sculpture of a sleeping goddess entitled ‘Mud Maid’. The incredible larger-than-life sculpture even has grass and moss growing atop it.

09 May 2013,

Commission Thonnière : Maurice Intransigeante Quant à l’Appartenance des Chagos à Son Territoire

Maurice a réitéré hier, à Grand-Baie, que l’archipel des Chagos fait partie intégrante de son territoire aux termes aussi bien des législations mauriciennes qu’internationales.

08 May 2013,

Britain's "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher Dies

Margaret Thatcher, the "Iron Lady" who transformed Britain and inspired conservatives around the world by radically rolling back the state during her 11 years in power, died on Monday following a stroke. She was 87.

08 Apr 2013,

Chagos: the Pressure Increases on the British Government

The pressure is maintained on the British government especially with the 2016 renewal of the lease for the Chagos. Thus, discussions between Washington and London must be initiated by mid-2014.

20 Mar 2013,

L’UCL Diffuse les Noms des Propriétaires d’Esclaves Compensés par Londres à Maurice

Quelques 7318 propriétaires d’esclaves de Maurice avaient fait une demande en réclamation au gouvernement britannique lors de l’abolition de l’esclavage. Leurs noms figurent dans les travaux de l’University College London (UCL), publiés sur son site.

28 Feb 2013,

Souveraineté Territoriale — Chagos: Intérêts Accrus à l’Approche de 2014

La décision en début d’année du Tribunal d’Arbitrage sous l’égide de la United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) en faveur de Maurice au sujet de la revendication de la souveraineté sur les Chagos suscite des appréhensions du côté de Londres.

28 Feb 2013,

Video of the Day: The Singing Ringing Tree

The Singing Ringing Tree is a musical sculpture standing in the wind on a hill (Crown Point) overlooking Burnley, UK. From far and wide, the tree’s profile is visible on the horizon, appearing and disappearing in the mist.

13 Feb 2013,

Picture of the Day: Giant Waves in UK

08 Feb 2013,

Studying Abroad

Studying in Australia, India, UK, France and USA

08 Feb 2013,

Chagos : Le Procès Contre Londres Pris Sur le Fond en 2014

La décision du tribunal arbitral institué sous la United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), présidé par le Pr Ivan Shearer d'Australie, rejetant des objections formulées par le gouvernement britannique quant au mandat de cette instance sur la question des Chagos, a pris Londres à contre-pied.

04 Feb 2013,

Chagos Marine Park: Arbitral Tribunal Rejects First Argument of London

The arbitral tribunal established under the dispute over the creation of a marine park in the Chagos, rejected the first point made by Great Britain, who had hoped that his challenge to the jurisdiction should be examined first.

24 Jan 2013,

London: Mauritian Arrested for Illegal Employment Assistance

The authorities in London: "We are Determined to do whatever is Necessary to Investigate Alleged Abuses of our immigration system"

22 Jan 2013,

Picture of the Day: London Helicopter Crash

The twin-engine private helicopter was stricken in low cloud and freezing temperatures above the construction site of the 51-storey Vauxhall Tower just before 8am on Wednesday, smashing into the top of the building's main crane and shearing off the jib before spiralling on to Nine Elms Lane and bursting into flames. The pilot, Captain Pete Barnes, died at the scene along with Matthew Wood, 39, from Sutton in south London.

17 Jan 2013,

Paradis Fiscaux : le Haut-Commissariat de Maurice à Londres Défend l’Image du Pays

Suite à plusieurs articles d’investigations publiés dans le journal britannique The Guardian, le haut commissaire par intérim de Maurice à Londres a émis un communiqué pour défendre le pays et faire valoir l’image d’une juridiction fiscale responsable.

12 Jan 2013,

British Press Trap Hidden Camera in Offshore Company Based in Mauritius

Image of the Mauritius offshore takes another blow. A video camera hidden by "BBC1" and "The Guardian" shows a professional offshore, installed in Mauritius, informing a client that the risks of being caught for tax evasion in his country are very limited.

27 Nov 2012,

UK Court Rules Int’l Students Can Stay

The 2,500 international students from London Metropolitan University, including the 100 Mauritians, have been allowed to remain in the UK until a decision is taken by the High Court in London as to whether to maintain the closure order against the tertiary institution for the lack of appropriate services.

26 Nov 2012,

London Metropolitan University: Students Reassigned

Mauritian students attending London Metropolitan University will not be expelled. It is the insurance has given Tim Loughton, British Minister of Child and Family Welfare, Friday afternoon.

03 Sep 2012,