Laws Mauritius

Pacific Fans Removed from Trade: Bill to Regulate Sale of Electrical Appliances In 2014

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has decided to act after the death occurred Thursday, November 14 binoculars Donald Kiara and Kayla, 8, by the lack of a fan that caused a fire in their room. Since then, two other ordnance fans were reported.

21 Nov 2013,

Assemblée Nationale : La Loi sur les Collectivités Locales Amendée

Les élus seront appelés à adopter prochainement des amendements à la Local Government Act. Il s’agit de prévoir un scénario en cas d’invalidation d’une élection par la Cour suprême, comme cela a été cas récemment pour le conseil de village de Petite-Rivière.

20 Nov 2013,

Using Your Mobile Phone in The Street Soon be Banned

After motorists, pedestrians are to be fined if they are caught using their mobile phones ... while they are on roads with heavy traffic. A law is being prepared in this way, says Ben Buntipilly, Advisor to the Prime Minister. It should enter into force in January.

19 Nov 2013,

New Consumer Protection Bill: Rogue Traders Disciplined

The discriminatory practices against consumers will be fined in the future. The Ministry of Industry and Trade will come forward soon with the New Consumer Protection Bill which seeks to protect consumers against dishonest traders. This new legislation will promote a series of measures, including a penalty of Rs 10,000 to Rs 250,000 for non-compliance with its provisions.

18 Nov 2013,

Imprisonment and Fine for Unlicensed Jewelers

Jewelers who do not register with the Assay Office risk a prison sentence of two years and a fine of Rs 100,000.

07 Nov 2013,

Central Market: This is not the Market

Activities at the central market are governed by new laws. They aim to create a more healthy for the consumer as well as for the commercial climate. But they are far from unanimous ...

29 Oct 2013,

Labour Law: Bad Employers Sanctioned

Bad employers are warned. The Ministry of Labour inspectors intensify actions on the ground to ensure the proper application of labor law within companies. Since the beginning of the year, 'Prohibition Orders' were served to 34 companies that have violated the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHC).

18 Oct 2013,

Dog Owners Beware: New Law

Do not let your dogs roam the streets. This could get you into trouble. Starting with prison sentences of up to six months.

25 Sep 2013,

Cyclones: Reckless Fined

The unwary who enjoy strolling through the streets or elsewhere during a cyclone will now verbalized and they must pay a fine. According to cross a National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Bill is also in preparation.

24 Sep 2013,

Medical Council: New Regulations Challenged by 250 Aspiring Doctors

Two hundred and fifty aspiring doctors (complainants) refuse to submit to an examination as part of their professional training. They believe that their initial contract makes no mention of such a control. They served a notice to the Medical Council and the Ministry of Health to express their disagreement.

24 Sep 2013,

Construction: State Freezes Recruitment Of Foreign Labor

Labour Minister Shakeel Mohamed announced Wednesday, Sept. 4 at a press conference that the government has decided to freeze all recruitment of foreign workers in the construction sector with immediate effect.

05 Sep 2013,

Wearing A Seatbelt Is debate

Wearing seat belts is compulsory for passengers sitting in the back seat of vehicles. The law passed several years is implemented with current operations of the police crack down.

31 Aug 2013,

Police Should Have Warned Drunk Driver Of Consequences Of Not Giving Blood Sample

Pursuant to section 123 H (5) of the Road Traffic Act, it is the duty of the police to warn the offender that refusing to give a sample of his blood can play against him in case he is being sued and this objection can be utilised in Court.

29 Aug 2013,

Conflicts Of Interest: When Impartiality Is In Doubt

Conflicts of interest can be multiple and even direct, indirect, family and various kinds. Such conflicts arise when a person or organization holds interests in combination with one or more partners. In Mauritius, this phenomenon is cyclically surface.

27 Aug 2013,

Need Permits For Contractors

They are 48 contractors to receive their Job Contractor's Permit in June. And they may well be the last, for the Ministry of Labour has decided that they will no longer have need. The objective of this decision: open the door to more contractors who previously had to meet a long list of criteria, which sometimes discouraged.

13 Aug 2013,

Mauritius Law Society : Virulente Sortie des Avoués Contre l’E-Filing du Judiciaire

Me V. Dwarka, président de la MLS : « C’est comme si demain on demandait aux médecins privés de financer l’amélioration des services de santé publique »

01 Aug 2013,

Criminal Appeal Amendment Bill: The Bill Passed Despite the Opposition

The opposition has consistently maintained that the bill was introduced too quickly in Parliament during the debate on the "Criminal Appeal Amendment Bill," Wednesday, July 24. But after several interventions, including the leaders of the opposition called for a national debate, this law was passed late in the evening.

25 Jul 2013,

Criminal Appeal Bill: Ganoo-Ramgoolam Meeting to Discuss Proposed Amendments

After the adjournment of the trial and the vote on the Criminal Appeal (Amendment) Bill , Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam awarded the Leader of the Opposition, Alan Ganoo. At this meeting, apprehensive about the bill and proposals will be discussed.

16 Jul 2013,

Job Contractor Permits: Employment Rights Act Amended

Since last June, following an amendment to the Employment Rights Act, the Ministry of Labour no longer provide 'Job Contractor Permits'. However, the absence of a permit raises several concerns.

08 Jul 2013,

Labor Laws: 'Shift Work' Amendment Not Enacted

The amendment to the new labor laws, on the 'shift work', has not yet been enacted contrary to the other 24 amendments that were voted.

08 Jul 2013,