Rodrigues Mauritius

CPE: Catch Exams Take Place this Friday at Rodrigues

They were to take place last week, but had been postponed because of Hurricane Amara. The catch exams for students who failed the CPE will finally take place this Friday, December 27 in Rodrigues. The results should be available on December 30.

27 Dec 2013,

Cyclone Amara: Electricity Supply Restored More Than 50% at Rodrigues

The biggest damage was caused to the electrical grid, leaving the power to the people, and plantations.

23 Dec 2013,

Post-Amara: Rodrigues Rises Gradually

Amara winds caused extensive damage to Rodrigues, including damaging the mains. And after the start of the cyclone, aid is organized to allow the island to recover. A contingent of CEB and SMF leaves this morning Mauritius to assist local teams in repairs.

22 Dec 2013,

Cyclone Amara Rodrigues on High Alert

Gusts of 152 km / h recorded at Pointe Canon in particular. Intense tropical cyclone Amara hit hard Rodrigues. The alert has been triggered 4 this Saturday, Dec. 21. Of tidal waves and flooding in coastal areas are expected, indicates the weather station.

21 Dec 2013,

Cyclone Amara Blackout and Flood Rodrigues

Iron sheets swept away by strong gusts, power poles down, riffles overwhelmed ... The damage is considerable Rodrigues, who suffered the wrath of intense tropical cyclone Amara.

21 Dec 2013,

Rodrigues: Examinations Remedial CPE Canceled

They had to start this Friday, Dec. 20. But up exams for the Certificate of Primary Education were canceled at Rodrigues Island because of alert 3. However, exams are held in Mauritius draft and Agalega.

20 Dec 2013,

Amara: Rodrigues Alert 3

Rodrigues is on alert since 3 this morning, Friday, December 20. All flights were canceled.

20 Dec 2013,

Amara: Rodrigues Alert 2, Possible Hurricane Warning at Mauritius

Intense tropical cyclone Amara is closer to our area.

19 Dec 2013,

Weather: Rodrigues Alert 1

Amara, which intensified into a severe tropical cyclone overnight, approached Rodrigues. The weather station has issued a cyclone warning Class 1 in the island on Thursday December 19.

19 Dec 2013,

Rodrigues: Refusedl to Submit to a Breathalyzer Test, Driver Suffering from Throat Cancer Acquitted

Prosecuted for refusing to submit to an alcohol test, due to throat cancer, Canarapen Goinsamy was acquitted. The magistrate of the Court of Rodrigues justifies its decision by the fact that the police could not prove that the suspect had driven while intoxicated.

16 Nov 2013,

Budget 2014 - Rodrigues and Agalega: Boost Developments

Unlike the previous Budget, the measures announced in 2014 that aim to maximize the potential development of Rodrigues and Agalega.

11 Nov 2013,

Rodrigues : MBC, Rs 2 M de Dégâts dans l’Incendie d’un 4x4

Incendie spectaculaire dans la région de Grande-Montagne, Rodrigues. Un 4x4 de la Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, qui négociait un virage, a été la proie des flammes. Aucun des quatre occupants du véhicule n’a été blessé mais les dégâts matériels sont estimés à plus de Rs 2 millions.

08 Nov 2013,

Rodrigues, Budget: Rs 172 Million Allocated for Drinking Water Production

The Chief Commissioner has presented this Friday, September 27, the second budget of the regional government. Key points: improving water and agricultural development.

30 Sep 2013,

Orange Launches 3G + And 4G Rodrigues

Ten years after the mobile phone with Rodrigues, Orange covers the island in 3G + and the Port-Mathurin 4G. The launch took place on August 17 at Domaine La Détente in Eau Claire.

22 Aug 2013,

Weather: Strong Swells in Mauritius and Rodrigues

The meteorological station issued a special bulletin 16 hours Tuesday, August 20 to warn the public of the risks of heavy swells in Mauritius and Rodrigues, Wednesday. The waves may break on the southern coast and the west.

21 Aug 2013,

Internet Rodrigues Minister Pillay Promises a Faster Connection

"Rodrigues will soon have a bandwidth of 37 to 155 megabits per second by the end of the year." So says Minister Tassarajen Chedumbrum Pillay at the show InfoTech Rodrigues 2013, launched this Saturday, August 17 in the presence of the Chief Commissioner Serge Clair.

21 Aug 2013,

Road Service To Rodrigues: First Victory for RodClean

The company Clean Rod will not close its doors. Following the call for tenders issued by the authorities Rodrigues for beach management and cleaning of roads, this is the company that submitted the lowest bid. This, after the opening of the "Tender Box" Tuesday, August 13.

15 Aug 2013,

Local Products: Rodrigues's Coffee Promises Bright Future

Rodrigues has a promising future in that it is the production of quality coffee. Moreover since a Monday workshop is hosted on planting and production of the product from sixty participants in Malabar. Its goal is to promote local products.

15 Aug 2013,

Second Temporary Closure of Ourites Fishing

Since Monday, August 5, the fishing is prohibited ourites Rodrigues. And, until 6 September 2013. Local authorities are of the opinion that this temporary closure will reduce overexploitation of ourites while allowing the species to reproduce.

07 Aug 2013,

Rodrigues RodClean Employees on Strike

As of this morning, the RodClean employees went on strike. There is anger against the authorities after the decision to launch a tender to open the market to competitors.

04 Jul 2013,