Uk Mauritius

Made in Mauritius Exposed in Britain

Take advantage of the UK economic recovery to boost exports to this market. It is the goal of Enterprise Mauritius (EM), which organizes a marketing operation on 3 and 4 April in London. It intends to promote a list of products of interest to consumers in the UK.

11 Mar 2014,

Escroquerie Alléguée : Un Mauricien ‘Wanted’ en Angleterre

« This man is dangerous. Please help us to stop him. » C’est l’appel lancé par plusieurs Mauriciens et autres émigrés sur Facebook. Ils auraient été arnaqués par un Mauricien en Angleterre. L’homme se serait fait passer pour un officier du Home Office (Immigration) britannique. Il est recherché par la police.

18 Feb 2014,

UK Floods: As It Happened

Follow the latest weather updates as thousands more households are warned their lives could be at risk from flooding

12 Feb 2014,

Almost 90 Hurt as Ceiling Collapses at London Theatre

Emergency services said nearly 90 people were injured on Thursday when part of the ceiling collapsed during a performance at a packed London theatre, bringing the city's West End entertainment district to a standstill.

20 Dec 2013,

Retour des Chagossiens : Debats sur les Chagos a la Chambre des Lords Hier

L’avenir de l’archipel des Chagos a fait l’objet de débats approfondis à la Chambre des Lords à Londres dans la soirée d’hier suite à une initiative de la baronne Whitaker.

29 Nov 2013,

Souveraineté Territoriale : Chagos, Londres Persiste et Signe sur le “Resettlement”

Londres revient à la charge avec le projet unilatéral de Resettlement des Chagossiens dans leur archipel natal.

23 Nov 2013,

White Collar Crimes: Mission from SFO, London Expected Friday

On the agenda of discussions with the authorities, the establishment of a Serious Fraud Office and the Financial Crime Coordination Committee in Mauritius

20 Nov 2013,

Mauritius: High Commissioner Hands Over Aviation Security Equipment

UK Supports Mauritius efforts to boost security at SSR International Airport by providing aviation security equipment and guidance

07 Nov 2013,

Worst U.K. Storm in Five Years Halts Commute, Cuts Power

Millions of U.K. commuters were told to stay at home today and thousands of people lost power as Britain’s worst storm in five years toppled trees that blocked train tracks and brought down overhead electricity cables.

28 Oct 2013,

Mauritian Found Guilty in England of Illegally Providing Services and Advice in Immigration

The Mauritian Ramakrun Bushan Deepchand, director of Lambeth Solicitors, 35, was found guilty Wednesday, October 21, the court of Southwark in London, of illegally providing services and advice to immigration in Britain. Judge Michael Grieve was granted parole.

28 Oct 2013,

Storm Batters Southern Britain, Hitting Flights, Trains and Power

Britain's strongest storm in a decade battered southern regions on Monday, forcing hundreds of flight cancellations, cutting power lines and disrupting the travel plans of millions of commuters.

28 Oct 2013,

Visa Exemptions in England: PMO Denounces the Attitude of Some Mauritians

PMO claims to be in the presence of several cases where Mauritians wear subterfuge to abuse visa exemptions granted by England. In a statement, he recalls in particular the procedures for those making short stays.

20 Sep 2013,

The Guardian Dénonce des Investissements Dans le «Paradis Fiscal» Qu’est Maurice

Sévère sortie de The Guardian contre des investissements britanniques dans des «paradis fiscaux». Dans son édition en ligne en date du 15 août, il souligne que Maurice en fait partie et que plus de £125 m y ont été investies à travers une instance connue comme le CDC.

21 Aug 2013,

In England, a Mauritian Deported for Illegal Stay

A Mauritian immigrant has been deported after masquerading as an journalism graduate. The 28-year-old, of Martin Way in Morden, admitted to paying £7,000 for a false certificate for an MA in International Journalism from City University in London, and other papers from that university.

31 Jul 2013,

British Airways Celebrates Christmas in July

The airline British Airways has decided, following the success of the promotion launched in 2012 to offer exceptional prices for the period of December with a 50% reduction. The official launch of this offer will take place this Friday, July 26, at Suffren.

25 Jul 2013,

Royal baby: Thousands celebrate at Buckingham Palace

Thousands of well-wishers descended on Buckingham Palace on Monday night to celebrate the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby boy.

23 Jul 2013,

Chagossians Resettlement: London Announced Possible Feasibility Study

The British Foreign Minister, Mark Simmonds, spoke Monday, July 8th, the British Parliament, for London to conduct a feasibility study on a possible relocation of the Chagossians in their native islands. The Chagossians are cautious.

10 Jul 2013,

Picture of the Day: Dalston House

London, United Kingdom. Visitors to the installation Dalston House Argentinean artist Leonardo Erlich. The installation is created on the land front of the house and set next to a huge mirror which reflected this facade.

28 Jun 2013,

Marine Park Around Chagos: London High Court Rejected Chagos Refugees Group’s Petition

The High Court in London rejected this Tuesday, June 11 the petition of the Chagos Refugees Group (CRG) challenging the creation of a marine park around the Chagos Archipelago by the British government.

12 Jun 2013,

For Spending Rs 70 500 During a Stay in Mauritius: British Minister Blamed and Dismissed

It is not good to waste public money in this time of crisis in Britain. Tim Loughton, elected by the British Parliament and former Minister for Children, will have learned the ... costs.

16 May 2013,