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400 Japanese cars to Mauritius blocked

Four hundred vehicles have been stacked in a port in Japan. These cars cannot be shipped to Mauritius. Imported new and reconditioned cars, spare parts are accompanied by a letter of guarantee issued by the manufacturer and sent to the authorized dealer in Mauritius.

12 Apr 2011,

Plates: NTA asks suppliers to adopt the British Standards

At three months of the entry into force of new regulations on number plates, the National Transport Authority (NTA) shows that they must comply with British standards.

11 Apr 2011,

New registration - vintage cars waiting

The "Vintage and Classic Cars' Owners Association is still awaiting the response of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure in relation to its request to exempt the new classic car number plates.The request was made last year, after the government came forward with this new project.

07 Apr 2011,

A chip will be attached to the new license plate

From 1 July, all vehicles must be absolutely new license plates. Currently many people have already made provision. The new plate should be white to yellow to the front and rear. But that's not all; it must be to British Standard!

07 Apr 2011,

Parc automobile – Le Nombre de véhicules en hausse

D’après les derniers chiffres officiels, il y a environ 384,115 véhicules sur nos routes au 31 décembre 2010 : 45 % sont des voitures, 41 % sont des deux-roues et le reste comprend les vans, camions et autobus.

07 Apr 2011,

Flambée des prix – La baisse du prix des carburants freine son élan

Plusieurs syndicats et ONG ont manifesté contre la hausse du coût de la vie samedi dernier. Les prix continuent à augmenter, malgré l’effort du gouvernement de renverser la vapeur. La baisse du prix des carburants a quand même apporté une bouffée d’air frais aux consommateurs.

06 Apr 2011,

NTC incurs Rs 51 million loss

The National Transport Corporation (NTC) reported losses of Rs 51 million from July 2009 to June 2010. This was stated by minister of Public Infrastructure, National Development Unit, Land Transport and Shipping Anil Bachoo.

06 Apr 2011,

Les véhicules importés du Japon la semaine dernière, ont été livrés par la douane

200 véhicules du Japon livrés par la douaneLes véhicules importés du Japon la semaine dernière, ont été livrés par la douane.

06 Apr 2011,

Importation de voitures d’occasion du Japon – L’ASVA tire la sonnette d’alarme

La catastrophe naturelle qui s’est abattue sur le Japon a ébranlé le secteur de l’automobile à Maurice. Le gouvernement a pris une décision en ce qui concerne la protection de la population contre l’éventualité d’une contamination de la radioactivité.

05 Apr 2011,

Killer 2010 year on roads: 160 die in traffic accidents

Mauritius witnessed a “black” year on the roads in 2010 – with 160 people dying in a total of 153 fatal accidents. In 2009, the number of fatalities was 140 in 129 deadly accidents.

04 Apr 2011,

Fuel: The government increases its storage capacity slightly, awaiting better

The fuel shortage narrowly averted at the beginning of last month, has served as the trigger to the authorities. The government has committed itself since, in a race against time to avert disaster. Already, gasoline stocks edged higher, accounting for 4 days of consumption.

04 Apr 2011,

Driver's license: he did not know the address of a hotel - it is reset

Flunked for not knowing where a new hotel is located, a resident of Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche is forced to repeat the oral exam for his driver's license for a taxi. What this also means he has to pay back all expenses. This prospect is angering the young 20-old man.

03 Apr 2011,

Lower prices for fuel

Since Wednesday midnight, the price of petrol and diesel decreased.

31 Mar 2011,

Reconditioned vehicles: meeting between importers and Xavier Duval Wednesday

A meeting is planned between importers and the Minister Xavier Luc Duval on Wednesday afternoon to clarify certain points concerning the decision of the State to control the access of second hand vehicles from Japan.

31 Mar 2011,

State lifts ban on import of reconditioned vehicles from Japan

The ministerial committee review the import conditions for products of Japan to change its tune. The refurbished vehicles will again be tolerated but strict controls are required.

29 Mar 2011,

Standardized license plates

Today several cars have new license plates, but all the plates do not follow established standards."The new plates must be white front and yellow at the back," told Ally Peerboccus, Transport Controller from the NTA.

29 Mar 2011,

STC double fuel capacity

To ensure that the country has a strategic stock of fuel and avoid shortages - it is a priority of the State Trading Corporation (STC) today. It decided to build its own infrastructure for the storage of petroleum products in the future. If all goes as planned, the project will be completed in 18 months.

28 Mar 2011,

An area of 10 acres reserved for driving schools

"Traffic flow has increased in the North. But traffic congestion means that the country prospers. The country also recorded many accidents and I have appointed a consultant to ensure the safety and he does a great job. We must ensure that a licensee can drive and control his vehicle. With this in mind we will soon have a Driving Centre in 10 acres. This is a project of the government and the private sector." Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam said on Thursday at the opening of second stage of Pamplemousses in Forbach.

25 Mar 2011,

Dual Carriageway and Goodlands bypass will be opened at Thursday

Both projects in the north, including the Dual Carriageway and Goodlands bypass as expected will be opened at Thursday by the Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam. The opening of these two main roads will greatly help drivers.

21 Mar 2011,

Accident with bus gimbal, March, 12 was an isolated case

Concerning the accident Saturday, March 12 in which a man head blown to pieces by the gimbal dropped from a bus of the NTC, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Transport reported that was an isolated case.

17 Mar 2011,