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STC: activities "troubling" of 2008 to 2010

Chassez le naturel, il revient au gallop. The State Trading Corporation (STC) is again haunted by his past.

02 May 2011,

Permits for driving schools: police backtracked

Friday, April 29, 2011. Since 2008, the decision was made not to grant new licenses for driving school and driving instructor.

29 Apr 2011,

STC: dismantling programme in phases

The first steps towards the dismantling of the State Trading Corporation (STC) have been initiated – that has become known from sources. The government gave its approval to the STC to go ahead with the construction of three fuel tanks in the harbour area in Port Louis. Two pipelines will also be set up in the project.

29 Apr 2011,

'Radiation vehicles' are no risk

Four vehicles imported from Japan are to remain in the Port area for a month after radioactive particles higher than that allowed by law was discovered on them.

27 Apr 2011,

Recovery of loss of "hedging" by the STC - Pillay wrote to Berenger

Extremely rare. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a parastatal body wrote to the Leader of the Opposition to light his lantern.

27 Apr 2011,

Degreasing considered a thousand employees in the NTC

Given its critical financial situation, the National Transport Corporation (NTC) has decided to lay off a thousand employees to streamline its spending and reduce its deficit. With degreasing projected involving a thousand employees, could reduce its wage bill weighs Rs 40 M. The deficit amounted to Rs 66 M.

27 Apr 2011,

The NTC in the heart of debates

The financial chaos of the Nation Trasnpot Company (NTC) has been debated in "Le Grand Journal" hosted by Karishma Beeharee. Employee unions were represented by Wakill Lalloo and Deepak Benydin. The direction of the NTC has declined the invitation but finally its chairman of the Board of Directors, Ashwin Dookun, spoke by phone.

26 Apr 2011,

877 complaints against bus drivers

The National Transport Authority received 877 complaints from 2008 to 2010 against the bus drivers who deliberately leave students and pensioners at bus stops.

25 Apr 2011,

Petroleum products: A commission investigation on the STC from unionists

The Common Front calls for a commission of investigation against the State Trading Corporation (STC). According to members of this front, the major importer of petroleum products would not act transparently.

23 Apr 2011,

Deficit of Rs 51 million in the NTC: Unions call for a Fact Finding Committee

The board transportation sector union wants an investigation to be initiated at the National Transport Company to shed light on the deficit of Rs 51 million recorded by the corporation.

22 Apr 2011,

Hedging on fuel: Bank overdrafts will cost Rs 250 million to STC

The State Trading Corporation (STC) has used loans and bank overdrafts to finance the Rs 4.7 billion losses from hedging on the performance of petroleum products. Interest payable on these transactions amounted to Rs 250 million.

21 Apr 2011,

Ramgoolam announced a fee for personalized license plates

Prime Minister discussed the introduction of personalized license plates at the turn of a phrase on the standards expected by motorists. Although the law exists for those who flout the regulations, it provides for others.

21 Apr 2011,

The bill for jams in 2011: Rs3bn

"Traffic congestion is our biggest challenge, and this has increased as a result of national economic growth. Our standard of living also has increased significantly and, in parallel, car ownership has also risen in proportion". Anil Bachoo

19 Apr 2011,

472 ticket distributors for the NTC

The National Transport Company (NTC) will have to pay a sum of Rs 9 to Rs 10 million to purchase about 472 distributors of electronic tickets. Old units must be replaced, announced a top executive of the company at Friday.

17 Apr 2011,

ACIM to hold protest over new number plates

The ‘Association des Consomateurs de l’Ile Maurice’ (ACIM) will hold a demonstration on April 28 in Port Louis.

17 Apr 2011,

Mohamed asks foreign businesses to train locals

During a certificate awarding ceremony at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion on Wednesday, the minister of Labour Shakeel Mohamed stated that youngsters working in the hotel industry should have access to training in order for them to be integrated in middle management and senior management. Mohamed stated that he has met people who are qualified [...]

15 Apr 2011, The Independent Daily

Rs 750 million to build three fuel storage tanks

The State Trading Corporation has started negotiations with the financial sector in conjunction with the construction of three fuel tanks in the port area following the approval of Cabinet on 18 March. This project, costing Rs 750 million, will be materialized by the end of 2013, told the Le Matinal a source familiar with the matter.

14 Apr 2011,

Rs 470 million for fire extinguishers and plates

The new regulations promulgated under the Road Traffic Act recently had a fairly substantial economic impact on motorists.

13 Apr 2011,

New license plates: the state backtracked

Wednesday, April 13, 2011. So that from 1 July, all vehicles in the country should be armed with new license plates, the state has decided to review it.

13 Apr 2011,

Raffick Bahadoor: "The implementation of new number plates must be suspended"

>Your Association opposes the new measure of number plates. What motivates this position?

12 Apr 2011,