Government Mauritius

Public infrastructure: Berenger target contracts awarded to Colas

The opposition leader questions the amount of public funds paid to the French firm for infrastructure projects. He accused the minister Anil Bachoo of lacking transparency.

21 Aug 2011,

Unions, Minister discuss safety of bus employees

The Front Commun Syndicat du Transport (FCST) and the Transport Corporate Employees Union, ,held a meeting with the minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment, Shakeel Mohamed on Tuesday to discuss the situation in this sector.

18 Aug 2011,

Non-alcoholic beer does not exist, Ministry reminds

The Ministry of Health and Quality of Life has reminded importers that non-alcoholic beer does not exist.

17 Aug 2011,

ID card project takes shape

A delegation of eight consultants from the Singaporean firm, Crimson Logic, is expected in Mauritius by Friday. The aim of their visit is to discuss the implementation of the new electronic national identity (NID) card with local authorities.

16 Aug 2011,

Fonction publique – Les allocations sur les voitures ne sont plus taxables

Le solliciteur général a demandé à la Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) de ne pas taxer les allocations perçues par les fonctionnaires sur les voitures, en attendant qu’une décision soit prise en ce qui concerne les employés du secteur privé et des corps paraétatiques.

16 Aug 2011,

Speedometers for vehicles that less than ten years

Cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, mopeds and other vehicles with less than ten years must have a speedometer.

02 Aug 2011,

Parking pour les handicapés

Très souvent à Maurice, les gens affichent ouvertement leur manque de solidarité, pour ne pas dire leur mépris envers les autrement capables.

02 Aug 2011,

Phoenix, Beaux Songes road 95 % complete, ready by end of August

Construction work of the Phoenix / Beaux Songes link road is 95 per cent completed and the road will be inaugurated by end of August.

01 Aug 2011,

La première route payante prête en octobre 2012

La ‘Link Road’ Terre-Rouge/Verdun/Ébène est perçue comme un accès pratique aux véhicules en provenance du Nord.

01 Aug 2011,

First e-ID card

The first electronic national identity card is expected to be issued by early July 2012, the Cabinet announced on Friday.

31 Jul 2011,

National Transport Corporation: two-year contract with Indian Oil to supply diesel

The company, Indian Oil (Mauritius), a subsidiary of Indian oil of the same name, won the jackpot on the award of contracts for the National Transport Corporation (NTC) and diesel for the next two years.

30 Jul 2011,

Trade unionists are turning to the Minister Mohamed after "indifference" of Bachoo

Members of the coalition of transport unions strongly deplore what they call "indifference" of the minister of industry, Anil Bachoo. They are now looking to Shakeel Mohamed, Minister of Labour to express their grievances.

27 Jul 2011,

The interchange at roundabout Caudan ready in October

The interchange to replace the roundabout Caudan begins to take shape. The workers take turns day and night to make it passable by late September or early October.

26 Jul 2011,

New legislation - Trouble around the carbon tax

The MNS system of customs not reconfigured, garages not ready to certify the emission rate ... These are the first consequences of a bill introduced and passed in a hurry.Putting the cart before the horse.

25 Jul 2011,

Views : Road realities

The automobile sector is an important revenue generator for the state. The average vehicle owner probably does not realise that the road tax he pays is the least significant tax, as he contributes a lot more than that in various other forms.

25 Jul 2011,

NTC debt estimated at Rs 710 M

Total debts of the National Transport Corporation (NTC) as of June 2011 stood at around Rs 710 million.

20 Jul 2011,

Dix offres pour privatiser les centres de fitness

Les procédures pour la privatisation des centres de ‘fitness’ de la National Transport Authority avancent.

20 Jul 2011,

Govt alliance stands firm in Mauritius

Alliance de l’Avenir members hosted a press conference on Saturday at Port Louis

19 Jul 2011,

The statements of vehicles payable at post office

Drivers will from Wednesday, July 20, pay their tax taxis, Contract Buses, cars, vans, trucks and other pick up at a post office.

19 Jul 2011,

Assemblée nationale: Maurice Île Durable - A new law to regulate CO2 emissions

Maurice Ile Durable project a step further with the introduction of new legislation regulating emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) cars.

14 Jul 2011,