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Tourism: Reviving Interest of Indian Market

The Indian market is a major goal for Mauritius. Tourism Minister, Michael Sik Yuen, expects to maximize his first visit to the Great Peninsula by meeting key players in the Indian travel industry.

13 Jul 2012,

Investment Treaty with India: Singapore Sits at the Feast

Singapore should put pressure on India to an investment plan similar to what it was when Maurice with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, will be in New Delhi on an official visit this week.

12 Jul 2012,

Arvin boolell clarifies Mauritius island offer to India

Mauritius foreign affairs and trade minister Arvin Boolell on Friday said that issue of handing over the Agalega Islands to India was not raised either on a standalone basis or as part of the double-tax avoidance agreement between India and Mauritius. “The issue was never discussed with the Indian authorities,” he said in response to [...]The post Arvin boolell clarifies Mauritius island offer to India appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

09 Jul 2012, KotZot

Arvin Boolell: Mauritius Shared Info in 170 Cases with India

Under pressure from India to quickly amend the bilateral taxation treaty, Mauritius Friday said it has shared tax-related information in over 170 cases and is taking steps to curb round-tripping, which refers to re-routing of funds to avoid tax liabilities.

09 Jul 2012,

5 Facts on What the Mauritius Tax Issue is All About

Mauritius is willing to walk the extra mile to address concerns of Indian tax authorities, including reassessing the bilateral tax treaty with India to ensure that it isn't misused, the island nation’s foreign minister Arvin Boolell has said.

09 Jul 2012,

Agaléga Proposed to India?

An article in the Times of India said that Mauritius would be willing to give Agalega to India to preserve the treaty to avoid double taxation. Information emphatically denied by the foreign minister, Arvin Boolell, who is currently in the Great Peninsula.

07 Jul 2012,

Mauritius offers North and South Agalega Islands to India as part of a trade and investment deal

Mauritius has offered North and South Agalega islands to India as part of a trade and investment deal. While the offer has been talked about for a while, Mauritius has revived it – at a time when it’s very keen on persevering with the 1983 double-taxation avoidance treaty with India. Agalega is a two-island dependency [...]The post Mauritius offers North and South Agalega Islands to India as part of a trade and investment deal appeared first on Mauritius News Ile Maurice.

06 Jul 2012, KotZot

India, Mauritius Working Group to Discuss Tax Avoidance Pact

The India and Mauritius Joint Working Group will discuss the issue of reviewing the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) at its meeting in Mauritius during August 22-24.

05 Jul 2012,

India: Floods Kill 79 Dead, Two Million People Displaced

Flooding due to seasonal rains of the monsoon in India is'' killed at least 79 people dead and 2.2 million people were displaced last week, officials said on Monday an official source.

03 Jul 2012,

India: Investments From Mauritius Excluded From New Tax Rules

Investments in India through the Mauritius offshore may not be submitted to the General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR), which is part of new regulations governing tax in India. This is what announces the Indian newspaper Business Standard in an article signed Vrishti Beniwal, dated June 30, 2012.

02 Jul 2012,

The GIIF Launches Campaign Upgrading The Mauritian Financial Services Sector

The Global Institutional Investors Forum (GIIF) was established in October 2010. It has set as its main objective to bring together the skills the country has to strengthen the reputation of Mauritius as a destination in the region of reliable financial services.

25 Jun 2012,

Indian Rupee Hits New Low Against The Dollar

The Indian rupee fell to a new low against the dollar on Friday, breaching the 57 rupee mark for the first time, as global uncertainty pushed investors to the safe-haven US currency.

25 Jun 2012,

Indian Students Who Study On Railway Platforms

Students in the electricity starved Indian state of Bihar gather every night under lamp posts at a railway station to study and prepare for examinations, reports Amarnath Tewary from Sasaram.

20 Jun 2012,

AIMA: Better Take to Enter Emerging Markets

The current economic environment presents substantial challenges for entrepreneurs. And to find appropriate solutions to these concerns, the All India Management Association held its Global Business Leaders Series on the theme 'Nurturing New Partners'.

01 Jun 2012,

Arrest for Money Laundering: Mauritius Boasts of its Collaboration with India

The arrest of an Indian MP for laundering sweeps a line a perception fueled by India to the effect that Maurice is not really interested in combating counterfeiting in its financial services sector. It is the result of close cooperation between India and Mauritius, says Xavier-Luc Duval, Minister of Finance in Grand Bay, Wednesday, May 30

31 May 2012,

Indian MP Arrested for Laundering Money through Mauritius

Decidedly, the Mauritian jurisdiction seems cursed. Its reputation continues to be tarnished in the Great Peninsula. The last event in which the Mauritian destination was cited is the case Jagan Mohan Reddy.

30 May 2012,

AIMA Summit To Be Held On Wednesday

All India Management Association (AIMA) will hold a conference based on the ‘AIMA global business leaders’ series in Mauritius for building thought leadership in Emerging Economies’ on Wednesday at the Grand Baie International Convention Centre.

29 May 2012,

Réplique Gouvernementale Face à l’Attaque Indienne Contre les Services Financiers

Xavier-Luc Duval, vice-Premier ministre et ministre des Finances, qualifie d’injustifiée l’insinuation de l’Inde à l’effet que Maurice est un repaire pour évadés fiscaux. Le gouvernement réfutera officiellement les allégations indiennes.

24 May 2012,

Mauritius Qualified as Tax Haven in White Paper on Indian Dirty Money

The document, a precursor of legislation to combat an economy fueled by soft money, was put on the table by the Lok Sabha Pranab Mukherjee, Indian Minister of Finance. Maurice is described as a haven for tax evaders.

24 May 2012,

Offshore: Thirteen Investors Abuse the Indo-Mauritius Treaty

Thirteen Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) registered in Mauritius would conduct operations that would be considered illicit by the general provisions of the General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR), legislation whose enactment was postponed to 2013, according to the Economic Times of India.

15 May 2012,