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Créneau Porteur : Recrutement En Hausse Des Ambassadrices De Vente Directe

Farmasi, Avon, Yves Rocher… Les Mauriciens ont un véritable engouement pour ces produits qui leur sont proposés à travers les ventes directes. C’est ce qui pousse les compagnies importatrices à recruter un plus grand nombre d’agents pour assurer l’écoulement des stocks.

20 Sep 2017,

Ventes En Hausse, Euro 2016: Ces Commerces Qui Saisissent La Balle Au Bond

Nous sommes à quelques jours du coup d’envoi de l’Euro 2016. Les Mauriciens sont nombreux à se préparer à suivre les matchs. Pour certains commerces, c’est l’occasion à ne pas rater pour faire de bonnes affaires.

10 Jun 2016,

6 Ways to Make Smarter Cold Calls

Cold calling takes time and effort, so you want to be certain that both are spent wisely. Here are six cold-calling suggestions based on a conversation with Tom Black, author of The Boxcar Millionaire.

14 Nov 2013,

2 Little Words to Close More Sales

Are your prospects ready to buy? Eliminate the surprise factor and find out well before the close. Here's how.

06 Nov 2013,

4 Terrible Email Sales Tactics

There are a few sales tactics that get me annoyed time and time again. Consider what you could change to better resonate with your prospects.

19 Oct 2013,

How to Sell Without Feeling Sleazy

Years ago, I found myself at a job where my success depended on the ability to sell. This was the first time I’d ever had sales directly impact my job performance and I convinced myself that because I was social, I could sell with little to no effort.

10 Oct 2013,

Sales Secret: 'Why' Is More Important Than 'What'

Rather than "tell what" you're selling, "show why" they're buying.

04 Oct 2013,

8 Silly Phrases Marketers Should Avoid

When marketers use these silly phrases, it means that they're probably wasting money.

04 Oct 2013,

7 Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople

A staggering amount has been written on how to be a good salesperson. A lot of it is great, but there's an easy way to cut through the clutter.

27 Sep 2013,

7 Easy Ways to Outshine the Competition

Want to win more business without dropping your price? Here are seven time-proven techniques to ensure that your customers alway think of you, before they even consider your competition.

26 Sep 2013,

Sales Rule No. 1: Start a Simple Conversation

Don't try to sell at the beginning of a customer relationship.

23 Sep 2013,

Apple Could Sell As Many As 1 Million iPhone 5c In First-Day Preorders

Apple AAPL -1.64% began talking pre-orders for its colorful lower-priced iPhone 5c today, and one analyst says the company could sell as many as 1 million in 24 hours among non-tech savvy customers who like the new color options.

17 Sep 2013,

12 Phrases to Avoid in Sales Emails

Avoid these common phrases in your sales and marketing emails.

16 Sep 2013,

Own the Negatives When Selling

Three tips from a midmarket CEO who's been there, done that.

09 Sep 2013,

The Evolution Of Hotel Room Distribution

While the old-fashioned channels cannot be forgotten, revenue managers are shifting their focus to the channels that are growing the fastest, such as metasearch and mobile.

30 Aug 2013,

Storytelling Guide for Those Who Stink at Storytelling

Not a natural storyteller? This simple structure can help everyone shape a compelling personal or business narrative.

22 Aug 2013,

Heads Does One to the End of the Crisis? Europe Emerges From Recession, Mauritius Begins to Hope

The euro zone is boosted by the release of the health of the German economy and the surprise growth rebound in France recession. New warmly welcomed by economists and Mauritian operators. Are we so far out of the woods? Our tourism and our manufacturing sector will they finally breathe? Word experts.

20 Aug 2013,

6 Dumb Lies Bad Salespeople Tell

Never try to begin a business relationship by telling a lie-- especially these hoary but common examples.

19 Aug 2013,

How to Take Better Photos When Selling Things Online

When you're selling stuff online—be it via eBay, Craigslist, or just on Facebook—the right photo can make all the difference. Before you take a snapshot with your webcam in a dimly lit bedroom, there are a few things you should consider.

19 Aug 2013,

The Sales Rule Most Entrepreneurs Break

Have you ever been in a situation where you are the buyer and the sales experience is uneasy, maybe even aggressive or confrontational? We all have.

16 Aug 2013,

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