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Govt not decided on national ID format

The government is still hesitant about putting the signature or fingerprint on the new national identity cards. According to sources, negotiations are still ongoing. The first card will be issued to the public for free but once the card is lost the citizen will have to pay to apply for a new card. “We are [...]

04 Mar 2011, The Independent Daily

Fuel price review is possible in mid-March

The price of oil on the world market continues to fluctuate. Sometimes it is $99.58 a barrel, or $102 or $107.95, or $112.57. On Wednesday, it was $114.89 a barrel, the highest level in two years. In Mauritius, the Petroleum Pricing Committee (PPC), a new mechanism established by the State Trading Corporation (STC), directly follows the evolution of prices on the world market.

03 Mar 2011,

Rs 800 is the cost of new license plates

Drivers are forced to pay more and more. Recent there was parking coupon price grow, fee for the personalised number plate and fitness test and now drivers have to pay Rs 800 for a new number plate.

03 Mar 2011,

New water pipes will cost Rs 2 billion

Big investment this year will be made to the Central Water Authority (CWA), old water lines, often outbreak, will be replaced in April it will cost Rs 2 billion. Whole project is esteemed around Rs 12 billion and includes the replacement of approximately 2 000 kilometers of pipes.

02 Mar 2011,

STC: "No increase in fuel prices soon"

Drivers can breathe briefly. There will be any increases in fuel prices in Mauritius soon, even if the price of crude oil on the world market recorded an increase in recent times.

27 Feb 2011,

The ban on washing vehicles is temporarily lifted

Good news for drivers who like cleanness. The Central Water Authority (CWA) has temporarily decided to lift the ban on washing vehicles, watering lawns and washing of buildings, following heavy rains in recent days have certainly been positive and beneficial our reservoirs and groundwater.

26 Feb 2011,

The Prime Minister warned of the cost of higher oil prices

In his speech at the opening ceremony of a new widen road from Solitude in Trou aux Biches, Tuesday, February 22, Navin Ramgoolam has warned that the country will be affected by rising oil prices on the world market.

25 Feb 2011,

Two new laws of the Highway Code in force

Two new changes applied since February 2011 have been made to the regulations about the highway code. In fact, the authorities have undertaken a process of harmonization with regard to speed limits.

24 Feb 2011,

Consultation is required before the introduction of new regulations

We wanted the best but it turned out as always. The road rules often comic fate in Mauritius. They are published, entered into force, conflicting with practice, and finally cancelled. Also, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure now requires consultations before the regulations are developed.

24 Feb 2011,

Rs 14.1 billion for road infrastructure

Now the government is undertaking infrastructural projects costing over Rs 14.1 billion till 2013, said Prime Minister Dr Navin Ramgoolam at the opening of the Triolet Bypass. Prime Minister stated that these infrastructural projects are in line with the vision of transforming Mauritius into a ‘garden city state’.

23 Feb 2011,

Ministry of transport repeals rules about speedometer

Motorcyclists can have a respite since the Ministry of Land Transport has decided to reconsider the rules about speedometers.

18 Feb 2011,

Price of coupon parking is doubled

Five to ten rupees and ten to twenty - drivers still take a hit. Since Tuesday morning, parking coupons are doubled. This decision has been taken by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to follows a modification to the Road Traffic (Paid Parking) Regulations 2002.

16 Feb 2011,

A taxi driver wants Minister Anil Bachoo to explain in court

A taxi driver wants a Minister in court because his request for a permit has not been maintained. He believes that other taxi drivers have been promoted for political reasons.

15 Feb 2011,

Jayen Chellum for cancellation tickets for speedometers lack

Now a lot of motorcycles and scooters are not equipped with a speedometer, but the police take in contravention of the culprits. "Because of this shortage on the market, it should cancel these tickets", said Jayen Chellum, chief of ACIM (Association des Consommateurs de l'île Maurice).

13 Feb 2011,

500 to get training to work on liners

The government will offer training to 500 people to equip them with skills needed to work as public area cleaners on cruise ships.

05 Feb 2011, The Independent Daily

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