Rodrigues Mauritius

Rodrogues, Marine Resources: Octopus Fishing Closed for Two Months

Fishing ourites will be closed from August 5 to 7 October 2013. This was announced, the Commissioner of Fisheries, Richard Payendee, during a press briefing in Port Mathurin yesterday Tuesday, July 2.

04 Jul 2013,

Une Erreur de l’Assemblée Régionale de Rodrigues Coûte Cher à Gibb Mauritius

Coup dur pour le cabinet de consultants Gibb (Mauritius) Ltd (GML). L’Independent Review Panel (IRP) a rejeté la semaine dernière la contestation de ce dernier sur l’allocation d’un contrat à Servansingh Jadav & Partners (SJP) concernant les services de consultants pour des travaux d’infrastructures à Rodrigues.

29 Jun 2013,

Swells More than 4 Meters Expected in Mauritius and Rodrigues

Vigilance is required in the lagoons. Swells more than four meters are expected on the coast of Mauritius and Rodrigues.

20 Jun 2013,

Pêche Hauturière : La Maison des Pêcheurs Pleinement Opérationnelle

La Maison des pêcheurs tourne à plein régime. Les bateaux des cinq sociétés coopératives de pêche ont quitté Pointe Monier, le lundi 10 juin et seront de retour d’ici ce samedi 15 juin. Ils possèdent aujourd’hui les équipements nécessaires pour pratiquer la pêche professionnelle et sont à leur huitième sortie depuis le début de l’année.

18 Jun 2013,

2nd Show Training and Trade: Sustainable Development is Heart of Business

Three days, 40 stands, ten sectors, a conference debate and exhibition and sale. The second room training and trades will be held this year from June 6 to 8 in Malabar.

31 May 2013,

Tourism 2013: One Million Arrivals

According to Statistics Mauritius, 990,000 tourists expected, an increase of 2.5% compared to 2012

21 May 2013,

Rodrigues: Drivers Shun Penalty Points

" Si nou pran enn masin ek li pa en bon eta, se nou sofer ki pou gagn problem avek nou lisens. Mo trouv sa pa normal»"says the driver of the Regional Assembly. From its part, police not agree." Every driver should check his vehicle before hitting the road. And if it finds that the vehicle is not in good standing, it is his duty to refuse to drive. It is his responsibility . "

20 May 2013,

Rodrigues: Training Program for 22 Entrepreneurs

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) is redoubling its efforts to promote the development of human resources in Rodrigues. It has launched a training program for 22 entrepreneurs Rodrigues Thursday.

17 May 2013,

Internet: Europe Wants to Finance the Cable to Rodrigues

The Government of Mauritius plans to link Rodrigues and Mauritius through a submarine cable to optical fiber. Europe is ready to participate in the financing of this project.

07 May 2013,

Lotto: Winning Ticket of Rs 40.9 Million Validated at Rodrigues

There is new multimillionaire at Rodrigues thanks for the Lotto . The winning ticket of Rs 40, 934, 535 has been validated Happy Corner, in the Baie-aux-Huitres, Rodrigues.

28 Apr 2013,

Illegal Bets at Rodrigues: Three New Arrests

After the arrests of brothers Ashwin and Kevin N. during the weekend, three other suspects were shuttered in the investigation of a network of illegal bets on horse races between Rodrigues and Mauritius.

23 Apr 2013,

Rodrigues: Seriously Injured Transferred to Hospital in Mauritius

A serious car accident early Thursday morning in the area of Great Mountain, Rodrigues was injured.

19 Apr 2013,

Imelda: A 20% Crops Damaged in Rodrigues

With the lifting of any hurricane warning in the early evening Monday and tropical cyclone Imelda its closest point of the island late in the afternoon, Rodrigues woke up this morning with consequent damage to the agriculture and roads impassable because of obstructions mainly as uprooted trees and branches.

18 Apr 2013,

Air Mauritius: Resuming Flights to Rodrigues

Air flights to Rodrigues resumed in early afternoon on Tuesday, April 16.

16 Apr 2013,

Imelda: Alert 4 for Rodrigues

Rodrigues undergoes extreme cyclonic conditions with Imelda presence in the region. For 15 hours, Monday, April 15, the island went on alert 4.

15 Apr 2013,

Rodrigues: 7000 Houses Without Electricity, Hundred People in Refuge Centers

The weather has deteriorated significantly in Rodrigues where a cyclone warning class 3 is in force since Monday morning. At noon, 7,000 customers were without electricity, according to the correspondent of Radio Plus Port Mathurin, Jean-François Collet.

15 Apr 2013,

Imelda: Rodrigues III Alert, No Warning in Mauritius

Imelda tropical cyclone moved away from Mauritius, but came close to Rodrigues where a warning class III is in force since 4:30 Monday morning.

15 Apr 2013,

Internet: 155 Mbps Connection to Rodrigues

Mauritius Telecom offer a 155 Mbps connection to Rodrigues from next July. This project follows a budgetary measure the Minister of Finance.

10 Apr 2013,

Weather: Mauritius, Reunion and Rodrigues Under the Threat of the Next Storm Imelda

According to the CMRS, Imelda become intense cyclone by Thursday, and a shift in its trajectory closer to the South Mascarene

07 Apr 2013,

Permis à Points : Les Chauffeurs d’Autobus Disent «Non»

«Nou pa le permi a pwin dan Rodrig.» Claudino Larose, le porte-parolede la Bus and Lorry Drivers Association (BLDA) ne mâche pas ses mots. La BLDA a réuni la presse, le vendredi 22 mars, pour dire son opposition au permis à points.

30 Mar 2013,