Fraud Mauritius

Whitedot Case: Rs 375 Million to Date

Based on information provided to date by customers Whitedot, the central bank estimated Rs 275 million the value of deposits. For its part, the police estimated Rs 100 million for seized assets.

04 Apr 2013,

Sunkai Co Ltd: Harry Sookun, Partenaire Présumé de Bimla Ramloll

Bimla Ramloll, alias « Madame Kaba », déjà impliquée dans une affaire de pots-de-vin avec l’allocation des étals de la foire de Quatre-Bornes, constate que le monde autour d’elle s’écroule.

04 Apr 2013,

Alleged Fraud of Rs 700 Million: BoM Had Received an Anonymous Letter Nov. 27, 2012

The alleged fraud of Rs 700 million from a Ponzi scheme caused much ink to Mauritius. Why the authorities have been slow to break before? Defi Media learned that the Bank of Mauritius had been informed of the matter at November 27, 2012. The anonymous letter, however, is not reached the Gouverneur Bheenick.

03 Apr 2013,

Sunkai Case: Husband of Bhimla Ramloll Arrested

The husband of Bhimla Ramloll arrested by the Central CID. He went to the barracks stations this morning, accompanied by his lawyer Yusuf Handary.

02 Apr 2013,

Ponzi Scheme: Sunkai Co Ltd Promises to Repay Investments

Investors Sunkai Co Ltd will be able to push a sigh of relief as opposed to those of White Dot International Consultancy Limited. In a press release yesterday signed by the attorney Mr Rajendra Appajala, customers with investments in the company are advised that refunds will be made.

01 Apr 2013,

Whitedot Case: Two Banks Had Alerted the FIU in 2012

The Financial Intelligence Unit would it failed in its role? In April 2012, the bank had attracted his attention on suspicious transactions in bank accounts Whitedot International Consultancy Ltd. A few months later, it was the turn of another bank to pull the alarm.

01 Apr 2013,

Rs 700 Million Fraud: Arun Mossuddee Nine Partners

All eyes are on the young Arun Mossuddee, aged 23. After mounting his first company in 2008 at the age of 19, he sold six companies Bheemal Bissessur in January 2013 to set sail for England. All foreign partners are women.

30 Mar 2013,

Whitedot Aftermath: the Sunkai Director Arrested

Director of Sunkai Company Ltd, Bimla Ramloll, was arrested by the Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) due to its activities like the Ponzi scheme. She proclaims her innocence and said his company operates legally.

30 Mar 2013,

Alleged Fraud of Rs 700 M: 400 Complaints to the BoM in Two Days. Other Companies in the Crosshairs

Whitedot International Consultancy Ltd would be a business among others. Other juggling millions of rupees are in the viewfinder of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) and the Central Bank (BoM).

29 Mar 2013,

Whitedot Case: Sanjeev Luchoomun Declared His Innocence; Arun Mussodee Said He Sold His "actions" Bheemal Bissessur for Rs 800 M

Sanjeev Luchoomun, one of the suspects in the alleged fraud of Rs 700 million, said he had nothing to do with this case. He told Radio Plus this Thursday, March 28.

29 Mar 2013,

Whitedot Case: Fourth Arrest

While in the case of rain denunciations Whitedot a fourth suspect was arrested. Director of MiWay, a rental car is behind bars.

29 Mar 2013,

Whitedot Case: Arun Mossuddee Claims to Have Sold all its Subsidiaries

The crackdown in case Whitedot only just begun. The Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) has gone on other sightings after his arrest triple past 48 hours. The examination of Arun Mussoodee, the third suspect arrested resume Friday.

28 Mar 2013,

Whitedot Case: Arun Mossuddee And Sanjeev Lachoomun Arrested. The Amount of Fraud Could be Around Rs 1 Billion

While the examination of Arun Mossuddee, the alleged mastermind of the transfer of Rs 700 million, continued to Barracks central business partner Sanjeev Lachoomun, was also arrested. Bheemal Bissessur rest in custody.

28 Mar 2013,

Whitedot Case: Arrest and Fifty Complaints

The CCID has made an arrest in the case of fraud of Rs 700 million. Bheemal Bissessur is the first of a series of alleged crooks who are in the sight of the police. For its part, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) froze the accounts of pizza Napoletana.

28 Mar 2013,

Alleged Fraud of Rs 700 Million: Police Conducts Two Arrests

Twists in the investigation into the alleged fraud of Rs 700 million. Late in the evening of Tuesday, police arrested two protagonists of this case. In the wee hours Wednesday, investigators had sealed to the premises of the company in Ebony.

27 Mar 2013,

Scam: Rs 700 Million Transferred to Switzerland

A businessman complained to the Central Criminal Investigation Division (CCID), against his partner, whom he accuses of having transferred Rs 700 million in Switzerland. This money would come from a scam that has trapped hundreds of clients. The Bank of Mauritius (BoM) has launched a warning.

26 Mar 2013,

Alleged Real Estate Fraud: Justice Rejects Complaint South African Rory Kirk

The Supreme Court issued an interlocutory judgment on part of the trial in protest of South African Rory Kirk Timol against the brothers. It believes it is premature to rule on the personal liability of promoters.

14 Mar 2013,

Il lui Avait Donné Rs 121 000: Un Médecin Berné par un Importateur de Voitures

Un médecin généraliste voulait s’acheter une nouvelle voiture. Un importateur de véhicules, âgé de 22 ans, lui avait promis une Toyota Prius à Rs 584 000.

12 Mar 2013,

Infinity BPO Saga: Gérald Bouillaud Ordered to Pay Rs 8 M

Justice Paul Lam Shang Leen ordered Gérald Bouillaud, the former CEO of Infinity BPO call center to pay Rs 8 million to the company. That in a judgment delivered on Thursday before the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court, in the absence of the person concerned.

08 Mar 2013,

Ponzi Pyramid: Beware of Scam!

The Financial Services Commission and the Bank of Mauritius Mauritius put the public on guard against the Ponzi scheme. System or Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent financial arrangement is to pay customers' investments, primarily by funds provided by new entrants.

27 Feb 2013,