Fraud Mauritius

Pots Of Wine Rs 30 M: Boskalis Continued with Chady and Maunthrooa

After seven years of investigation with the Central CID took over the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) on the instruction of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Satyajit Boolell, Senior Counsel, formal charges were to be housed, this morning, before the Intermediate Court in the scandal of bribes bribes of Rs 30 million, known as Boskalis case.

16 Feb 2013,

Illegal Job Agencies

We are already in 2013. We notice that there are many job agents about, canvassing for both local and overseas jobs. One should be very careful not to fall in such a trap.

06 Jan 2013,

Food Imports: Rs 1 Million Scam by Business Partner

The business of importing food is often lucrative, but for those starting out, you must be vigilant. This is the bitter experience of a 30 year old man, who wanted a new challenge. In the end, it was ripped from Rs 1 million by her business partner.

06 Jan 2013,

Pour Duper Son Assurance : Il Orchestre le Vol de Son Camion

K.B., 43 ans, voulait se faire de l'argent sur le dos de l'assurance, mais a échoué. Il s'en mord les doigts. Le 16 décembre, cet habitant de Petite-Julie a rapporté que son camion, garé à la rue Diégo-Garcia à Port-Louis, a été volé. Il avait même porté plainte au poste de police de Plaine-Verte. Mais il s'avère que cette affaire de vol était montée de toutes pièces.

06 Jan 2013,

Two Malaysians Expelled for Fake Credit Cards Possession

They came to shop with fake credit cards. With 66 fake credit cards. Intercepted them off the plane, the two Malaysians aged 31 and 38 years were immediately expelled.

31 Dec 2012,

Our Brains Weren’t Hardwired To Catch Con Artists

Why we fall victims to scams and bad sales tricks

24 Dec 2012,

Electronic Fraud: Director's Bank Account Plundered

"I do not understand ..." The director, a resident of Grand Bay, aged 38, fell from the sky to discover that the withdrawals were made without his knowledge in his bank account.

29 Oct 2012,

International Telephony: Fraud Tracking System Blocked

The international telephone operators do not understand why the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) can not implement the Fraud Tracking System, despite the fact that this measure has the force of law for two years.

24 Oct 2012,

Fraude Immobilière Alléguée : Deux Frères Timol Arrêtés

Il y a deux semaines, le leader de l’Opposition, Paul Bérenger, avait qualifié cette affaire de « fraude immobilière massive » lors d’une conférence presse. Le Central CID (CCID) n’a pas tardé à ouvrir une enquête.

20 Oct 2012,

Alleged Real Estate Fraud: It Was Criticized For Family Timol

Dozens of "victims" including banks, with losses amounting to hundreds of millions of rupees. That is the assessment of a "massive real estate fraud," which would have continued in Mauritius for several years, until 2011, according to critics of the project proponents.

15 Oct 2012,

Allegations: Lord Stephen Aldridge Accused Of Fraud In Mauritius

Britain Stephen Anthony Aldridge is accused of fraudulently registered in the name of a car company Mordaunt Estates, where he was the director. The company is claiming in a civil action as 615,000 pounds, or Rs 30.6 million.

01 Oct 2012,

Airport: Expulsion Of Six Malaysians In Possession Of 146 Fake Credit Cards

Malaysians, driven to the airport Wednesday, September 26, 2012, wanted to make purchases with fake credit cards. One of them was wanted in Bahrain for purchases with credit card fraud.

28 Sep 2012,

Online Banking Fraud: More Cases Reported to Police

The Internet banking seems to have become the new hunting ground for hackers. Several cases of bank fraud online have been reported to the police. An investigation is currently underway to determine the identity fraudsters.

02 Mar 2012,

Mauritius Duty Free Paradise case will be handed to the Director of Public Prosecutions

41 people were questioned

27 Apr 2011,

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