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Road congestion: a toll system by GPS advocated by the IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recommends choosing a toll system controlled by GPS (Global Positioning System). This policy of reform of the taxation of transport could possibly be a solution to the problem of traffic congestion. While working for the preservation and protection of the environment.

06 Jun 2011,

Bagatelle : infrastructure clé pour fluidifier le trafic

Si vous passez par l’autoroute M1, vous avez sans doute remarqué que les travaux du pont de Bagatelle et de ses bretelles avancent à grands pas.

06 Jun 2011,

Infrastructure: Rs 250 billion incurred over the next 10 years

Saturday, June 4 " Rs 250 billion should be mobilized over the next ten years to expand, improve and modernize our infrastructure. It's an ambitious agenda and an unprecedented investment! "said Pravind Jugnauth during a workshop on the National Infrastructure Investment Plan yesterday.

04 Jun 2011,

Projets : carte d’identité, métro léger et l’eau à un stade avancé

Sur 15 projets de Maurice en cours de discussion avec les autorités de Singapour, trois, à savoir la carte d’identité nationale, le Light Rail Transport et la restructuration du secteur de l’eau, ont atteint un stade avancé.

04 Jun 2011,

The Vigilant the patrol remained docked for five years seeks buyer

No offer has yet been submitted for the purchase of the Vigilant patrol of the National Coast Guard.This, after repairs that cost more than Rs 66 million. It was bought for Rs 322 million.

03 Jun 2011,

Mauritius to acquire new patrol vessel by 2014

Government will acquire a new offshore patrol vessel to replace the CGS Vigilant which has developed problems over years. Delivery of the new vessel is expected by September 2014.

02 Jun 2011,

A smokeless diesel against pollution

Stopping the vehicle smoke. For this, the State Trading Corporation (STC) plans to import a new type of diesel from 2012.This fuel will be more in line with international standards.

31 May 2011,

State monitoring of CSR important: PMSD

The contribution of the private sector via the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Fund is still being debated. On Saturday, during its weekly press conference, the Parti Social Mauricien Démocrate (PMSD) justified the importance of state monitoring in CSR plans, one week after employers, represented by the Mauritius Employers Federation, highlighted that the cozntribution should be [...]

30 May 2011, The Independent Daily

NTC: privatization is the only solution

Really, nothing goes in the National Transport Company (NTC). Given the debts it has accumulated in recent years, the state plans to privatize it to make it more profitable. A chart prepared by the NTC is examined by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and domestic transport.

25 May 2011,

Plaine-Lauzun the new bridge operational soon

You've probably noticed, the establishment of a bridge near the complex of Food Canners at Plaine-Lauzun, is being completed. From information obtained from the Road Development Authority (RDA) that this project on autroute between straw and Port-Louis was not in the plans.

24 May 2011,

CWA considers ban on car wash

The decision on outdoor water use restriction will be taken at the office of the minister of Energy and Public Utilities Rashid Beebeejaun this week.

23 May 2011,

Tanks to store 15,000 tons of fuel

A gain soon in the fuel sector. The State Trading Corporation (STC) will soon be able to build tanks to store some 15,000 tons of fuel.

23 May 2011,

Phoenix-Beaux Songes Link Road prête bientôt

La région Ouest sera, sous peu, plus accessible à un plus grand nombre de Mauriciens vivant sur le plateau central, avec la mise en service de la Phoenix-Beaux Songes Link Road. Les travaux de construction de la route Phoenix/Beaux-Songes, qui ont commencé en janvier 2009, sont complétés à 90 %. Dans deux mois cette route sera prête.

23 May 2011,

Smart IDS by september 2012

September 2012 could hand a smart card to all Mauritians. The project, first proposed in 1998, introduces a new national identity card containing all data of the citizen.

19 May 2011,

Anil Bachoo: "Turn on your headlights"

"Turn your headlights on Wednesday 11 May," asked the minister Anil Bachoo motorists, drivers and motorcyclists at the launch of the Global Plan of Action for the Decade for road safety 2011-2020.

11 May 2011,

No extension of the age of buses on roads

The government does not accede to the request of individual bus operators to extend the permitted age of buses on our roads.

09 May 2011,

Deputy Adil Ameer Meea interested in free transport system

MMM deputy, Adil Ameer Meea, will challenge the Minister of Public Infrastructure on the free transport service available to students, the elderly and disabled. He wants to know the exact amounts that were paid to each owner of buses from 2005 to date.

05 May 2011,

IMF make motorists pay more to beat pollution and traffic congestion

The International Monetary Fund has urged the Mauritian government to introduce a carbon tax, saying the island is a pioneer of green taxation and should continue to spearhead new initiatives to support its vision of sustainable development.

05 May 2011,

Oil prices soar on the world market

The price of oil hit $ 125.12 a barrel on the world market Tuesday, its highest level in two years

04 May 2011,

STC will pay Rs 475 for storing a ton of gas

The State Trading Corporation (STC) has come to an agreement with the company Escola, which belongs to Total and Shell, after several months of negotiations. If before, STC paid Rs 1284 for storing a ton of gas before, now that it will pay Rs 475, said a senior official of the agency at Morning.

04 May 2011,