Fraud Mauritius

Alleged Financial Fraud, a Man Named Dominique Left the Country with Rs 62 Million

A suspected agent of two companies operating in the Ponzi scheme had left the country with Rs 62 million in his luggage. Central CID intends to seek the help of Interpol to issue an international arrest warrant against him.

18 Apr 2013,

Escroquerie Alléguée: Yajna Ghurburrun en Etat d’Arrestation

Depuis la mi-journée, la fille de l’ancien vice-président de la République, sir Rabindranath Ghurburrun, est en état d’arrestation dans le cadre de l’enquête initiée par le Central CID sur l’escroquerie alléguée de Rs 11,4 millions au préjudice d’un Italien.

17 Apr 2013,

Bhimla Ramloll Released: “All Sunkai’s Customers Will Get Their Money”

Bail this Tuesday, April 16 after spending 19 days in police custody, Bhimla Ramloll undertakes to repay all its "customers."

17 Apr 2013,

Sunkai Co Ltd: Track Offshore Investments

In the survey of financial scams, the prejudice can be easily mounted to a little over Rs 1 billion, the Central CID investigators say more and more convinced that the track should lead to offshore funds collected hundreds customers.

17 Apr 2013,

Sunkai Case: Police Inspector Released, His Wife Arrested

The police inspector Bardowaz Bhujun, arrested last week, was released on bail. However, his wife found herself behind bars in the context of investigations into the company "Sunkai Co Ltd" suspected of operating a pyramid scheme.

15 Apr 2013,

The Ponzi Shaken

Scams, according to the Ponzi scheme, are indeed practiced in Mauritius. The principals of four companies - Whitedot International Consultancy Ltd; Sunkai Ltd., Je T’aime Marketing and Power Masters Entrepreneur Cooperative Credit Union Ltd. - have been offside by the police. This tightrope finance would have eaten thousands of investors.

15 Apr 2013,

Arnaque Financière : Démantèlement d’Une Gigantesque Escroquerie

18 personnes arrêtées • Hommes de loi et policiers dans le viseur du CCID • L’Icac appelée à enquêter sur les avoirs des suspects • Une vingtaine de compagnies ciblées par la police • Plus d’un millier de plaintes enregistrées à la BoM • Les victimes menacent d’entamer une grève de la faim

13 Apr 2013,

Financial Fraud: the Lawyer Rajendra Appa Jala Arrested

After Zakir Mahomed, it was the turn of another legal adviser Sunkai Co Ltd to be placed under arrest by the Central Criminal Investigation Deparetment (CCID). A police officer, Inspector Bhujun, was also detained

13 Apr 2013,

Sunkai Company Ltd: Rs 22 Million Deposited in the BoM

Bhimla Ramloll, accompanied by the Central CID detectives, went to the Bank of Mauritius (BoM) this week, where they paid Rs 22 million in cash. This amount was submitted in the local Sunkai Company Ltd., located rue Van der Meersch, Rose-Hill.

12 Apr 2013,

Fraud: BoM Warns

Bank of Mauritius (BoM), in the statement, warned the public against fraud that used its name and associates with Governor.

11 Apr 2013,

WhiteDot Case: 17 Companies in the Crosshairs of CCID

Some 17 companies are in the crosshairs of CCID for fraud in connection with the investigation into the case WhiteDot. Mr Zakir Mohamed is the 15th person to be arrested Wednesday in the wake of this investigation.

11 Apr 2013,

Financial Fraud : Marjorie Bazerque Confirms “Transfers Abroad”

While for nearly three weeks, the Central CID attempts to unravel the mystery of investments of at least Rs 700 million White Dot International Consultancy Limited, a first response emerges with questioning yesterday Marjorie Bazerque, Director Je T’Aime Marketing Limited.

11 Apr 2013,

Je T’Aime Marketing: Me. Zakir Mohamed Arrêté par le CCID

Le Central Criminal Investigation Department (CCID) a effectué une deuxième arrestation dans l’affaire Je T’Aime Markeking. Il s’agit de l’avocat Zakir Mohamed, dont le nom a été cité par Marjorie Bazerque.

10 Apr 2013,

Alleged Fraud: Marjorie Bazerque at Central Barracks; Arun Mussuddee Relatives in Police Crosshairs

The director of the company "Je T'aime Marketing" was arrested on Tuesday, April 9 at the exit of a private clinic. Rajkumaree Mossuddee, mother of the founder of Whitedot International Consultancy Ltd., was questioned extensively in the premises of the Central CID on Monday.

09 Apr 2013,

Fraud Cases: Marjorie Bazerque, "Wanted" By CCID, is in Clinic

The "canvasser" for Rs 66 million Priya Honeycombs, a major link in the chain White Dot Int'l, in police custody

09 Apr 2013,

Whitedot Case: Three Women Arrested

The police made three arrests in connection with the investigation into the alleged financial fraud involving the company Whitedot International Consultancy Ltd: Priya Soty, 35, and her mother Sheila Bhagoban.

09 Apr 2013,

Assets Forfeiture Unit is Interested in Torque Ramloll

The investigation into the company Sunkai managed by Bhimla Ramloll development. Manager and the secretary is suspected of having organized a scam depending on the Ponzi scheme. In police custody for eleven days, Bhimla Ramloll Monday will have to explain to the officers of the Assets Forfeiture Unit (AFU), initiated by the DPP, Mr Satyajit Boolell SC, the origin of its assets.

08 Apr 2013,

Whitedot and Sunkai Business: a Resident of Clairfonds Arrested

After the arrest of the founders and leaders of companies Whitedot International Consultancy Ltd and Sunkai Ltd, who were engaged in "ponzi schemes" which were operating illegally, the noose tightens around the "active agents".

08 Apr 2013,

Whitedot Case: 1,100 Complaints to the BoM

The Special Desk of Bank of Mauritius (BoM) opened in the wake of the Whitedot case received to date, 1,100 complaints and 550 calls. Controller target "potential abuse of the banking sector" in the context of an investigation of financial pyramids made by several companies.

08 Apr 2013,

Seventh Arrest in Whitedot Case

Geeta Devi Bissessur, wife of Bimal Bissessur, director Whitedot International Consultancy Ltd, is the seventh person arrested in connection with the investigation into the alleged fraud of Rs 700 million.

07 Apr 2013,