Rodrigues Mauritius

Hotel Development Scheme: Rs 600 m to the Claimed Rodrigues Regional Assembly

The Rodrigues Regional Assembly (RRA) faces a claim of Rs 600 million in the Supreme Court for refusing to approve a hotel project Ecorod Ltd firm. It intends to build 25 bungalows in Saint-François.

27 Mar 2013,

A Low Intensity Earthquake Recorded In The Area-Mauritius-Reunion Rodrigues

Several centers seismological observation showed Tuesday night, an earthquake measuring 5 on the Richter scale. It occurred 300 kilometers east of Rodrigues, in an area between the Mascarene Islands.

21 Mar 2013,

Rodrigues Status in the Republic

The fate of Rodrigues after 45 years of independence was central to discussions of the Grand Journal last Monday. The guests spoke in turn about the history of the island and their expectations. The program was conducted in the premises of the Book Café in Baie-des Lascars, Rodrigues.

13 Mar 2013,

Billet d’Avion Rodrigues-Maurice: Retour à l’Ancienne Structure Tarifaire

Air Mauritius a décidé de suspendre la nouvelle structure tarifaire pour la desserte de Rodrigues à compter du 20 février 2013.

19 Feb 2013,

Entre Maurice et Rodrigues: des Billets d’Avion Plus Chers

Voilà une nouvelle qui risque de faire des vagues. A partir du 1er février le coût de certains billets d’avion entre Maurice et Rodrigues avoisinera les Rs 13 000.

31 Jan 2013,

Rs 5,160 Airfare, Air Mauritius Extends its Rodrigues Promotion

The promotional holiday rate to Rodrigues is now valid for an additional period of one year, until 31 December 2013.

27 Dec 2012,

Rodrigues: the 245 General Workers Laid Off Soon?

The Public Service Commission (PSC) will conduct does the dismissal of General Workers Rodrigues 245 by the end of this month? In any case, twenty of them have received a letter this Tuesday, 4 December informing them that they would be dismissed.

04 Dec 2012,

Ministry of Sports Will Extend Facilities to Rodrigues

Mauritius will be in the limelight in several international meets in 2013. The World FIFA Congress will be hosted in May 2013. Delegates from over 200 countries are expected to participate in the congress.

29 Nov 2012,

Financial Services Commission Campaign Rodrigues

The financial services sector is growing. The FSC, which wants economic operators benefit Rodrigues sent a delegation to the island to conduct an awareness campaign.

29 Nov 2012,

First Private Medical Practice at Rodrigues

Rodrigues with a first opening a private practice in Port Mathurin. The initiative came from the doctor Legoff Mary-Jane. It has just returned home after having worked for some time in Mauritius.

27 Nov 2012,

Unusual Coral

A most unusual discovery was made by the family of Nicole Roche-Bois. This happened last August while on vacation in Rodrigues.

21 Nov 2012,

After Ten Years: Rodrigues Autonomy In Below Expectations

Ten years Rodrigues is autonomous and has a regional government, the island has certainly made a big leap democratic. But progress has been slow economically and socially.

12 Oct 2012,

Ten Years Of Rodrigues Autonomy: Night Show And Concert, King-Camp On 12 October

"We will celebrate 10 years of independence of Rodrigues with great pride because it is an asset that belongs to all Rodriguans. "It is in these terms that the chief Assistant Commissioner Franchette Gaspard Pierre-Louis, spoke at a press conference in Port-Mathurin Wednesday, October 11.

11 Oct 2012,

50 year old found dead in Rodrigues

The Port Mathurin Criminal Investigation Division (CID) had opened an enquiry following the discovery of the body of a man in La Ferme Waterfall in Rodrigues on Sunday. The victim Noel St Pierre aged 50 was an inhabitant of Montagne du Sables and was reported missing since Saturday. According to sources, the victim bore multiple [...]

09 Sep 2012, The Independent Daily

Jean Dario Samkow: From Fisherman To Multimillionaire Overnight

Jean Dario Samkow will the Rodrigues richest in terms of liquidity in a few days. It will affect the amount of Rs 36 million. His village is in turmoil. (Photo: Tan Ah Kee Store owner Saint George in the Grand Fouche Corail).

02 Sep 2012,

New Jackpot Of Rs 71 Million: Event In Mauritius And Rodrigues

There in never been before. Two players, one Rodrigues, found the right combination of latest lotto draw. It s waiting to know who the lucky winners.

02 Sep 2012,

Rodrigues asks for transport subsidy

The Rodrigues Government Employees Union (RGEA) and the Rodrigues Public Service Workers Union (RPSWU) in collaboration with the Federation of Public Sector and Other Unions (FSSSP) held a press meet on Thursday in Port Louis to comment on the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) report. The presidents of RGEA and RPSWU, Alain Toltize and Stevenson Claire [...]

23 Aug 2012, The Independent Daily

Agreement Emtel / Gateway to Improve Communication Maurice-Agaléga-Rodrigues

The telecommunications firm Gateway, which operates in Africa, has signed an agreement with the company Emtel to allow subscribers to Rodrigues and Agalega (photo) to communicate by cell phone.

11 Aug 2012,

Mobile connectivity improved in Rodrigues and Agalega

Emtel has recently been granted connectivity solution by Gateway Communications , a supplier of pan-African telecommunications services for Rodrigues and Agalega islands. Connecting the islands The islands frequently experienced weak links and outages often brought on by bad weather. Emtel Ltd, a division of the Millicom International Cellular (MIC) group – approached Gateway Communications for [...]The post Mobile connectivity improved in Rodrigues and Agalega appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

01 Aug 2012, KotZot

Rodrigues hit by earthquake magnitude 5.8

A 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck in the early hours Thursday in the Indian Ocean off Mauritius Island, the US Geological Service informed. The earthquake’s epicentre was only 6 miles deep, but was 240 miles from Port Mathurin on the island of Rodrigues, and some 600 miles from the Mauritius islands capital Port Louis. Tsunami Warning after [...]The post Rodrigues hit by earthquake magnitude 5.8 appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

26 Jul 2012, KotZot