Rodrigues Mauritius

Nouvelle Carte d'Identité: Rodrigues Boucle l’Exercice de Conversion dès la Fin de Ce Mois

Il ne reste plus que quelques jours pour que les Rodriguais se fassent enregistrer pour la nouvelle carte d'identité biométrique. En effet, l’exercice qui a débuté le 13 janvier dernier touchera à sa fin le lundi 30 juin.

16 Jun 2014,

Sacs en Plastique: l’Interdiction en Vigueur à Rodrigues Sous Fortes Protestations

Rodrigues marque le coup pour la Journée mondiale de l’environnement ce jeudi 5 juin. C’est aujourd’hui que l’interdiction de la vente des sacs en plastique prend effet.

06 Jun 2014,

Rodrigues: l’Interdiction d’Utiliser des Sacs en Plastique Atterrit en Cour

«Déjà que le pouvoir d’achat des Rodriguais a considérablement baissé, désormais avec ces règlements, ils seront encore plus réticents à acheter. Si kan konsomater pe aste enn zafer konzele e li pena sak plastik pou met li, li kler ki li pa pou aste», soutient un commerçant rodriguais.

29 May 2014,

Start for Rodrigues Products

Real boost to entrepreneurship of Rodrigues. New? First, the official launch of Rodrigues stalls shopping center Grand Bay, Thursday, April 17. And, on occasion, the agreement between the two parties was signed in the presence of Deputy Chief Commissioner, Marie Rose Fanchette Gaspard Pierre-Louis.

22 Apr 2014,

MK Flight Disrupted Due to a Technical Problem

Technical problem on an Air Mauritius from Rodrigues on Tuesday, April 15. The plane was not able to take off from the airport Plaine-Corail, the flight has been rescheduled for today, Wednesday, April 16. This was indicated by the national airline in a statement issued later this afternoon.

16 Apr 2014,

Vols MK Vers Rodrigues: Lignes Perturbées ce Dimanche

Il n’y a pas eu de vol vers Rodrigues hier. Au total quatre vols, à destination de Rodrigues ou en partance vers Maurice, ont été perturbés en raison de problèmes techniques.

13 Apr 2014,

Shipping: Private Firm Interested in Mauritius Pride

A private firm could be interested in acquiring the MV Mauritius Pride . According to lexpress information, the firm has already approached the Mauritius Shipping Corporation (MSC) to visit the ship.

10 Apr 2014,

Stopping the Mauritius Pride Operations: Rodrigues Fears of Lack of Food

The MV Mauritius Trochetia lonly on the path Mauritius-Rodrigues, since Mauritius Pride have stop operation, worries Rodrigues traders.

06 Apr 2014,

Rodrigues: March Against Mauritius Pride Removal

The withdrawal of the ship Mauritius Pride on serving Mauritius-Rodrigues was the focus of discussions in a meeting between the Rodrigues Council of Social Services (RCSS) and social actors Mont-Plaisir, March 12. The participants decided to organize a peaceful march in Port-Mathurin, Saturday, March 22, to protest against this decision.

20 Mar 2014,

Mauritius in Rain This Weekend

Umbrellas should be released this weekend. According to a weather forecaster station Vacoas, the eastern regions and highlands should particularly be watered this Saturday, March 15.

15 Mar 2014,

Rodrigues: Many Roads Impassable

The Chief Commissioner Serge Clair met in emergency Rodrigues Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee at the conference room of the Central Administration Rodrigues at 9 am Friday, March 14. A decision following the notice to torrential rain on Rodrigues issued by the weather service.

14 Mar 2014,

Rodrigues Under Water

Heavy clouds threatening and overran the sky at Rodrigues,. All schools have closed their doors this Friday, March 14th Rodrigues. This, after the torrential rain of the national weather station from 4:00 am. The authorities are on the alert.

14 Mar 2014,

Storms: Warning System to Set Up Soon

A new warning system should be operational by July 2015.

14 Mar 2014,

Avis de Pluies Torrentielles à Rodrigues

Dans son premier bulletin à 4 h 20 ce matin vendredi 14 mars 2014, la Station de météo nationale a émis un avis de pluie torrentielles à Rodrigues.

14 Mar 2014,

Trochetia: Mauritius-Rodrigues 20% Cheaper, Demand MSC

The ticket price ranges between Rs 5,500 and Rs 10,500 for a trip on the Mauritius Trochetia . Is much more expensive than edge of Mauritius Pride. The Mauritius Shipping Corporation (MSC) has asked the government to reduce by 20% the price of the ticket Mauritius-Rodrigues aboard Trochetia replacing the Mauritius Pride on the line in recent weeks.

11 Mar 2014,

Technical Failure: Air Mauritius Plane Blocked at Plaine-Corail

The flight MK 121 was taking off from the airport Plaine-Corail, Rodrigues this morning, Monday, March 10, to get to Mauritius. While the passengers were all already on board, they were landed at the last minute. That, due to a technical failure.

10 Mar 2014,

Rodrigues: Use of Plastic Bags Banned

Up to Rs 500. This is what will soon charge users of plastic bags in Rodrigues. The Regional Assembly voted in favor of a new law banning their use. Repeat offenders will be liable to a fine not exceeding Rs 1,000.

06 Mar 2014,

Kitesurf 2014 Appointment at June 25

The first edition had a great success. And developers still want to attract more participants Kite Festival this year. It will be held from June 25 to 29 in Rodrigues.

19 Feb 2014,

New Identity Card: Procedures Launched Rodrigues

Rodriguans can now proceed with the registration to obtain the new ID card. A team from Mauritius National Identity Scheme has settled in the center of Port-Mathurin conversion earlier this week. She remained there until June.

25 Jan 2014,

Five Officers of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly Arrested by ICAC

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) arrested Tuesday, 21 January five officers of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly (RRA). They are provisionally charged with failing to comply with the procedures related to the granting of a security contract to a private company in 2009.

21 Jan 2014,