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Health and Safety: 'Noise at work Regulations' in Force from Thursday

The Occupational Safety and Health (Noise at work) Regulations 2012 come into force on Thursday. These are regulations aimed at protecting workers against noise on work sites.

09 May 2013,

Work Permits for Foreigners : Application Process Reduced to 7 Days

Within a month, the application for a work permit for foreign workers process will be reduced to seven days. This was announced by the Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, Shakeel Mohamed, during a visit he made on Thursday May 2 at Star Knitwear factory in Coromandel.

05 May 2013,

New Technologies: The ICT Act Of 2001 Will Be Revised

The government will make changes to the ICT Act of 2001 to make it more appropriate to changes in the technology sector legislation. The bill, currently Parquet could be ready by August.

02 May 2013,

Passport: No Need in Signatures From Two Guarantor

The decision was taken. From April 30, 2013, a person who wishes to apply for passports will no longer need to have the signature of two leaders or professionals (doctors, lawyers, bank managers, among others) and form the rear of the passport photo.

21 Apr 2013,

Night Hunting Could be Banned

Night hunting, the use of guns capable of firing several shots in succession and the use of traps to capture animals are prohibited. It is recommended that the Native Terrestrial Biodiversity and National Parks Bill which will soon be presented to the National Assembly. With this bill, hunters will not be allowed to use bait, explosives, weapons, poison, traps and missiles containing a detonator.

18 Apr 2013,

Labour Laws: Amendments Voted

Two amendments to labor laws - the Employment Rights Act and the Employment Relations Act - were voted in the wee hours on Wednesday 10 April at the National Assembly. Ten MPs intervened to express their views on these amendments.

10 Apr 2013,

E-Judiciary: Entry of Commercial Litigation in Supreme Court Now Available Online

Lawyers can record trade complaints in court through the E-Judiciary from Thursday April 4. This service should accelerate administrative procedures.

04 Apr 2013,

The National Agricultural Products Regulatory Agency Bill Soon

A new bill, the National Agricultural Products Regulatory Agency (NAPRO) Bill will soon be presented to the National Assembly, at the initiative of the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security. It aims at the integration of the Tea Board, the Tobacco Board and regulatory functions of the Mauritius Meat Authority.

31 Mar 2013,

Purchases: Your Rights in a Supermarket

Errors pricing, promotions ghosts, defective products liability in case of damage or accident ... Your rights in case of problems in a supermarket.

13 Mar 2013,

Access to Public Beaches: Obstructs the Misunderstanding ...

Public beach, private right of way, space ... Conflicts between hoteliers and owners of waterfront bungalows and picnickers multiply and occasionally revive the debate on the accessibility to beaches and no geometric .

04 Mar 2013,

Property Tax

How to calculate the amount of property tax? City dwellers will have to familiarize themselves with this exercise, because this year, they will themselves make an assessment of their properties - the company formerly Government Valuation Department (GVD).

11 Feb 2013,

Real Estate Acquisition by Foreigners: A Journey Full of Tricks

Acquire property in Mauritius is a dream cherished many foreigners, for various reasons. Legislation, including the 'Non-Citizens Property Restriction Act' real estate transactions governed by foreigners.

16 Jan 2013,

Nightclubs Operators: New Conditions for License Obtaining

By May, operators of nightclubs should bring a Preliminary Environment Report (PER) demonstrating the ability to operate their business. For all operators of nightclubs, this report is the first step in the application of their operating license.

07 Nov 2012,

Mauritius Simplify Measures Of Passports Validity

Since 1 November 2012, the Mauritian government has said that the validity of the passport of a foreign national traveling to Mauritius must occur after the date of return of the person.

06 Nov 2012,

18 882 Employés Licenciés Depuis la Proclamation de la Loi du Travail de 2009

En moins de quatre ans, le secteur privé a licencié presque 19 000 de ses employés. Ce, en s’appuyant sur l’Employment Rights Act (ERiA) proclamé en février 2009. Le ministre Shakeel Mohamed annonce toutefois des amendements pour bientôt.

05 Nov 2012,

The Legal Aid Act 2012 in Force from November 5

The Legal Aid and Legal Assistance Act 2012 which came into force Monday, November 5 will allow much more people to have access to justice.

03 Nov 2012,

Being Studied: Law Governing Fairs And Exhibitions Organization

"Control the quality of products and protect consumers. "It is the goal of a new law on trade fairs, said a source at the Ministry of Commerce.

24 Sep 2012,

De Nouvelles Ouvertures Pour Les Aspirants Avocats

C’est la hantise des aspirants avocats. Passer l’examen d’admission au barreau à Maurice s’avère souvent être mission impossible.

31 Aug 2012,

Amendments to Law Practitioners, Court Ushers Acts effective in September

The Law Practitioners (Amendment) Act and the Court Ushers (Amendment) Act which were passed in the National Assembly in 2011 will come into operation on September 3 and 1, 2012 respectively.

30 Aug 2012,

Mauritius Spam Protection Bill & Child Online Protection bill

Mauritius wants to reinforce its legislative framework to deal with new threats on cyber-crime. The Minister of Information Technology and Communication (ICT), Tassarajen Chedumbrum Pillay, has announced two new laws tightening the fight against cyber crime in Mauritius. The objective is to deter cyber criminals and to protect Mauritian citizens online. “We want to make [...]The post Mauritius Spam Protection Bill & Child Online Protection bill appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

13 Aug 2012, KotZot